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my child today I want to talk to you on

a deeper

level no need to stress about tough

challenges because I’ve got your

back just like I control the winds and

storms I can calm the doubts in your


too come to me and I’ll give you the

peace you’ve been longing

for I’ll ease your restless thoughts and

fears so you can have peaceful days and


you’ve got so many blessings but

sometimes you forget about them and let

unnecessary fears and influences take

over I’m begging you to stay calm and

ignore all the noise from the news

gossip or threats from

others I’m in charge of your destiny and

even if you face opposition or the

consequences of your mistakes don’t

worry you’re my beloved child and I’ll

protect you from

harm when everything seems chaotic and

people lose hope stand strong and

Fearless because I’ll never abandon

you this is my way of showing you how

much I love

you right now I’m diving into your heart

and addressing those doubts that have

been lingering for too

long I love you and my love is showing

itself now

I’m erasing the scars left by others and

the pain they caused

you but remember everything you’ve been

through has made you stronger wiser and


mature now you have the ability to

listen and stand up for those you care

about your freedom is right around the

corner you’re ready to spread my love

and bring light to those in

darkness just know know that your

enemies see your potential which is why

they try to create conflict and steal


peace if you let them mess with your

sleep or give into fear and doubt

anxiety might creep back

in but don’t worry because you are

strong hold on to your faith stay strong

and don’t let anyone take away your

peace your time to shine has come and I

am here with you every step of the

way embrace the undeniable truth my love

for you is a measurable my Mercy Knows

No Limits and my holy spirit will

protect you from

harm when you stumble don’t be afraid

because I will lift you

up never doubt that I am always watching

over you and even if your enemies try to

trap you I will rescue you during times

when your faith falters and negativity

fills your heart know that I am your


supporter my words will cleanse your

soul and strengthen you against

doubt no matter what challenges you face

whether it’s weapons scarcity illness

conflicts or dangers nothing can

separate you from my endless

love you will overcome all these

obstacles today I give you Incredible

strength move forward with confidence

facing your enemies and conquering

challenges your growth has made you a

symbol of Courage among the brave a true

champion among

Champions start each morning by fueling

your faith with my words presenting your

desires and beliefs to

me Trust that there is nothing I can’t

do I am always by your side ready to

help stay calm and enjoy my peace as you

step into a life touched by the

supernatural I am calling you your place

in this world has not harmed you and

your enemies have no power over

you question everything you see hear and

read when faced with hurtful words words

don’t believe them right away resist the

traps set by the

enemy I’m always on the lookout for

genuine loyal and faithful hearts that

truly love me and honor my

laws I want to lift you up inspire you

and help you spread these Divine words

all while steering clear of the sins of

others Embrace this calling with

enthusiasm because you are destined to

be a source of inspiration to

others I sincerely ask that in times of

confusion or worry you take a moment to

truly listen to my

words I understand your concerns and

uncertainties and I encourage you to

invest the time to understand my

message know that your sacrifices and

hard work are not in vain every

experience you’ve had has a

purpose your life including your home

and family is intricately designed to

work for your

wellbe believe that you will witness

extraordinary Miracles and gain a deep

understanding of the purpose I have for

each and every one of

you I urge you to treat everyone with

respect without diminishing them based

on their age status or past


support and help those you care about

assisting them in their personal

growth by doing so you open the door to

even greater blessings as I am eager to

pour abundance onto those facing

challenges in those moments when sleep

evades you and your mind races with

thoughts don’t be

afraid I am with you dispelling the

shadows of your past releasing the burd

of your sins and healing the wounds that


linger the chains that once held you

back are now forever

broken look ahead with faith for I am

always by your side never to aband in

you accept my truth rooted in a love so

deep that I sacrificed myself on a cross

Rising with power to Grant you eternal

life trust in the the unfolding of your

life and watches your family to basks in

the warmth of my

love your home is protected by the

powerful force That Forgives your

sins trust in me and share your hopes

and concerns and I will provide for

you I am here to sustain you offering

nourishment that is as sweet as honey

from The Rock and satisfying as the

finest wheat

in the ups and downs of Life have faith

that my love will guide you and your

family towards a path filled with joy


fulfillment every day my promises flow

towards you like a gentle stream an

endless Cascade of

reassurances I am ready to offer you

even more an infinite source of words

that bring tranquility and

peace immerse yourself in these

