Wealth Beyond Measure: Unlocking Financial Blessings | God Message | I LOVE JESUS |

God is saying to you today my child get ready for something

amazing you’re about to experience a big change in your

life it’s like a gift from something very special you’ll have lots of good things

coming your way especially with money by the end of

you’ll feel totally free and happy about money if you believe in this

special power show it by liking this video get excited for three fantastic

days where wonderful things will happen to you like magic it’s your time to feel

rich happy and successful money will come to you easily

and never stop let us know you’re ready for this by typing I wish wonderful

things for you beond what you dream of picture your life suddenly becoming

so much better there’s a special power looking out for you ready to wipe away your

hidden sadness and troubles right now is the start of your

peaceful and blessed time keep watching until the end of this video to fully

welcome these amazing gifts believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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$ as a sign of your faith and dedication let’s hope that for

brings you and your family lots of good things like a beautiful colorful picture

full of good luck and chances any bad feelings you’ve had will

change into lots of good things happening to you and the people you

love you’ll feel real love have plenty of good things and be really

healthy happiness will fill up your life and make you feel so so

happy get ready for lots of good things like feeling healthy happy and having

enough money say you trust Jesus to help you

stay safe from bad things this month expect surprises that make your life

better one after another quickly happiness getting better when

you’re sick and becoming a better person are coming soon God wants you to be happy

rich and feel good about your life even more than you can

imagine God promises to keep you healthy and safe if you believe in him making

your life peaceful and safe have strong faith and say God takes

care of me so I have everything I need his kindness and love will always

follow me and I’ll be with him forever don’t celebrate when things go wrong for

me because I’ll bounce back higher than before even when things seem really dark

God will show me the way trust that the good things coming

your way will surprise you as God listens to your prayers

carefully the tough times will end soon replace by amazing blessings heading

your way if you believe in these blessings type

listen closely dear [Music] one the Divine is speaking to you saying

that your time of sadness and worry is almost

over God’s love is here to help you break free from anything that holds you

back like bad habits feeling down or being

sad remember God always sees your tears hears your prayers and cares about

what you’re going through you’re not alone I’m here to guide you to bring the

right people opportunities and solutions into your life to help with all your

problems I care care about you very much and know this the heavens won’t

stop until you’re filled with blessings all because of the love of

Jesus I want all the tough stuff to go away from your

life I’m like the food that keeps life going if you come to me you’ll never

feel hungry and if you trust me you’ll never feel spiritually thirsty

y having faith means praising the Divine even when life gets tough trusting him

in hard times and sticking with him through the confusing

Parts if you ask sincerely you will find the right path meet the right people and

discover the right opportunities start praying and begin your journey to

success the divine power is breaking all the bad Cycles in your

life you’re about to enter a new Time full of Freedom success lock and

strength get ready for a special gift from God who loves us all very much he

is here to guide us on our journey and show everyone that he is on our side

trust him in everything you do because he can turn chaos into a story troubles

into lessons and hard times into victories God Is Lifting the heavy

burdens off your shoulders and leading you away from sadness and

lack towards healing comfort and plenty something amazing is coming your way

like a dream job a true friend or a success beyond what you can

imagine just like it says in the Bible God’s love is always there for us never

ending and full of kindness his faithfulness is deep every

morning brings new chances to start fresh you can agree with this by typing

Jesus shares this with us let’s ask ask for it

today I’ll accept love healing and everything go that I

deserve my family will be safe and happy and miracles will happen when we need

them all in Jesus’s name next week look forward to Good News

prayers being answered big successes Miracles and special help from

God like never before four remember God is always there to

protect you like strong arms underneath you he will take care of your enemies

and make sure they can’t hurt you if you keep believing in and loving God you’re

going to achieve amazing things that can’t even be

counted when tough times come instead of crying being because things are hard

you’ll cry because you’re so thankful for all the good things that come your

way even when it feels like everything is against you remember that God is on

your team fighting for you and making sure you come out on

top he’s always there for you holding on to you

tight and when you feel sad then like you might cry remember three important

things pray instead of worrying tell God what you need and thank him for all the

good things he gives you and your family and be strong because the same God who

made the whole world in just days and rested on the seventh

day can give you the strength to overcome anything and the week ahead amazing

things are going to happen like pieces of a beautiful puzzle falling into place

with the help of something greater than us it’s like magic but even better

because it’s real the most important friend you can

have is Jesus Christ he can heal even the most broken

hearts and make the biggest hurts feel better if you trust in his love and kindness

you’ll feel a peace and happiness like nothing else remember when good things happen to

