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God says that many people may skip this

message but in the depths of his heart

there’s a profound desire to shower you

with blessings beyond

measure he assures you of a boundless

Bounty and no force can impede his

will what he declares shall undoubtedly

come to fruition and in the face of any

challenge always remember that he is

your unwavering companion even when it

may seem

otherwise instead of dwelling on the

intensity of your trials focus on

listening intently to God’s message to

ignite your

soul cherish these moments as you

dedicate additional time to him he is

matching his teachings intentions and

commands into the very fabric of your

heart God seeks not only your attention

but your profound faith in his

promises offer him your unwavering

loyalty and steadfast belief for in you

he places his trust just as you trust in

him you are a chosen Warrior destined

for a specific

purpose do not stray from your path

regardless of the challenges or

distractions around you The Whispers you

hear and the sights you behold are mere

distractions God’s promise are etched in

time and will not

disappoint he bestows His blessings upon

those with Resolute Spirits those who

remain true to him embracing his cause

and adhering to his

teachings the challenge in moments you

face will soon Fade Away transforming

any shame into Victory joy and

success prepare yourself to be a bearer

of God’s values love patience hope and

Redemption for all a new Joy will

illuminate your countenance and you will

be enveloped in

Grace in your hands God will place the

power to heal and wisdom will be your

gift sought after by many for

guidance Your Righteous efforts will

Thrive and every blessing you receive


grow this is the reward for those who

have faith in God and Trust in his ways

an everlasting life filled with call

happiness peace and

abundance God’s angels will keep watch

over your

dwelling seek out the Miracles and his

teachings read them attentively absorb


wisdom but know that with your own eyes

you will witness even more remarkable

and profound

events these are new times and while

many fabricate wonders to deceive the

unw the Miracles God will work through

you will ser surpass them move forward

with unwavering confidence unshaken by

hurdles should a vast Mountain block

your way fear not for it will yield God

says that many people may skip you but

you should not fret over adversaries

attacks focus on the path that God is

unveiling before you and strengthen

yourself in his company for it will

bring immense

benefits you are different and the God

loves all with eternal love he has

chosen you for greater

blessings God trusts that you will use

what is bestowed upon you wisely not

squandering the gifts you

receive dedicate yourself to multiplying

the riches and talents that will soon

knock at your

door God did not choose you to become

wealthy and use your riches to Humble

others instead he chose you to surround

yourself with prosperity

guard your heart in humility and care

for your

family feed the hungry extend a hand to

the poor and bring Comfort to those in

need assure God that you are willing to

use his blessings wisely and show

obedience to his

Commandments God yearns to witness your

loyalty and

sincerity guard your lips against

speaking ill keep your thoughts free

from the filth of this world and shield

your eyes from all that is

wicked never let harmful words Escape


lips refrain from using your hands or

actions to cause harm speak no ill of

anyone accuse no one without knowledge

and do not share slander that kills and


families when you open your eyes cry out

for God’s affection and let your mind

Proclaim that he is your god your lord

and your

Shepherd use the smile God gave you so

That Others May witness the powerful

work he is performing within you listen

to this message once more word by word

understand it grasp it share it live it

and feel

it these words bring great blessings and

God is inscribing them in your

heart accept them for in doing so you

surrender your soul to him and he shall

lead you with his marvelous love

he shall lift you out of adversity head

held high and hands

full all those who threaten and attack

you place themselves in grave

trouble God himself defends his children

his sword is drawn and he shall confront

all who assail you in

battle he wants them to see you calm and

full of confidence surprising them with

your courageous demeanor firm steps and

gaze filled with faith they may shout

lies and attempt to deceive you but

stand tall for God’s arms shall support

you and you shall not

fall you shall not be defeated God

invites you to watch this message till

the end if you

believe observe your

surroundings many people suffer and

their sadness is evident on their

faces yet I desire my glory to shine

within you that your courageous gaze May

uplift the spirits of

many you are my beloved child my most


creation I have bestowed upon you unique

gifts and talents to be used in my name

and for my

glory listen attentively for these words

carry a sacred blessing a gentle Zephyr

of Tranquility to cradle your soul a

surge of fortitude for your heart

awaits come sit with me let us together

cast our gaze upon the Horizon now

bathed in a Divine golden

Grace whisper your dreams into my ear

those dreams youve held closed for I