assurances let them be the shield that

protects you from the attacks of

evil we this shield with pride and let

your family bask in the warmth of my

promises gentle kind patient and

understanding a love that is never quick

to anger a love that never keeps a

record of

wrongs this love is a fortress a

sanctuary that surrounds you with its


Embrace embrace it for it is the crown

of Supernatural blessings that have

already been bestowed upon

you rejoice in the truth and hold on to

this enduring love that believes all

things hopes all things and endures all

things this love never fails it is a

Guiding Light that leads you through


challenges in the Trio of Love Hope and

Faith love is the greatest gift that I

give to you

eternally accept it each morning write

it down with your own hand and I will

accept it each

morning rise with this love planted

within you a love that has borne

abundant fruit with more blessings and

Gifts awaiting

you a wonderful future lies ahead have

confidence in my unwavering support in


situation approach me with confidence

pour out your heart at my altar in times


need even when doubt or mistakes tempt

you rest assured of my unwavering

faithfulness I will never forsake you my

child wherever you go I am there with

you surrounded by a whole bunch of

heavenly armies ready to lend a hand and

help help you conquer any challenges

that come your

way take a moment to find peace in a

quiet spot and think about all the

things you have to be grateful for your

life your family your health the air you

breathe the food on your table the roof

over your head and the supernatural

protection that surrounds your home

where Warrior Angels camp out and keep

watch over your

dreams when tough times hit let your

heart and mind be your Shields

protecting you from

harm and remember even in the midst of

trouble I am right there by your side

waiting for you to wake

up I long to hear your first words each

day coming straight from the depths of

your grateful Soul saying thank you

thank you for this

life come to me especially on those days

when you’re not feeling your best and

let go of all the burdens weighing you

down may your days be filled with

positivity fueled by the beautiful

things that inspire

you your mind is like a canvas painted

with countless reasons to feel

blessed trust me you are always ready to

face life’s battles

headon so come to me with confidence no

knowing that my love for you is

unwavering and let your spirit soar

knowing that you are cherished and

protected in my endless

care I will lovingly Embrace every

emotion that weighs on your heart

skillfully transforming sadness into

radiant Joy regret into gentle peace and

guilt into unwavering

hope to all who choose to listen and

embrace belief with humility and simp

licity acknowledging their faults and

leaving behind the darkness of evil a

path will

unfold make a firm resolution to move

forward without dwelling on the past and

the promise of transformation will

become a Guiding

Light my dear child my love for you

Knows No

Limits I long to heal your wounds break

the chains that bind you and destroy

every false curse and spell that made

you believe in someone else’s power in

this vast

Universe it is the biggest lie of

all the sound of my voice reverberates

through Heaven and

Earth the forces of evil crumble in the

face of your fears and burdens

strengthening your soul with my presence

and allowing my voice to resonate within

your loving

heart I aim to guide you on a path of

restoration where you can reclaim all

that has been

lost take my hand and let us embark on a

journey towards peace and Tranquility

rediscovering the happiness that lies

within and leaving behind the troubles

that once seemed

insurmountable my deepest desire is to

free you from the anxieties that have

cast Shadows over your life to banish


fears know that no price is too high for

I have already paid it with my precious

life as you come into my presence let go

of the weight of Shame even if you have

strayed far from me and felt

forgotten may my words reverberate

within your heart resonating with

inspiration in the certainty that you

are profoundly

cherished the path ahead unfolds as a

journey marked by love healing and the

renewal of your

spirit embrace it wholeheartedly for I

stand beside you a constant presence on

this transformative

Voyage when you embrace your

vulnerability I’m here for you with open

arms ready to shower you with

Mercy I’ve got a legion of angels on

standby ethereal Guardians who will

swoop down and rescue you from any


they’ll clear the path for you to come

back to me Paving the way for your

return so my dear will you grace me with

your presence

tomorrow I can’t wait to hear about all

the Miracles that have unfolded in your

life as you reaffirm your loyalty my

heart fills with joy welcoming you to a

new chapter of

surrender no need for explanations I

understand that you long for my

love as the morning unfolds I ask you

how is your spirit

today share the depths of your soul with

me knowing that our conversation is

sacred and

confidential let it all out release the

burdens that have weighed you

down imagine my healing hand reaching

out to touch your soul bringing Comfort

to your tearful eyes eyes and breaking

the chains that bind

you those emotions that once pierced

your heart like nails have only made you

stronger you face challenges along the

way but you listen to my advice embraced

your sensitivity acknowledged your

mistakes and

