You Are Highly Favoured | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

dear listener did you know that as a

child of God you are highly favored no

matter what you may have done in the

past as soon as you make Jesus Christ

your lord and savior you have favor with

God Mary didn’t understand how or why

she had God’s favor or what that favor

was for at that moment she didn’t know

that she was chosen as a pure and holy

vessel to bring Christ to the world

friend you have God’s favor for the very

same reason as Mary because God chose

you and made you a pure and holy vessel

to bring Christ to your home workplace

and even the world stay focused on

sharing the message of God’s love with

all those you come in contact with and

remember that today and every day you

are highly favored and the Lord is with

you a prayer for today God I have an

awesome responsibility to share your

message with the world it is my gift to

you to embrace that calling in Jesus

name amen

like if you believe in


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