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God says that many people may skip this

message but in the depths of his heart

there’s a profound desire to shower you

with blessings beyond

measure he assures you of a boundless

Bounty and no force can impede his

will what he declares shall undoubtedly

come to fruition and in the face of any

challenge always remember that he is

your unwavering companion even when it

may seem

otherwise instead of dwelling on the

intensity of your trials focus on

listening intently to God’s message to

ignite your

soul cherish these moments as you

dedicate additional time to him he is

matching his teachings intentions and

commands into the very fabric of your

heart God seeks not only your attention

but your profound faith in his

promises offer him your unwavering

loyalty and steadfast belief for in you

he places his trust just as you trust in

him you are a chosen Warrior destined

for a specific

purpose do not stray from your path

regardless of the challenges or

distractions around you The Whispers you

hear and the sights you behold are mere

distractions God’s promise are etched in

time and will not

disappoint he bestows His blessings upon

those with Resolute Spirits those who

remain true to him embracing his cause

and adhering to his

teachings the challenge in moments you

face will soon Fade Away transforming

any shame into Victory joy and

success prepare yourself to be a bearer

of God’s values love patience hope and

Redemption for all a new Joy will

illuminate your countenance and you will

be enveloped in

Grace in your hands God will place the

power to heal and wisdom will be your

gift sought after by many for

guidance Your Righteous efforts will

Thrive and every blessing you receive


grow this is the reward for those who

have faith in God and Trust in his ways

an everlasting life filled with call

happiness peace and

abundance God’s angels will keep watch

over your

dwelling seek out the Miracles and his

teachings read them attentively absorb


wisdom but know that with your own eyes

you will witness even more remarkable

and profound

events these are new times and while

many fabricate wonders to deceive the

unw the Miracles God will work through

you will ser surpass them move forward

with unwavering confidence unshaken by

hurdles should a vast Mountain block

your way fear not for it will yield God

says that many people may skip you but

you should not fret over adversaries

attacks focus on the path that God is

unveiling before you and strengthen

yourself in his company for it will

bring immense

benefits you are different and the God

loves all with eternal love he has

chosen you for greater

blessings God trusts that you will use

what is bestowed upon you wisely not

squandering the gifts you

receive dedicate yourself to multiplying

the riches and talents that will soon

knock at your

door God did not choose you to become

wealthy and use your riches to Humble

others instead he chose you to surround

yourself with prosperity

guard your heart in humility and care

for your

family feed the hungry extend a hand to

the poor and bring Comfort to those in

need assure God that you are willing to

use his blessings wisely and show

obedience to his

Commandments God yearns to witness your

loyalty and

sincerity guard your lips against

speaking ill keep your thoughts free

from the filth of this world and shield

your eyes from all that is

wicked never let harmful words Escape


lips refrain from using your hands or

actions to cause harm speak no ill of

anyone accuse no one without knowledge

and do not share slander that kills and


families when you open your eyes cry out

for God’s affection and let your mind

Proclaim that he is your god your lord

and your

Shepherd use the smile God gave you so

That Others May witness the powerful

work he is performing within you listen

to this message once more word by word

understand it grasp it share it live it

and feel

it these words bring great blessings and

God is inscribing them in your

heart accept them for in doing so you

surrender your soul to him and he shall

lead you with his marvelous love

he shall lift you out of adversity head

held high and hands

full all those who threaten and attack

you place themselves in grave

trouble God himself defends his children

his sword is drawn and he shall confront

all who assail you in

battle he wants them to see you calm and

full of confidence surprising them with

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