God wants to tell you something from his heart today my child you have been doubting

your abilities if you are really inadequate to carry out the mission I

have set in your heart and I know that this has been going on for a while

remember that with Christ everything is possible that is the message’s purpose

you must not be afraid to pursue your dreams or give up on them by my sigh you

can overcome every obstacle I know you can do it you will

be discovered by the appropriate people new possibilities will present

themselves promotions will come your way and all of your promises will be kept

count on my timing you are being showered with blessings believe what I say rely on me

I am preparing you for an unpr precedented breakthrough a new season is

about to begin and you are about to step into it you shouldn’t hate the procedure

you shouldn’t hate the trip no matter how bad things become they will only

grow you and shape you into someone more like me seek refuge in me not in Mortal

men with you I am beginning a new chapter all will be able to see its

emergence in order to set you up for something greater and better I am

eliminating the bad influences from your life I am the one who took them away

even if they felt they injured you put an end to your self-pity and sadness the

changes I’m bringing about in your life need your attention and enthusiasm have

faith in my action you will emerge victorious in the

end if you desire Miracles watch this video through to the end in the Bible

verse Peter always says but in your hearts Revere Christ as lord always

be prepared to give a solution to anybody who asks you to present the

motive for the hope that you have dearly adored child of mine in this moment I

extend my words filled with wisdom and unconditional love toward you listen

closely as I impart these truths upon you for they are meant to guide you

through the complexities of life it’s crucial that you confront the challenges

that rise not allowing them to overwhelm or entangle you rather strive to find

Solutions or let them go for you have been owed with the strength and insight

needed to Prevail in today’s world the pursuit of making new connections often overshadows

the value of those who have remained loyal through thick and

thin remember not everyone you encounter is destined to stay with you forever

many are just passers be destined to leave behind lessons and insights

welcome these teachings and hold on to the memories fondly as they are

instrumental in your personal development feelings of sadness can

linger unnoticed until they manifest as anger casting you unjustly as the

perpetrator however I encourage you to rise above showcasing your maturity

though you might possess the means to retaliate choose instead to step back

let go and trust that life’s own Rhythm will address the wrongs hand over these

burdens to me and allow the scales of divine Justice to

balance faith and prayer serve as the sustenance for your soul aenta how

vitamins support your physical well-being without them you might find

yourself feeling spiritually empty and isolated therefore hold Faith close to

your heart and let prayer be the Refuge for your soul offering peace and

connection if my words find a place in your heart I invite you to acknowledge

this by saying amen and doing so you welcome the flow of blessings into your

life accept the wisdom I share knowing that I am Forever by your sight guiding you

towards a path of purpose happiness and love let your faith remain strong your

prayers bring comfort and may you always feel the presence of my divine grace

with every step you take in simpler terms I’m reaching out to you with

advice and affection urging you to f face life’s hurdles with courage and

wisdom remember the significance of those who’ve been true to you learn from

everyone who crosses your path and approach conflicts with patience and

understanding faith and prayer are your spiritual nourishment embrace them if

you feel moved by my message let it be known and open yourself to the blessings

awaiting you know that you’re never alone as I am always guiding you towards fulfillment

joy and love with unwavering faith and divine support lighting your way typ

amen if you believe today Jesus wants to share a

heartfelt message with all of us he encourages us to give him all our

worries because he genuinely cares about us the teachings he has shared with us

should not just be remembered they should be deeply embedded in our hearts we’re encouraged

to share these teachings with our children and to keep them in our

thoughts whether we’re relaxing at home or out and about when we’re settling

down for the night and the first thing when we wake up in the

morning God assures us of his Sal ation reminding us to place our trust in him

without fear he declares himself as our Fortress and shield offering us

salvation this reassurance comes with a powerful invitation to believe in his

promise he insists that we should not be frightened or discouraged because he is

our God he promises strength support and unwavering protection pursuing a life of