have not forgotten them not

one recall the days of your youth where

in innocence you crafted visions of Joy

Adventure Journeys that stretch far

beyond the horizons of your

imagination these dreams these Whispers

of your heart are precious to me do not

let them Fade Into the shadows of

Doubt hold them close for together we

can breathe life into them as you

Traverse the path of life that spark of

Joy within you flicker dimming under


trials I understand it is not your

burden to bear alone unfairly Laden with

a load not meant for

you those who should have stood by you

retreated yet I watched and quiet

witnessing the light I kindled in you

glow through your darkest moments

casting a radiant hope you did not

accept rejection as your

fate something deep within you unspoken

yet Mighty spurred you on you yearn to

leave behind Sorrows to sail to distant

lands your unselfish heart caught my

gaze unlike those absorbed in themselves

you seek growth success and a hope to

return and lift up those you

cherish I have always known this about

you for in your heart lies a seed of

life wrapped in my Holy

Spirit every struggle you’ve encountered

has shaped you for this very moment my


child I cherish you and believe in your

abilities your resilience is evident

your heart

steadfast tears have been your


fear and anxiety your

adversaries yet each Dawn brings renewal

lighting up your face restoring your

smile and empowering you to stand

strong hear me proudly declare this is


child the Heavenly hosts watch eager to

support you to study your steps and

realizing your

dreams when you call I respond long for

the moments we spend together where I

assist and deepen our connection in

faith Supreme and unwavering it unveils

the Divine

Purpose realize that those who oppose

you oppose me the battle is not yours


mine in moments of strife do not

surrender on the altar of a challenging

yesterday for I make all things new your

week shall unfold with blessings break

throughs and

miracles dear children I comprehend your

struggles and flaws loving you

unconditionally as you seek to emide my

spirit remember you are made in my image

capable of reflecting my goodness and

love choose kindness forgiveness and

compassion for in these choices you

mirror my Divine

attributes despite imperfections embrace

them as avenues for for growth and

learning being a child of God isn’t

about perfection but about striving to

Encompass my values in everyday life

your presence and abilities are meant to

serve others making the world a better

place do not be disheartened by

imperfections instead view them as

opportunities for

growth I understand your fears struggles


desires turn to to me in times of

Confusion And I shall provide strength


wisdom my love is unwavering and I am

always here to guide you repeat after me

I am writing the highs of peace and

plenty with the Divine I am completely

surrendered to love experiencing its

surge through every part of me it

elevates energizes and expands my

Consciousness I am a Clear Channel for

love Des solving all that is not of

love God declares bless someone’s Day by

sharing this powerful

message affirm with me I am surrounded

by the love of the Divine and I always

have more than enough I am a vessel of

Love spreading kindness compassion and

forgiveness I am a beloved member of

God’s royal family for all

time in times of turmoil remember the

the enemy often unleashes its Fury when

you stand on the verge of a

breakthrough do not succumb to doubt for

your calling purpose and witness

matter ignore the

lies greater is he who is in you than he

who is in the

world keep pressing forward until your

breakthrough the one who promised is

faithful You are not

alone let God help you go God says many

people will skip me but I know you will

beloved child of light in this sacred

moment hear the gentle Whispers of the

Divine as the Lord speaks directly to

your heart you my cherished one have

traversed a path known to many but

understood by few the Lord and His

Infinite Wisdom sees the depths of your

journey and the resilience you’ve shown

through thick and in your life a

tapestry woven with threads of Love

sacrifice and unwavering faith has not

gone unnoticed in the quiet of your soul

the Lord acknowledges the pain you’ve

endured the times you’ve opened your

heart to others and the love you’ve

generously shared you with a heart so

ordinary yet extraordinary of withered

storms and held steadfast of principles

of honesty and loyalty the Lord With

Arms Wide Open speaks to the very core

of her being my child he says I see your

pain and I will never leave nor forsake

you December is your season of emergence

a time when blessings will cascate upon

your family like gentle Whispers of

Grace your journey marked by selfless

acts and shouldering responsibilities

not your own reflects the glory and love

of the Creator the Lord in his

everpresent gaze assures you that even

in moments of feeling remote or unworthy

he sees your heart your intentions and

your desire to honor and serve embrace

the understanding that reverence and

fear need not be rooted in punishment

for you are loved beyond measure the

Lord beckons you to share his message

with those closest to you part a message

of humility honesty and an unwavering

trust in his grace and mercy as you step

