God is saying to you today

my beloved child let go of your

anxieties and fears and give everything

to me in prayer

I will take away your worries and

Surround you in my love

God says he will show you how strong he

is in your life and what wonderful work

he can do

type yes if you believe

my child Everything Will Change for you

this week

your behalf is currently being served by

God and His angels

your life will experience growth and

advancement in every area

do not give up your breakthrough is just

around the corner

type Amen to receive it

to receive the abundance that is

intended for you spread your arms freely

every wonderful thing that comes your

way is deserved and as you accept this

reality Miracles will happen right in

front of your eyes

Taipei men to affirm the Miracles

God’s love and direction are always

there to help you through the ups and

downs of life’s journey

put your faith in his Divine wisdom and

submit to his unlimited Grace

believe in miracles even in the face of

difficulties because every difficulty is

actually an opening

type to affirm your belief in God

get rid of any doubts or limitations

that may stand in the way of your

development and place your faith in

these forces that are working to bring

your goals closer to reality

never forget that you are never alone

when faced with uncertainty

type yes if you believe

my child accept the Miracles that come

into your life and spread love and

pleasure wherever you go by sharing your

riches with others

keep in mind that you are the universe’s

beloved child and are worthy of all the

gifts that are showered upon you

type yes Lord to affirm

have faith in the divine plan that is

taking shape

keep in mind that God’s timing is always

perfect and that his benefits are


your life will change into a lovely

tapestry of heavenly Grace and

fulfillment as you open your heart

accept the Wonders and observe

Taipei men to affirm your belief in

Jesus our Holy Father

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