today God wants to speak to you and tell

you some crucial things about life and


he wants you to be happy love him and

the people around you

and build a good life for yourself and

your family

however above all of these he wants you

to return to him

you might have been away for too long

and you may have forgotten what it is

like to be a child of God

but he still calls you his beloved child

the apple of his eye and one whom he has

chosen to place all his hopes and dreams

that is how much he loves you

God wants you to know that you are not

alone and that he is always with you his

peace is with you and his glory will be

seen in your life

you might be on the threshold of

something great something that could

change your life forever but you must

never waver from God again

although you make all your choices you

must learn to believe in God and trust

him enough to let him use your life to

glorify his name

God wants to help you achieve your

dreams and goals

no matter how great they may seem

he has an amazing future planned for you

and he will protect you always

but you have a choice

you can either choose to live his way or

live your way

if you choose the former he will help

you grow spiritually emotionally and


if you choose the latter there will be

consequences for your life

whatever Direction your life might be

taking now do not be afraid because God

is with you

he will never forsake you and you are

not alone

Surrender Your Life to him and he will

fill it with joy and peace

remember that God loves you dearly and

wants the best for you but the choice is

always up to you

choose God’s way every day and

appreciate his love for you

type amen if you believe in God’s Divine


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