my beloved child as you navigate the

sacred journey of life I invite you to

pause amidst the busyness and the noise

to still your heart and quiet your

mind in the gentle rhythm of your breath

in the EB and flow of each inhale and

exhale you will find my presence

steadfast and unwavering breathe in

deeply allowing the very Breath of

Heaven to fill your lungs infusing every

cell of your being with my love and

peace as you exhale release the burdens

and cares that weigh upon your soul

trusting them into my capable

hands with each breath you are

exchanging the stale air of yesterday’s

worries for the fresh wind of my spirit

renewing and Reviving you from the


out in this space of Stillness where the

world Falls away and you are enveloped

in the sanctuary of my presence know

that you are profoundly

loved my love for you is not contingent

on your performance or your Perfection

it is an ever-flowing stream constant


unchanging allow yourself to be immersed

in the depths of this love letting it

wash over you cleansing away the residue

of self-doubt and

insecurity as you breathe in imagine my

love filling every crevice of your heart

mending the broken places and soothing

the wounds of the past with each exhale

release the false narratives and

limiting beliefs that have held you

captive making room for the truth of who

you are in me you are not defined by

your struggles or your scars you are

defined by my love which has the power

to transform even the darkest of valleys

into places of growth and

Revelation in the gentle Cadence of your

breath find the rhythm of surrender

letting go of the need to control and

trusting me to guide your steps each

inhale is an invitation to receive my

grace my strength and my wisdom each

exhale is a declaration of Faith a

relinquishing of your plans and a

surrender to my perfect

will in this posture of yielding you

will find true Freedom as you align your

heart with mine and allow me to lead you

into the fullness of your destiny

breathe in the peace that surpasses all

understanding the peace that comes from

resting in my

presence allow it to settle over you

like a warm blanket stilling the

Restless thoughts and calming the


heart with each exhale release the

worries of tomorrow and the regrets of

yesterday choosing to dwell in the

present moment where my love and grace

are sufficient for all your needs in the

gentle rise and fall of your chest find

the Assurance of my constant presence

the reminder that you are never alone I

am with you in every breath in every

heartbeat in every moment of your life

lean into my love trust in my goodness

and allow my spirit to fill you with the

strength and courage you need to face

whatever lies

ahead as you continue to breathe deeply

feel my love permeating your entire

being flowing through you like a river

of of Life allow it to nourish the dry

and weary places within you bringing

healing and

restoration with each inhale receive the

fullness of my joy the joy that is not

dependent on circumstances but flows

from the Wellspring of my

presence with each exhale release the

heavy burdens of expectation and

comparison embracing the unique beauty

and purpose I have placed within you in

this Sacred Space of communion where

your breath becomes a prayer and your

heart beats in sync with mine know that

you are cherished beyond measure my love

for you is fierce unrelenting and allc

consuming it is a love that chases after

you pursues you and calls you by name a

love that sees you knows you and accepts

you just as you

are so breathe in my beloved and let my

love be the very air you breathe allow

it to to sustain you strengthen you and

Empower you to live the Abundant Life I

have destined for you with each inhale

receive the fullness of my grace and

with each exhale release the limitations

that have held you back stepping into

the boundless possibility of a life

lived in partnership with

me in the gentle rhythm of your breath

find the peace that comes from knowing

you are loved you are chosen and you are

mine allow my love to be the foundation

upon which you build your life the

anchor that holds you steady in the

storms and the light that guides you

home breathe in breathe out and rest in

the Assurance of my NeverEnding love

knowing that I am with you always

holding you close and delighting in

Every Breath You

Take in the midst of your darkest trials

when the very fabric of Your Existence

seems to

