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said my dear son with each unfolding

Dawn in your life full of blessings for

you blessings that are unshakable

brimming to the edge with abundance free

from sorrow or the weight of debts my

greatest wish for you is to live free

from any chains that bind you to avoid

the traps set by those who wish you harm

if you hold on to faith and rise with

courage nothing can stop you you will be

indomitable resilient and triumphant

listen carefully embrace my guidance

place your trust in me for it is I who

empowers you to conquer I who shatters

the restraints that hold you back I who

infuses your life with meaning I am the

key that opens New Beginnings the Savior

who lifts you from danger believe in my

truth and turn away from the deception

woven by falsehoods you are mine I see

the essence of your being at the core of

your heart sincerely commit to following

my paths and living by my teachings even

when you stumble or feel fragile your

Triumph is assured by faith not by

Illusions seen with your eyes disregard

the Illusions projected by adversity

trust in my presence Cast Away fear for

I claim you as mine Calling You by name

when you pass through storms I will be

by your side turbulent Rivers will not

overwhelm you walking through Flames

will not burn you you are redeemed at a

precious cost for you hold immense value

and honor in my eyes believe with all

your heart treasure my words for my love

for you is immeasurable recognize that

even in life’s judgments your most

potent defense is your bond with me the

Almighty I will erase your uncertainties

and fill your spirit with a joy that

knows no end do not let fear obscure you

lean into your faith and be amazed at

the Wonders I can unfold even Miracles

you consider Out Of Reach will

materialize I will break the chains of

Despair heal your pains and rejuvenate

your well-being believe me when I say

nothing nothing is beyond Redemption

keep hope alive Never Surrender your

prayers never go unnoticed I am always

attentive providing exactly what you

need the blessings I bestow carry no

burdens I am ever Vigilant never

straying from you my ears are always

tuned to your voice my plans for you are

unshakable I desire for you to dive

deeper into my Essence to ignite in

strength and knowledge to see your gifts

and abilities flourish so that all your

endeavors enrich not only yourself but

also those you cherish May others be

drawn to you in their search for Aid

witnessing my grace and blessings in

your life and may those who do not yet

know me be moved to seek and embrace me

through the love that comes from you

this Vision will become reality because

I declare it so I promise to see it

fulfilled my word is a promise my will

for you will manifest sooner than than

you think you and your loved ones are on

the brink of receiving blessings genuine

prosperity and spiritual Liberation

Proclaim these truths boldly believe in

them with all your heart for those

cleansed by the mighty blood of Jesus my

son no curse or captivity can Prevail

this Dawn marks a new beginning and it

is not mere coincidence that these words

find you when you need them the most for

days you have felt my desire to

communicate with you and you have

finally opened your heart to hear my

voice and renew the bond we share I

acknowledge your prayers and you must

keep this truth in your heart to prevent

worry from overwhelming you the false

belief that your prayer simply bounce

off the ceiling unheard amplifying your

suffering and isolation is Far From

Reality I hear you and I have always

listened from the beginning I have never

turned a deaf ear to your please and I

will continue to listen even when you

are immersed in anguish you do not

bother me you do not provoke my wrath

when you cry out I see the humility of

your soul the depth of your tender

submission I am listening and will

continue to do so please speak to me I

long to hear your voice speak for your

words reflect the thoughts of your heart

and knowing that you hold a special

place for me in your thoughts fills me

with with joy it is a gentle hymn of

praise genuine worship speak to me about

everything your hopes your dreams your

needs your plans your frustrations your

doubts speak for I am not only your God

but also your friend I know you seek

peace a cal in the midst of the storm

you have been battered by life’s

judgments faced unexpected challenges

and the thorn of disdain and harshness

has broken your spirit

this has left you yearning for serenity

you seek peace and strength and my

promise to you is that my words will

bring the peace you desperately need I

will fill your heart with strength in

the midst of afflictions you will find

calm when you feel weak you will be

strong for if you cling to my promise

once again and when you feel your burden

is unbearable come to me never forget

that I am always with you do not let

doubt rob you of the blessings waiting

for you on your journey I am here

because I love you and I chose to do so

I pour upon you favors and mercies

because you are precious to me you are

so tender so beloved so completely mine

and my love for you is unshakable and

eternal my convictions remain firm

unaffected by the passage of time

believe in me and from within you will

flow Rivers of Life trust in me and you

will find the courage courage spirit and

strength to overcome the forces of

Darkness I will not abandon you I will

not forsake you if you believe that I

have forgiven your sins if you are

willing to leave behind your mistakes

and bury your past if you accept the

love of an eternal and omnipotent God

then all the promises alive in my word

will become real for you today is a

special day a day of life A Day of

Victory a day you will not forget rise

now and prepare for the battle for you

have chosen to trust in me and I will

show you that my purpose for you is

genuine if you accept to receive and

embrace my purpose for your life

demonstrate your Readiness in the

comments by writing I accept Lord

prepare today to enter a new realm of

Supernatural existence and remember once

again never forget at any moment I hear

you I am always with you on the day you

hear these words make a commitment to

renew your faith I am here to infuse

your heart with courage in your toughest

moments you will find peace when you are

at your weakest you will discover inner

strength as you remember my promises and

when the weight of the world seems too

heavy to Bear remember to come to me for

I am Forever by your side do not let

doubt take away the blessings that are

just a few steps on your path I bless

you with blessings from my profound love

with love God hope this message has been

an inspiration to you if you liked it

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