God message my

child the voice that echoes in these

words comes directly from heaven from

the Throne of God it is the Lord himself

who speaks to us with overflowing love

he is here now ready for a genuine

encounter with you feel the emotion of

this call that comes from deep within

you it’s the creator of the universe

looking for you there is no greater

honor than to be sought out by the King

of Kings doesn’t your heart Quicken at

this glor reality the Gates of Heaven

are open right now God has Mighty Works

in store for you beyond your greatest

dreams he will pour out Untold blessings

and deliver you from all evil all he

asks for is your trust and total

surrender which will yield Eternal

fruits of joy and fulfillment don’t

waste any more time the time has come to

seek the Lord like never before kneel

down right now and listen to his voice

he has so much to speak to you and to

give you you are too precious to remain

distant from him this encounter with

will change your story forever confirm

by saying amen God says my son listen to

The Quiet voice in the depths of your

soul the voice that is sometimes drowned

out by uncertainties and fears I’m here

within your reach waiting to engage in a

sincere and constructive dialogue this

contact is not merely an ordinary

interaction it is a direct nod from your

heavenly father the creator of your

existence this is the perfect

opportunity for us to exchange ideas for

you to express your innermost desires

and for me to offer my teachings and

affection my words are not inaccessible

they are as close as the air you breathe

as personal as your most secret thoughts

approach me in prayer tune your essence

to mine and you’ll discover what I bring

with me immeasurable love and wisdom

type with faith I am always in search of

your divine presence feel the Divine

love flowing through these words share

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messages since before you were aware of

my presence I have been searching for

you finding me is more than a simple

task it’s a Serene Journey along the

road of Faith call out to me and I will

be heard call for help in times of

distress and I will make a point of

answering be aware however that my

answers can far exceed any expectation I

have in mind to bless you in Splendid

ways beyond anything you have ever

dreamed of all I ask of you is your

trust and fervent faith in me cherish

yourself for you are a jewel in the eyes

of the Creator a work carefully sculpted

for this very moment for this very Place

declare my trust in God is unshakable

even in the face of challenges finally I

ask you stay focused don’t succumb to

distractions and above all don’t forget

my promise to you place your faith and

hope in my hands even in the face of

adversity and setbacks along the way

always remember that you are never alone

I have always been your defense your

support and your compass in this vast

world don’t miss the chance to hear my

voice because it is addressed

specifically to you feel my presence

enveloping you isn’t it

palpable your success and serenity are

what I want most I’m here to improve

your path and your destiny if you ever

feel lost or disoriented come to me in

genuine devotion and I will Rectify your

path comment God directs my steps with

love stay away from those who bring you

harm who underestimate your value and

who try to diminish your essence they

really don’t contribute to your

Evolution when you leave them behind you

won’t miss them at all because I will

bring wonderful people into your life

beings with kind souls and true purposes

be prepared because a miracle is about

to unfold in your life and a flood of

blessings is on its way my love for you

is deep and I fervently hope that you

will not stray from my presence without

it life’s challenges can take away your

will to move forward you are Priceless I

rescued you at the highest price

delivering you from danger with my

Supreme sacrifice I inhabit your heart

and free you from the bonds of suffering

declare God removes obstacles from my

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as much light as possible I’ve never

been absent from your life I’ve been

with you every step of the way

when you return to me you will witness

incredible Transformations as you absorb

the love I have to offer you forget the

harmful words of those who have spurned

you know that many out of Envy longed

for your failure in order to satisfy

their own destructive

intentions however you remain standing

lifted up by my strong hand the time of

lament is over pain should no longer be


burden I am speaking life into your

being bringing healing and relieving

your soul full of painful emotional

burdens from now on you’ll be like a

fountain of invigorating Waters gushing

pure joy extraordinary emotional

strength and a resilient mind your

yearnings for growth and victory will

multiply here and now you are on the

brink of an era of remarkable change you

will soon witness The Marvelous series

of Transformations that will unfold in

every area of your life I invite you to

reconnect with me to remain constantly

in my Divine influence my aim is to

bless every facet of your life your

actions your desires your exchanges and

offerings you will see it all flourish

and expand under the mantle of my grace

I hope that you will rever me devote

yourself to me and heed my advice always

with humility and surrender seek me out

because when you do I will pour wisdom

into you making you a vehicle of

blessings for your family friends and

Nation come closer there is no end to my

love for you

type with faith I am an instrument of

God’s peace and wisdom hold on a little

longer you have the strength you need

contemplate your journey the barriers

you have overcome and the strength you

have found even when uncertainty and

fragility weighed heavily on you I

encourage you to remain resilient to

carry on and not to lose heart I am by

your side every step of the way and

after these adversities our connection

will intensify and you will emerge more

resilient than you have ever been even

if you you question the reason for

certain trials or fear abandonment

understand that there is a high purpose

my intention is to exalt you granting

you Graces Beyond imagination the

obstacles you face are honing you for

future glory and great blessings declare

today’s trials will shape tomorrow’s

victories heed my words and let them be

the beacon that guides your

steps avoid letting yourself be consumed

by unfounded fears or resentment direct

your moments to me immersing yourself in

my messages of peace and strength let go

of negativity and the burdens that cloud

your faith and understanding of the

designs I have in store for you let go

of past grudges and remnants of pain if

you find yourself at a loss for words or

longing for a conversation with me come

as you are in the Stillness of your

being know that I am here to accompany

you in your loneliness to surround you

with love and understanding even when

words seem to slip away be sure I

understand the silent ple of your heart

I know exactly what you feel put your

trust in me because I have planned a

future full of Hope for you where great

blessings are already on the horizon

receive this love as you walk your path

walk firmly with each step reaffirmed by

the faith you place in me declare God

knows the longings of my heart although

this world may bring challenges and

adversities don’t be overwhelmed by fear

because I’ve overcome all the

tribulations of the world in your

moments of fragility when you feel you

can’t take take another step remember

that it is in your weakness that my

strength becomes complete you are like a

valuable gem polished under the

pressures of Life each challenge is a

precious opportunity for growth a moment

for you to shine even brighter don’t be

daunted by these trials they are an

essential part of your unique Journey

designed to bring out the best in you

type with faith I am shaped by The

Loving hand of

God let the power of these words

transform lives spread this Divine gift

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together we can light the way like the

Potter who molds the clay I am forming

your life into a magnificent work there

may be disconcerting and even painful

stages but trust in my design the end

will be a masterpiece life an existence

that radiates my glory and mercy

remember I am not only your creator but

also your loving father my plans for you

are full of goodness filled with hope

and a bright future

when you feel lost or uncertain turn

your eyes to me I will illuminate your

path and take you to Heights beyond your

imagination comment God lights the way

and guides my steps in your Journey of

Faith be encouraged bold and convinced

stand firm on your principles for I am

always by your side speak words of

kindness practice love and offer Grace

to others by doing so you will become a

banner of my presence in a world that is

often shrouded in darkness remember that

my love for you is constant and

boundless at dawn Feel My Hope at dusk

rest in my peace you are never alone my

presence is eternal in your heart and by

your side declare God’s presence is

eternal and surrounds me take this

message with you as a sign of my

steadfast love and grace may it be your

beacon in the darkness your consolation

in difficult times and your source of

Joy on Happy Days go forward with

confidence aware that I am guiding your

every step face each new day with

courage sustained by faith and

surrounded by love for you are my

darling and in my love you will find

strength now I have a special invitation

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together let’s make this message the

greatest blessing ever May the Father’s

Love surround everyone until our next

meeting in Christ


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