unravel know that I am with you guiding

you through the Tempest like job you may

find yourself battered by the Relentless

Winds of adversity watching helplessly

as the foundations of your life crumble

yet even as the storm rages on I am at

work exposing the true nature of those

who surround you in these moments of

profound testing the facades of fair

weather friends and fickle loved ones

Fall Away way revealing the Stark

reality of their

hearts even those closest to you like

job’s wife may turn against you urging

you to abandon your faith and succumb to

despair but do not be dismayed for I am

using these trials to refine you to

strip away the dross and bring forth the

pure gold of your

soul your friends like job’s companions

may offer well-intentioned but misguided


casting doubt upon your innocence and

suggesting that your suffering is a

consequence of hidden

sin they may speak with the air of

wisdom yet their words ring Hollow

failing to grasp the true purpose of

your pain do not let their accusations

shake your resolve or erode your trust

in my goodness for I tell you my child

that your suffering is not a punishment

but a

preparation I am leading you into a new

season a time of unprecedented blessing

and favor But first you must endure The

Crucible allowing the Flames of

adversity to burn away the impurities

and reshape you into a vessel fit for my

use as you walk through this Valley of

Shadow you may find yourself questioning

the loyalty and understanding of those


you you may wonder if they can truly

comprehend the depth of my work in your

life if they have the spiritual

discernment to recognize the new

Authority and anointing I am bestowing

upon you do not be surprised if some

Fall Away unable to keep Pace with the

transformative journey I am taking you

on this Divine disconnection though

painful is necessary for your growth and

elevation I am carefully curating Your

Inner Circle removing those who lack the

capacity to walk alongside you in this

new season their departure is not a

reflection of your worth but rather a

testament to the magnitude of what I am

doing in and through you Embrace this

pruning process for in the Stillness you

will discover that I am all you need

like job you will come to understand

that no human companionship can compare

to the sufficiency of my presence allow

me to fill the void left by those who

have walked away and find your security

and identity solely in me

as you press on through the darkness

hold fast to the promise that your

suffering is but a temporary Shadow

eclipsed by the radiant light of the

glory that awaits you just as I restored

job and granted him double for his

trouble so too will I lavish my

blessings upon you in due time for now

fix your eyes on me the author and

perfector of your faith let my love be

your anchor my truth your compass

and my grace your

sustenance lean into the discomfort of

this season knowing that it is the very

friction that will polish you into a

brilliant gem reflecting my image with


Clarity and When the Dawn breaks and the

clouds of adversity dissipate you will

emerge from this Crucible transformed

refined and empowered to walk in the

fullness of your

destiny so take heart my precious one

for I am with you in the storm and I

will never leave you nor forsake you

embrace the purifying fire for it is

shaping You by My Loving Hands trust in

my timing my wisdom and my unfailing

love rest in the knowledge that I am the

god who sees the God who knows and The

God Who

redeems I am working all things together

for your good even when the path is

shrouded in mystery surrender your pain

to me and allow me to transform it into

a platform for my glory and a catalyst

for your

destiny and as you walk through the

Flames remember that you are not

alone I am with you in the fire the one

who will never abandon you the one who

will always be your strength your shield

and your exceedingly great

reward so take courage my beloved child

for The Best Is Yet To Come the trials

of today today are but a Prelude to the

triumphs of Tomorrow keep your heart

steadfast your gaze fixed on me and your

spirit anchored in the unshakable truth

of my word for I am the god of the

Breakthrough the god of the double

portion and the God who makes All Things

New in The Crucible of your suffering I

am shaping you molding you and preparing

you for a future Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams trust the process embrace the