you it’s because God wants them too even if things seem hard everything

will come together just right be thankful for what you already have and

stay open to all the good things that are coming your way look forward to the

amazing surprises that God has planned for you like winning a special prize

finding someone to love forever or achieving something

incredible every bad thing will change good things will come true and hurts

will get better your life will get better with good health happy Rel relationships and

more money if you feel this is true type

believe in God I give happiness to those who really

want it if you feel tired and sad look to

me when you’re sad and crying remember God is with you God is inside you and

God will always be there there for you hey there dear

one guess what in just hours something amazing

is coming your way a big win in the

lottery it’s like a special gift from above that’s going to change your life

and make you and your family really happy just like how sugar attra back

sance you’re going to attract a lot of money this is your time to bounce back

from tough times and difficulties I’m here to help you get

back all that you’ve lost and make sure you have lots of good things like money

health and happiness so watch this video until the

end because it’s like a special message message from above if you trust in the higher power

good things will happen to you believe in that and watch your dreams come true

as you go through life on this special day angels are set to help

you with your worries and troubles keeping your family safe from

harm don’t be afraid because you’re not not alone on your

journey hi you’re always present Guardian I’m right beside

you with me by your side the threats of those against you don’t

matter you’re like my own child and I’ll always be with

you I promise to get rid of anything that makes you

sad or scared replacing it with peace and happiness

the Divine wants you to know this I remember when you felt far from the

Divine lost and hopeless but meeting Jesus change

everything now you’ll find joy and peace in your life feeling my love in a

powerful new way as someone who follows Jesus being

alone is something strange because I’m always with you giving you the Holy

Spirit to be with you forever this special Spirit helps you

comforts you and shows you the right way to go God loves you so much my dear

child I’m here to wrap you up in my arms where you can find

safety I’ll always be with you protecting you from Life storms

trust me to guide you through tough times knowing I’m always by your side

whenever you need help remember you’re my special child and I

love you very much remember when you speak about God

it’s like using a powerful weapon as followers of Jesus were called

to fight against Bad Things and bad people using God’s true

words when we pray and speak out God’s words with strength the bad things

around us start to crumble and we win with Jesus on our

side so speak up confidently knowing that your words can

change things for the better both for you and for the world around you

if you’re feeling sad or down talk to Jesus by

praying he listens to all your problems and knows what you’re going through when

you’re feeling troubled his love will help you feel better let’s pray together my

child dear God and Jesus name I ask you as this new week

begins I come before you with a grateful and thankful

heart thank you for always taking care of me and watching over

me please help me with everything I need this week knowing that it will be filled

with good things thank you for your love kindness and

blessings I trust in your plan for my life and look forward to

seeing what wonderful things will happen get ready to open the gates of

Heaven letting your biggest dreams and wishes flow in a great breakthrough is

coming bigger than you can even imagine stay hopeful and keep believing

in me pray and trust in me and I’ll show

you a way through the toughest times I know many of you you are facing hard

times right now like money problems sickness or

Trouble With Friends it might feel like everything is too much to handle but remember my help

is always there for you I bring healing support and

peace when you talk to me through prayer I’ll give you a calmness that’s beyond

what you can understand how not only fix your

body but also your mind and soul lots of

good things will come your way more than you can count even when life is tough I can

replace your sadness with happiness and your fear with peace reach out your hand to me and I

Will Stand By Your Side just type

is show you’re ready today marks the start of something amazing in your

life you faced tough times and come out on top heading towards

greatness I’m proud of you and your strength during hard

times trusting in me has been worth it I’ve always been with

you now it’s time for you to step into your future

there are so many wonderful things waiting for you I can’t wait to see what you

achieve by believing in me will make your life colorful and full of

joy trust me and I’ll guide you on the right path if you ever feel sad remember I’m

always here just hold on to my hand and I’ll light up the

way stay calm knowing I am God and together it can overcome

anything I love you very much and I’ll always keep you safe in my

heart when I look at you my face lights up because you’re so special to

me I give you lots of love and kindness I want you to feel calm and

peaceful inside whenever you feel worried or sad

remember that I am here to help you feel better trust me and I’ll take away all

your fears and troubles you’ll feel happy and full of

love because I’ll always be with you giving you everything you need just

believe in me and say these words God will protect me and take me me to a

wonderful place know that I’ll guide you to where you belong safe and

sound so my dear child trust in me and

know that I can do amazing things for you believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type to and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you heavenly father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