into December a month pregnant with

promises the Lord assures you that your

desires are known his piece of gift

planted in their Garden of Your Heart

seeks to flourish the garer he is

tirelessly working to Rider heart of any

weed be they joy joy fear selfishness or

unbelief in times of Trials remember

that peace can flourish and weeds can

wither away your faith my dear one is

being tested in the refining fire of

Sorrows for Beyond every challenge lies

a new level of Destiny you are not a

weakling you are a warrior dig your

heels and Proclaim I can handle it and

watch as the Lord fights your battles do

not linger in the past for your mistakes

do not define you the Lord the Supreme

King can bring good even from your has

release your regrets Look to Him with

trust and allow his creativity to weave

a beautiful design from your past and

present in this ultimate month of

seek the Lord in prayer let his word be

your Guiding Light and Trust as the god

of new beginnings watch our second

Channel if you believe in God the link

is in pinned comment some may skip these

words but God expresses confidence that


won’t as your devoted guide God promises

to be intricately attuned to every

aspect of your existence ensuring that

no part of your being lacks

fulfillment in the Symphony of your

needs God vows to play the tune of

abundance and

provision he encourages you not to let

the threads of circumstance weave

distress into the fabric of your

soul instead close your eyes and summon

the Resonance of his words letting

tranquility and serenity flow through

your mind and heart Myriad doors stand a

jar promising Uncharted

possibilities God urges you to approach

them with unwavering determination and

conviction assuring you that fear has no

place in this sacred

Journey today is the day to decide to

progress along your unique path Shackled

by the change of fear rise walk and

witness the windows of Heaven swing open

showering you with genuine

blessings in the tapestry of your life

God promises provisions of Plenty a Life

unburdened by the weight of debts and

debtors your generosity and blessings

shall SW a harvest Beyond Your Wildest

expectations God encourages you to

revisit these words until the command is

etched into the core of your

understanding nourish yourself with the

written Symphony of his promises and

Advance resolutely into the Awakening

that beckons you let your faith Blaze

like a sword carving a path through

obstacles with God’s

assistance as your Shepherd and provider

God is cognizant of your needs and is

ready to supply

abundantly although the journey may seem

daunting he assures you that your steps

are not solitary

when you rise and walk the heavens

themselves shall part unveiling Miracles

that defy the limitations of mere

mortals God encourages you not to be

immobilized by the specters of fear but

to persevere with the strength he

provides God shares a secret revealing

that what you are absorbing now is

shared with many of his sons and

daughters God acknowledges that many

people may skip this message but

expresses confidence that you

won’t in the face of adversities he

advises you not to adopt a defensive

stance but to follow him with boldness


courage he encourages you to let his

guidance not only shape your direction

but also Infuse Delight into the Divine

adventure of complete surrender to his

will God assures you that you are not

here merely to survive but to thrive to

embrace challenge es his opportunities

and to witness his power and Grace at

work in your

life he encourages you to seek him in

prayer every morning immerse yourself in

his word and let the spirit within you

be filled with peace and

strength this practice will equip you to

face every circumstance with a Heart of

Courage and a spirit of

trust God assures you that he is

actively at work in your life

rearranging aligning and and setting

things in motion for your good he wants

you to trust in his promises for he is

fighting your battles and leading you to

victory your enemies are already

defeated and nothing and no one can

ultimately Prevail against you when you

are under his Divine

protection expressing his deep love for

you God wants you to understand that

everything in your life even the

difficulties has a

purpose he promised es to turn

challenges into opportunities and you

will emerge

Victorious he encourages you to have

faith be convinced and find your

strength joy and peace in the truth that

you are more than a conqueror through

him God reminds you that he is your god

your heavenly father your friend your

creator your Shepherd your king and your

Liberator he encourages you to keep

studying his word and let these promises

be etched into your heart bringing peace

healing and Reviving your passion for

life God is actively rearranging things

in your life removing obstacles clearing

your path and resolving

conflicts while problems may still arise

he wants you to hold on to his promises

and you will receive His

blessings your Victory is not just a

distant possibility

it is a reality already secured by his

unchanging nature and unfailing

love even if you feel surrounded by

negativity God encourages you not to be

ens snared by the provocations of the

wicked turn away from sin come to him in

Repentance and he will receive you no

matter your condition

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