sometimes I have to remind myself to

take a step back and let God be God

don’t forget to thank God when you get

what you prayed for we need to stop

chasing after this world we chase after

jobs we chase after people we Haze after

money we are taught to pursue our

Ambitions and they will make us happy

but none of that can fill up the space

inside you that Jesus is meant to be in

Sermon on the Mount podcast episodes

listen to all the episodes on Matthew

we just wrapped up a three-part

series on The Sermon on the Mount there

are no more important words in the Bible

than Matthew make prayer your first

reaction not your last resort Jesus it’s

best to know him before you meet him

stop drop and roll doesn’t work in Hell

God did not give us the Book of

Revelation so that we de build bomb

shelters in the backyard he gave us this

book so that we could build bigger

dinner tables and invite our friends

over and tell them about Jesus God is

not done with you ye keep praying and I

love love it when God shows you why you

went through what you went through Lord

please protect me from what is coming

that I can’t see God is not in a hurry

you are it’s why you are tired it’s he

you are anxious stressed and

disappointed today I pray that you

surrender your timeline in favor of his

peace trust that what was meant to be

yours will be yours we live in a time

where Satan doesn’t even hide anymore

and some of us still don’t see him

sometimes God doesn’t change your

situation because he is trying to change

you put Jesus first when you wake up in

the morning put him first be thankful

for the closed doors roadblocks and

detours in life God protected you from

paths and places that were never meant

for you dear God please make today make

sense toone there is so much going on

that I don’t understand in Jesus name

amen you don’t need whatever you are

chasing in this world you only need

Jesus if you want bad news turn on your

TV if you want good news open open up

your Bible dear Jesus you came that the

world might know the peace that you have

in heaven here on Earth we aren’t

experiencing such peace please send your

spirit into the hearts of all men that

the world might know true peace through

your abundant Mercy ain’t something is

seriously wrong when the world is

offended by everything but sin dear God

when I am overwhelmed by what is going

on please remind me that you are with me

give meth strength to not fear evil but

instead remind me that you oh overcome

it show me your comfort and and keep me

rooted and grounded in your love in

Jesus name amen

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