repented your prayers reached the

heavens creating a beautiful

Harmony today fueled by your active

Faith you march confidently through


battles your confidence shines bright

Illuminating the joy of

living but there are still unexplored

depths within you waiting to be

discovered don’t be afraid because as

your Eternal Guardian I’m always by your

side love flows endlessly taking care of

all your

needs a awaken your faith elevate your

spirit and join me whether you find

solace in kneeling sitting or lying

down let your eyes gently close and in

the Embrace of gratitude Express Thanks

for the blessings of family the

Fulfillment of your work and the

Vitality of your

health when you’re in need sometimes you

can’t quite put into words what you want

but don’t worry I love it when you ask

for things and I crave your unwavering

confidence your voice is like music to

my ears and today I want to let you know

that I hear you loud and

clear I’m tuned into your needs even

when you don’t say a word especially

when you

pray listen up because I’m all ears for

your story a story that will become

clearer as time goes on

keep seeking me every day feel my

constant presence and strive to know me

on a deeper

level I’m your father and my love for

you never

falters it’s built on trust that never

wavers because I’m a beacon of

truth I won’t deceive you I’m committed

to you with unwavering

loyalty I cherish you deeply and all I

want is for you to be happy strong and

enjoy each day to the

fullest I’m giving you the gift of

strength boosting your determination and

urging you to get ready for the journey

ahead embrace your worth with confidence

and let’s walk this path together hand


hand I promise to love you

unconditionally and take care of you

with a love that’s sacred and


today I’m coming to your place to change

your destiny your prayers filled with

faith and sincerity have called me and

I’m here to rescue

you I have the power to make miracles

happen and I’m excited to use

it the key is your faith which I hold in


regard no matter what you’re going

through I’ll always be by your side

cherishing you

deeply let go of anger vanity fear doubt

and lack of faith focus on the future

because the joy that lies ahead

surpasses anything in your

past embrace the Myriad blessings

whether humble or grand and embark on

your journey with a conscience as pure

as Crystal cradling the essence of my

virtues within the sanctuary of your


your worth is priceless and your family


invaluable your future holds more value

than any material possessions houses

jobs fame or

popularity don’t worry about losing

material things instead focus on

elevating your spiritual

life I want you to really absorb what

I’m saying here and strengthen our


open your heart to receive the

incredible Miracles that I’m ready to

reveal in your

life take care of your health and Family

Matters promptly using the strength and

intelligence that I’ve given

you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed

or frustrated rise above it all be

courageous and witness the amazing

Miracles that will unfold in your

life I’m standing standing at the door

calling out to

you will you open it and let me bring

something new marvelous powerful and

Supernatural into your

life I understand your situation and I

promise you that scarcity will never

touch your

home my touch on your family will bring

a shower of blessings that will nourish

your home for years to

come embrace the future with hope

because I am by your side guiding and


you in the tapestry of time your

unwavering devotion has woven a

beautiful story of

Faith through this tapestry I see the

threads of your prayers fasting and the

tears shed in Humble

reverence your actions have created a

symphony that puts me at the center of

your thoughts and

deeds the time you spend reaffirming

your faith is a precious treasure and

your humble and simple nature will take

you to incredible

places get ready because I’m about to

open up new opportunities in your

life through these doors you’ll find New

Horizons where abundance will flow into


home I love you so much my dear

child how are you feeling

today don’t worry no challenge can

defeat you as long as you stay strong in

your faith and trust that I have control

over your

future everything good that comes your

way is because of my

kindness I’m the one who brings

blessings into your

life stay close to me find comfort in my


Embrace when you’re feeling anxious turn

to me and I’ll guide you to where you

need to be introduce you to the right

people and help you fight for what’s

right I’ll always be by your side and

with my power your dreams will come

true I am your almighty God and with me

you have everything you

need remember this my beloved I care

about you deeply and I hear your


please your unwe favoring faith and

heartfelt prayers mean so much to me and

I will shower you with Abundant

Blessings I understand your needs even

before you express them and your

confidence in me lifts my

spirits come spend time with me every

morning listen to my voice hold on to my

words and keep my promises close to your

heart your prayers have incredible power

when they come from the

heart keep praying my beloved because in

those moments of connection your spirit

Soares to Heavenly

Heights I will lovingly touch your head

and all of heaven will Echo with an amen

to your

prayers now my child go into your day

with courage knowing that you are


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