righteousness and love leads us to discover true life prosperity and

respect even though we may face physical declines our Spirits are rejuvenated

every day a process that draws us closer to an everlasting Splendor that arines

our temporary troubles we’re encourage to focus on the

Eternal and in visible for the visible is fleeting but the invisible lasts

forever during tough times God reassures us of his presence he promises safety

through life’s metaphorical floods and fires ensuring that these challenges won’t overcome us

he outlines his plans for our welfare plans not designed for our ruin but for

Our Hope and future God says typ ass if you glorify

my name God’s love is unwavering and unbreakable transcending death life

Spiritual Beings present or future adversities or any force in the universe

nothing can separate us from his love in Christ Jesus our lord he has spoken

these words to bring us peace while we will face difficulties in this life we

are to take courage because he has triumphed over the world Jesus tells us

that what seems impossible for humans is possible with God he invites all who are

tired and burdened to come to him for rest highlighting the power of even the

smallest faith of faith that can move mountains and make the impossible

possible in simple terms Jesus’s message is a

call to trust in him and his eternal love a reminder of his constant presence

and protection and an encouragement to live righteously he assures us of his

unwavering support and the power of Faith to overcome any

obstacle share this video with the people who are closest to your heart if

you agree with God’s words here are four things presently God

desires you to recognize this today one doors will open obstacles will

be removed and peace will be restored to you by God two God has a strategy to

rescue you from your crun predicament in case you forgot this Monday is diverted

attention refresh your thoughts dare to give up before you get your

Miracle three you’ll get better you will recover things will improve soon you are

being showered with blessings there is a tremendous plan of foot four all that

you do this week will be fruitful you are entering a period of unparallel

success Lord one wants to talk to you today quit worrying and start planning

bring your thoughts back to the Here and Now where my presence is ingrained from

the future put a grin on your face and suck my face because you know that Roy is

delighted in you feel free to share your deepest worries and concerns with me as

you arrange everything in accordance with my desire pray to me for assistance

the next thing you know you’ll be back to square one in no time seek I take the duties that

prioritize your Jan make you more efficient when you invite me into your

activities keep in mind that I am here for you whenever you feel the need to

relax no matter what you may always lean on my eternal arms for

support lounging in my presence patiently waiting with me is an act of

true faith in me please remember to include me in your preparations as you

get ready to go back to work not only does this save you from

fretting but it also brings you nearer to me so you may Savor my presence

although it may not be easy having a Passion to obey God May ignite

love Faith and devotion gradually build a fire in the heart of spiritual

knowledge which leads to Salvation and a desire to serve him if new Believers

don’t yet have good reasons to follow God they may at least enjoy the

protection of not having to deal with consequences which is a common starting

point for obedience thankfully we learn to trust God and submit to his wisdom as we get

older and establish our spiritual foundations and our fears go

away type if believe in Lord as we

grow in our faith our Focus shifts from the repercussions of Disobedience to the

rewards of obeying the Lord obedience to God’s best is at natur natural

accompaniment to Divine demands after we’ve tasted as goodness but sorrow

follows when we DEA our own way this unchangeable principle is

evident in the and in our daily lives the more we see it the more we come to

understand that doing the Lord was the best option what is the source of good

Believers still face to Ying situations to follow God no matter how many rewards

he promises them obedience regardless of the cost is a result of our love for our

father I will take care of the results do not be concerned with the

outcome instead follow me wherever I may lead life is an adventure and I am here

to help you navigate it Focus on being in step with me how you live in the

present moment be ready to climb the cliff with my Aid when our route leads to it take a

moment to relax in my presence when we reach a place of rest soak in the tempo

of life as it unfolds around me your Journey’s Final Destination your

admission into heaven is already clear to you there therefore pay attention to

the road ahead of you and trust that I will provide the results sit quietly

with me as you bring to the Forefront of your mind all the things that terrify

you the bubbles burst and disintegrate in that place illuminated by my presence

but certain worries come up again most notably apprehension about what the

future holds when you think about the future you often see yourself struggling in the

