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God is telling you right

now my Christian Child you these days

don’t give up praying to me pray with

religion and with a clear thoughts when

praying continually consider me and have

faith that your prayers will be

replyed be affected person in times of

trouble and never forest all praying I

pay attention what is not spoken and I

apprehend that which is not explained

for my love does not work at the lips

are in the thoughts but on the heart

things will get higher believe it if you

desire Miracles watch this video through

to the

end in the Bible verses Romans

always says I keep in mind that our

present sufferings aren’t really worth

evaluating with dignity so that that it

will be revealed in US my sweet kids I

promise you that even in the darkest of

instances there’s always desire I

promise you that I am with you usually

guiding you via the hurricane and

leading you toward the

mild I promise you that your pain and

suffering while now not remaining all

the time and that there may be a bright


beforehand when you experience lost and

alone consider that I am here with you I

am your regular accomplice your rock and

your source of strength trust in me and

I will provide you with the wish and

luxury you need to triumph over any

impediment I recognize that it could be

hard to hold utto desire whilst the

entirety round you seem to be falling

aside but don’t forget that I am the god

of Miracles and nothing is impossible


me trust in my strength and understand

that I am running behind the curtain to

bring about a brighter future for

you so do now not lose coronary heart my

toddler hold on to Hope even when it

seems OTE trust in me and know that I am

with you always presenting you with the

energy and courage you need to stand

anything lies

ahead Jesus declares enter amen if you

accept my

grace join in prayer dear God as I am on

foot into this subsequent week I am

going to absolutely place my consider in

you Lord I recognize that you may

provide for all my wishes such as you

always have your word says no longer to

worry approximately something however to

Hope approximately everything Lord thank

you on your unconditional love this week

allow me be reminded that you are my

provider and my protector and I am so

grateful in Jesus name

amen the almighty said behold as you

become increasingly aware about my

presence you discover it less difficult

to parent the way you should go this is

one of the realistic benefits of living

close to

me instead of wondering approximately

what’s on the street beforehand or

demanding about what you must do if or

whilst you may give attention to to

staying and communicating with me when

you clearly arrive at a choice factor I

will display you which of them path

ahead many humans are so preoccupied

with Destiny plans and decisions that

they miss out on choices they want to

make these days without any awareness

they make their recurring responses

people who stay this manner discover a

dness creeping into their life

lives they Sleepwalk via their days

following well- written Paths of

ordinary I the creator of the universe I

am the maximum creative being

conceivable I will not leave you

circling in deeply rotted

paths instead I will lead you alongside

fresh Trails of Journey revealing to you

matters you probably did now not know

stay in community communication with me

follow my guiding

presence accept each day precisely as it

involves You by that I mean no longer

handy is the situations of your day

however Additionally the circumstance of

your frame your mission is to consider


absolutely resting in my sovereignty and

faithfulness on some days your in

instances and your physical circumstance

fell out of stability the demands on you

seem far more than your energy T like

that gift a desire among to

options up or relying on

me even in case you wrongly picked the

first alternative I will not reject you

you can turn to me at any point and I

will assist you move slowly out of the

meire of dis

discouragement I will Infuse my strength

into you second by way of moment

providing you with all which you want

for at the present time trust me by

using counting on my empowering given

presence type Jesus’s Supreme

King listen carefully faith is based on

belief now not understanding each and on

every occasion God invites us to step up

and into the next phase of our reason

and calling it’ll hardly ever make


experience you will now not feel

certified sufficient you will no longer

sense proficient enough you will now not

feel resourced enough you will now not

experience educated sufficient you will

essentially simply not sense enough

that’s an Exquisite vicinity to be

because you’re your God is more than

enough you were in no way intent to be

the first trait the brightest the

sharpest the best or anything apart from

who you when God called you he knew what

he changed into getting it is in no way

about who or what you it’s approximately

who he is it’s no longer approximately

your boundaries it’s approx imately is

Supernatural strength don’t maintain

return due to who and what you are not

Tak a step of religion primarily based

on who he is trust that he is right and


good that he is for you and not against

you that he is with you and will

paintings through you what is impossible

with guy is feasible with God

if you have faith and Lord right

amen dear Soul you’re no longer

analyzing this by means of coincidence

this is your confirmation your cross

huge to make it no matter what it seems

like proper

now God is going to ship advantages

Solutions recovery love and positive

alternate your way so maintain on aost

and do not surrender now you are next in

line on your

miracle I did no longer provide you with

a spirit offway I gave you a spirit of

braveness and my promise that I can be

with you always may you always remember

this and deliver it with you via every

scenario realize what you’re going

through right and it’ll be over soon I

know no youen inside the

fireplace however I am the usage of the

fireplace to earn off the tough edges I

need you to is the system I’m doing

extraordinary work you when you pop out

of this you and well be more potent

brighter and higher off and you were

before you’re going to be in a new area

you’re going to be prepared for the

calling and dream I have placed in you

if you are concer comment

amen but he stated to me my grace is

sufficient for you for my power is made

best in a weak spot therefore I will

boast all the more gladly about my

weaknesses in order that Christ B may

rest on me to Corinthians

dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear heavenly father I

come earlier than you today with a heavy

heart careworn by feelings which can be

holding me

captive I well known your infinite

wisdom and eternal love knowing that you

are the remaining healer of broken

hearts and troubled Minds Lord I confess

that LE have allow these emotional

wounds Fester affecting my mind my moves

and my Rel

relationships I admit my weak spot in

looking to cope with this ache on my own

and I laid before your feet Now

searching for your divine intervention

thank you God for the endless times you

have lifted me out of Despair for your

promises that offer desire and for your

Eternal perspective that

transcends I am thankful for your

presence that assures me I am in no way

alone even in my darkest moments father

I humbly ask for your restoration

touched to fix my emotional scars

Release Me From the chains of anger

resentment and unhappiness which can be


me replace them with your fruits of

affection joy and peace equip me with

the power to permit move of these

burdens and the information to navigate

my feelings in a manner that honors

you fill me with your holy spirit that I

can be a vessel of your love and an

affidavit to your transformative power

guide me via this adventure of emotional

recovery and release renewing my

thoughts and coronary heart and

alignment with your will in the strong

call of Jesus I pray

amen this will prove to be a very

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