You Are Secured Dear Child l God Message Today l God Message New for you today l I LOVE JESUS|

God is always with you even when you

feel like giving up keep going dear God

thank you for putting me on the Wake

uplist today I don’t know what you have

planned for me but I trust you with it

please protect my family and friends

from any battles they are facing even

the ones I gone TK n o w about please

help them know they are loved isn’t it

funny how the devil is always shouting

in God sometimes speaks to you in just a

whisper it’s because God is always close

if it’s from God it comes with peace and

understanding if it’s not from God it

comes with pain and confusion we need to

stop trying to be fulfilled by this

world and start realizing it’s Jesus we

have needed the entire time God s Grace

is bigger than your failures God has

taught meth I never need to worry about

tomorrow I survived yesterday I am alive

and dealing with today with God’s help I

can face tomorrow and whatever may come

my way God’s just getting started my

friend the do what makes you happy

culture is so toxic for Christians we

are not called to do what makes us happy

we are called to do what glorifies God

Christianity isn’t always sunshine and

happiness it’s hard work and dedication

to him not us do what glorifies God

sometimes you have to take that first

step of Faith to realize the path Jesus

laid out for you just ask Peter in

Matthew –

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