following day week month year or even

decade the picture you’re looking at is inaccurate since it doesn’t include me

those dark moments you for see will never materialize because I will always

be beside you infuse the mental picture of a future focused anxiety with the

light of my presence and never it attacks remember that Jesus will be with

you right then and there I can handle anything with his assistance then return

to the Here and Now where you may find Tranquility in my presence come to me

when you are in agony and I will make you feel better if you seek me out in moments of

gladness I will increase your Jo many times more whenever you need it I am there for

you I am the only one who can satisfy your innermost longings the era of

self-help has arrived numerous Publications about taking care of number one and making

oneself the focus of everything can be found in bookstores gaining independence

and self assurance is the primary objective of these approach

roaches But A Road Less Traveled to your unwavering Reliance on me as the one I

have asked you to follow when you realize you are whole in my presence you

will have true confidence you can find an equal or better source of all your

needs in me typ how man if you have faith in God the scripture always speak

when asked about God Jesus answered with the a message that goes beyond a purely

intellectual grasp of the concept and Beyond mere

devotion this Theory sheds light on God’s lofty character and the proper

reverence to him in a way that no other religion does God the son came to Earth

to reveal himself to people and that God is spirit is one of the things he showed

us even the lowest among us should deser desire to know God as he made clear to a

lowly Samaritan lady when he imparted this message with her since a right

knowledge of God was necessary for this his goal was to dispel her

misunderstandings about religious worship to begin with God’s nature as a

spirit implies that he is everlastingly wise infinitely clever and able to

understand every intelligent being’s innermost thoughts so he is worthy of adoration

wherever his followers may be he is not Material he is unseen and he cannot be

corrupted when trying to define God it is simpler to say what he is not than to

really Define him it is impossible for God to be Flawless infinite Everlasting

autonomous and the father of spirits if he is not a spirit second the very essence of God is

spiritual and it is from this Essence that the worship of God is

spiritual the spiritual essence of God must be reflected in worship for it to

be acceptable to God true worship of the spirit Bearer God is impossible if we do

not worship Him in spirit and Truth furthermore if our worship does not

reflect his character we have little chance of winning his favor and

approval right Jesus is created Earth now practicing virtues like faith and

love is at the heart of genuine spiritual devotion it is the proper

adoration due to the father God and Son of our Lord Jesus Christ

and he will receive it from any place or person as evidence of his deity and

equality with God Jesus Christ created the cosmos and everything in it

including the material world and all living beings the fact that he existed before

taking on human form demonstrates his deity as well along with the father and

the Holy Spirit he is the effective agent of creation not only a tool his

absolute Dominion is shown by the fact that nothing was ever created apart from

his hand all things were created by him and his status as God is confirmed by this

his deeds prove his Divine character and he is acknowledged as being on par with

the father God Jes Jesus is the creator of all things he was instrumental in the

beginning and is still vital in keeping everything Chings alive and well his

omnipotence and divine might are emphasized by this he is the entire

Essence a being and all that has ever been created he is more than a mere

historical character or religious leader from long ago this Limitless ability to

create demonstrates his omnipotence and Reveals His Heavenly character we may be

filled with wonder and respect for Jesus when we let this reality sake into our

hearts it serves as a reminder that he is unbounded by our

limitations as humans by what we can comprehend in ways we cannot yet imagine

he has the ability to mold and alter Our Lives those of us who are Christians

have been selected to be ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom in the same way as

ambassadors represent their country abroad we are commanded to represent

God’s kingdom here on Earth as representatives of Christ we

are to model The Authority character and M message of Our Lord in all that we do

and everything that we do we are to reflect his love Grace and Truth to show

the world that we are like Christ humble honest compassionate and forgiving is

our spiritual Mission the responsibilities of an ambassador should

not be underestimated commitment to comprehending the message we carry the

god Gospel of reconciliation between God and humankind through Christ needs to be

rigorous in order to convince others of the truth of this message we must be

knowledgeable in scripture spending time each day learning and

contemplating it is our responsibility to share the gospel with the people

around us we have been given the mission to spread the love of God always keeping