God and for our Christian Community show your support by generously

contributing super thanks ranging from $ to

$ as a sign of your faith and dedication the time of Plenty is here

and I am ready to share my wonderful gifts with you believe in

yourself and expect amazing things to happen in your life I care about you a

lot and will always be there for you no matter

what even when things seem tough remember that I am close by holding your

hand and leading you towards brightness and sure be thankful for all the good

things I bring into your life every moment is precious and even

when you feel lost I’ll be here to help you find your way you can trust me to guide you in the

right direction in the coming months you will experience many wonderful things in your

your love life and your spiritual journey type to show you believe in

me and yourself the big Spirit in the Sky gives you these special gifts

because he loves you very much keep them close to your heart

because they will make you really happy don’t worry about money problems

he will take care of of you to leave in him and he will help you have lots of

good things in life always trust that he is watching over you whether you’re happy or

sad when things get tough hold on to hope and trust him to show you the right

way with kindness While others may help for a little while only he can give you

forever happiness keep looking for him and he will guide

you to a life full of peace and calmness that never

ends so my dear ones always talk to me and ask for my

help and protection I’m always here listening and ready to help when you

call me keep me close in your heart and I’ll keep you safe from any danger

remember I’m always with you watching over you and guiding you through

everything I understand what’s in your heart even when things get tough and you

feel alone so don’t hesitate to come to me when you’re facing hard

times just talk to me in your Quiet Moments and I’ll listen to what you need

I promise to always thank you for helping me when I pray quietly I give happiness to many people

and feel happy when they do well but it makes me sad when they

forget about me and think they did everything

alone remember I give you strength wisdom and chances to do

well so when good things happen to you say thank you to me

and know I helped you stick with me and I’ll keep giving you good

things and guiding you to where you need to go say that God is my helper my special

friend I ask you to love your enemies and be kind to people who are mean to

you it might be hard but it’s important for a happy

life be kind to everyone even those who aren’t nice to

you when you show kindness to them it might make them think differently and be

kind too loving those who aren’t friendly is like how Jesus would do showing how

awesome I am just saying you believe in

me or going to church isn’t enough follow what my dad says love me

with all your heart be nice to others like you’d want them to be to

you living a life filled with love makes me happy and brings you closer to me but

being selfish greedy or thinking you’re better than others pushes you away from

me I want to inspire you to join my kingdom today my beloved children

you might have faced tough times and wondered why things happen

like they do but know that I’m here to make things

better I’ll turn your sadness into happiness your tough times into good

times and your sadness into Joy everyone will see this change and

know that you’re mine and I’m taking care care of you stay close to me especially when

you’re alone even when things get tough try to

love those who challenge you do what my Father in Heaven wants you to

do believe in me and I’ll bring you more

good things than you can even imagine soon big changes will come into

your life because I’ve heard your prayers I’m going to give you new

blessings and open doors to Miracles remember to be thankful because

being grateful attracts even more good things by the end of this month expect

something amazing to happen you will get better from any sickness and debts you have your life

will be filled with blessings progress and success God will make sure you’re

healthy your relationships are strong and you have enough

money if you keep watching this video you and your family will keep receiving

blessings like good health happiness wealth and

peace a new part of your life is beginning and nothing can can stop it

because you have the Divine on your side get ready for lots of happiness

more money feeling better and lots of love and special

surprises do you believe that things will work out for you because of the divine

plan you’re about to experience one good thing after

another this coming week week will bring Beautiful Moments Happy Times meeting

amazing people and blessings like you’ve never seen

before remember nothing bad can harm you today the Divine speaking through Jesus

promises that your health money smarts and family relationships will all get

better you’re meant to have lots of good things and they’ll come to you

easily without you having to struggle the Divine will show you and

your loved ones with kindness your life will be full of good

things energy happiness and joy May the loving presence of the

Divine surround you protecting you always let his light shine upon you

filling your heart with peace may he turn his face toward you

giving you calmness and Tranquility the Divine will wipe away

your troubles turning your challenges into wonderful

opportunities no more worries or tears as his abundance will soon fill your

life with joy may the powerful love of Jesus Christ cover you you your friends and

your family blessing and keeping all who seek him as you rest

tonight expect the miracle you’ve prayed for it will be beautiful removing all

fears from your life even when things seem impossible

I’ll guide you through giving you strength and renewal Jesus Jesus said I am like a

bright light shining in the dark anyone who follows me won’t get

lost but will have a bright life if you keep following him you

will have many victories and good things happening to

you people who listen to Jesus and to what he says are like smart Builders who

build their houses on Strong Rock Let Jesus words guide you in

everything you do say out loud even if things are tough

I won’t be scared God wants you to give him your fears worries and

problems he promises to give you peace and turn bad things into good

ones know that whenever you talk to the Divine whether out loud or in your

heart the Divine always listens even if you can’t see or hear the response right

away sometimes the answers come in unexpected

ways we’re now in a time where wonderful things can happen like

magic get ready to welcome these amazing gifts

any sadness you felt will soon be replaced with happiness laughter love

and lots of good things coming your way believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type to and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God and for our

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