pain and lean into my love for I Am With

You Always even to the End of the Age

You Are My Chosen One my precious

treasure and my beloved

child no weapon formed against you shall

prosper and every tongue that rises

against you in judgment you shall

condemn this is your heritage as my

servant and your righteousness is from

me so walk boldly walk confidently and

walk in the unwavering Assurance of my

love for I am the god who turns mourning

into dancing ashes into Beauty and

sorrow into Joy I am the god who makes

all things work together for your good

and I will never stop fighting for you

never stop believing in you and never

stop loving you with an everlasting love

beloved child hear these words and let

them settle deep within your

spirit the path I have set set before

you is one of Destiny and victory no

matter how Fierce the opposition may

appear the tempests that rage against

you though they howl and thrash with

great Fury are powerless against the

unshakable foundation of my love and

purpose for your life you were fashioned

by my own hands to be an overcomer to

rise triumphant in the face of every

challenge in this season I am unlocking

a Wellspring of unprecedented favor and

blessing that will wash over you like a

mighty cleansing

flood as you stand firm anchored in

faith you will watch in awe as I

dismantle every weapon forged against

you rendering them utterly

impotent the battles you’ve endured the

scars you bear these are not markers of

defeat but Badges of Honor that testify

to your resilience and the domitable

strength I have placed within you take a

moment precious one to truly see

yourself through my eyes behold the

beauty of a soul who has weathered

Fierce storms and emerged refined

radiant with the glow of tested Faith

the struggles you faced were never meant

to crush you but to reveal the diamond

hard Brilliance of your spirit you are a

Living testament to my power and Grace a

Beacon of Hope in a world desperate for


even now I am weaving threads of Destiny

aligning circumstances and orchestrating

divine appointments that will lead you

to Blessings beyond your wildest

dreams like Ruth whose path of obedience

and Faith led her to a love story etched

in the annals of History you too are on

the cusp of stumbling into a

breathtaking new chapter the setbacks

and detours that clouded your vision

were merely Paving the way for the

manifestation of my extraordinary plan

for your

life understand this truth the trials

you’ve endured were not in vain like

precious metal forged in The Crucible of

adversity I have been refining you

purifying your heart and

character to the untrained eye the

process may appear harsh the heat of the


unbearable but I the master refiner know

precisely when to withdraw you from the

fire I see when the draw has been burned

away and my image is reflected with

stunning Clarity in the mirror of your

soul in the coming days you will begin

to understand the purpose behind the

pain the meaning within the

struggle as I lift you out of the ashes

of yesterday you will emerge as a new

creation draped in the garments of Grace

and Anointed with the oil of Joy the old

patterns habits and mindsets that once

hindered you will fall away like

tattered Rags replaced by A Renewed mind

and a heart AFF flame with holy passion

those who once discounted you who

whispered doubts and cast aspersions on

your faith will be astonished by the

transformation they

witness your life will become an

undeniable Showcase of my goodness a

living epistle that proclaims the

Wonders I can work in a yielded

vessel as you walk in the fullness of

your identity as my beloved child the

world will take notice drawn to the

light that radiates from within you in

the moments when you felt most alone

when the darkness seemed to close in

from every side I was there holding you

close my love for you is an unbreakable

cord an eternal anchor that no storm can

sever when you were down to nothing

emptied of self-sufficiency and stripped

of Earth security I was up to something

marvelous preparing you for a season of


abundance now as you stand on the

threshold of your destiny I invite you

to step boldly into the double portion I

have reserved for

you for every tear shed in the night I

am releasing a double measure of joy in

the morning for every battle fought with

courage and tenacity I am bestowing a

double portion of Victory and


the enemy’s schemes to derail and

destroy you will be turned on their head

becoming the very stepping stones that

Propel you into your God ordained

purpose as you Embrace this new season

know that my hand is upon you guiding

your every step I am leading you into

Wide Open Spaces of blessing where the

limitations of the past will be

swallowed up by the boundless

possibilities of your future the gifts

and callings I have placed within you

will Blossom and bear fruit in

astonishing ways touching lives and


communities rest assured my cherished

one that I am not finished with you yet

the story I am writing with your life is

one of redemption restoration and

unparalleled impact every chapter every

verse is infused with my love and

faithfulness as you continue to trust me

surrendering your plans and embracing my

purposes you will experience the

fullness of the Abundant Life I have

destined for you so lift your eyes From

the Ashes of yesterday and fix your Gaze

on the radiant Horizon of tomorrow I am

doing a new thing breaking forth like a


River carving out Pathways of blessing

where once there was only

barrenness embrace the adventure that

lies ahead knowing that I am with you

every step of the way delighting in you

and rejoicing over you with singing as

you align your heart with mine and allow

my love to be the driving force behind

your every Endeavor you will witness

Miracles unfold before your very eyes

The Impossible will bow to the authority

of my word and the mountains that once

loomed large will crumble at the sound

of your faith-filled

declarations beloved this is your time

to arise and shine to step into the

fullness of your ident identity as a

child of the most high God you are not

defined by your past mistakes or the

labels others have placed upon you you

are defined by my love my grace and the

destiny I have ordained for you from the

foundations of the world so take hold of

this truth and let it resonate in the

deepest recesses of your being you are

loved beyond measure as you walk in

obedience and surrender to my will you

will experience the kind of abundant

overflowing life that can only be found

in Intimate relationship with

me I am the god who makes all things new

who brings beauty from ashes and turns

mourning into dancing trust me with your

wounds your fears and your dreams allow

me to heal the broken places and breathe

new life into the dormant areas of your

soul as you yield yourself fully to my

transforming power you will emerge as a

radiant Testament to my goodness and

Grace remember my precious child that I

am always with you working on your

behalf even when you cannot see it my

love for you is fierce unrelenting and

unchanging no matter what storms may

come no matter what challenges you face

I will never leave your side I am your

shelter in the Tempest your rock in the

shifting Sands of life so take heart for

The Best Is Yet To

Come the story I am writing with your

life is one of Hope Redemption and


blessing embrace the journey with

anticipation knowing that every step is

ordered by my sovereign hand rest in the

assurance that I am guiding you

protecting you and preparing you for the

incredible future I have in

store you are my beloved My Chosen One

and my delight walk bold in the

confidence of my love radiating the

light of my presence to all you

encounter as you do you will witness the

power of my spirit moving in and through

you leaving an eternal impact on the

world around you so rise up my child and

step into the Glorious Destiny I have

crafted just for you the path ahead may

not always be easy but it will be filled

with my presence my provision and and my

unending love trust me with your whole

heart and lean into my strength you are

loved beyond measure cherished beyond

words and destined for greatness Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams Embrace this truth

hold fast to my promises and walk

confidently into the Abundant Life I

have prepared for you the best is yet to

come and I am with you always cheering

you on and delighting in every step you

take amen

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