in mind that our own strength and talent have no bearing on our role as

ambassadors for Christ whoever prepares us for this mission is God through prayer we may

discover strength and direction asking the Holy Spirit to assist us in

everything that we do through his provision both words and

opportunity God enables us to poke claim the gospel of Salvation and carry out

this ministry our ultimate goal should be to bring glory to God we need to

honor our creator in everything that we do whether it’s talking thinking or

doing worship therefore is not something we should do once a week or at a certain

location but rather something we should do every day Jesus Christ’s death on the

cross atoned for our sins and restored our relationship with God therefore we

do not seek God’s favor or a fresh reconciliation via Our Praise Christ has

graciously worked in our lives and our praise is a reaction to that the unmar

Redemption and benefits we have received are the object of our our thanks

humility and worship the text also exhorts Christians to make this

sacrifice of praise continually that our adoration is

continuous and unchanging is shown by this it doesn’t matter what happens what

matters is that we remain committed to glorifying God we must never stop praising his

beautiful name no matter matter how good or bad the times are no matter what

challenges life throws at us we will always be able to rely on this unending

hym of praise to affirm our faith in Jesus Christ every part of our existence

is a part of our worship not just the words we say when we worship god with a

changed heart we strive to do as well no matter what as we praise God and chis

leat our Deeds attitudes and relationships serve as channels for our

devotional worship type how man if you accept God

blessings listen carefully but even at its peak evils on the verge of collapse

go to the annals of time to find proof with the doubling of the break alotment

Moses arrived to save the down trotten the right arm of God was exposed

and the Red Sea saw his wrath when Pharaoh refused to release the people

and his yoke was locked around Israel’s neck the time for Liberty will come when

despots become even more oppressive truth bewilders her when the

falsehood wears a Brazen forehead and appears very arrogant David is on the

verge of bra bringing down Goliath as the giant refuses to submit to the

israelitish Army advances the stone is already in the

sling the coming of more opposition should not be feared nor should the

seeming strengthening of existing oppositions for this has always been the

case throughout history the hour when evil triumphs is also the hour when it

dies to them God has SED Ed and make regarded a number of the Gentiles the

wonderful Riches of this thriller that’s Christ in you the wish of Glory

Colossians let us join in our prayers oh God

we beg you to shower your mercy and Solace on the morning you are the prince

of peace and the God who provides Solace to everyone you say you would comfort

the downtrodden and save the spiritually wounded a Solace for the mourning is

your pledge when our hearts are broken you are at our sides more than ever I

pray that you be close to everyone who is struggling and that they find the

Solace hope and serenity that you can provide may God bless everyone who reads

this these things we pray in the name of Jesus oh dear Divine One you are the

great healer no one knows the broken parts of our life like you do please

remove any obstacles and mend our hearts that are wounded may we find physical

mental emotional and spiritual well-being via your

intervention we are aware that you want our hearts to be completely yours Those

whom the sun releases are really free you give us freedom love pleasure and

serenity please make it possible for us to experience these fully thank you in

advance for anything that you will do the prayer is set in the name of

Jesus May there be a Beacon of Hope for those closest to me Lord I pray that I

may provide you peace Joy hope love and encouragement

help me to encourage them and bring you edification via my words and remind me

to pray that blessings would fall upon their life I pray that people see you

and me and experience the outpouring of your love please help me to prioritize

the positive things in life and to have the same patience with other people that

you have shown me while we reflect on the the fulfilled predictions and the

promises you have kept as well as jesus’ triumphal entrance into Jerusalem I ask

these things in his name as we begin this Holy Week let us

reflect on everything that Jesus did for us on the cross the Triumph that is ours

through his resurrection and the future full with hope that is available because

of him all credit glory and honor are due to you because of what you have done

and we are grateful how hope is that by hearing the gospel preached this week

many will come to know you we pray in the name of Jesus Christ please

God we appreciate you still watching our videos I hope that the message you

receive has uplifted your spirit and given you hope and for providing your

support you can donate to us super thanks

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