YOU ARE TAKING BIG RISK BY IGNORE ME | JESUS DIVINE INSPIRATION…..this year will not end until you recover

all that was taken from you God says

prepare yourself I’m about to take you

to another level in your life this year

hasn’t been easy but it’s not over God

is not finished with you yet he’s

enlarging your territory opening

incredible doors answering seemingly

impossible prayers and doing a new thing

in your life today marks A New Beginning

for someone reading this your life is

shifting gears in the best ways possible

God is about to bless you in a greater

way prepare your mind he’s bestowing

upon you new levels of favor

breakthrough and

rewards that turnaround you’ve been

waiting on is about to show up you’re

stepping into a new season get ready for

an overflow of blessings every time I

don’t know how I’m going to make it God

shows up though I am surrounded by

troubles you will protect me from the

anger of my enemies you reach out your

hand and the power of your right hand

saves me sometimes God will slow you

down so that the evil ahead of you will

pass before you get there your delay is

necessary trust the process you will be

fine God is preparing you for greater

things no eye has seen no ear has hears

and no mind has imagined what God has

prepared for those who love him amen if

you believe

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