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dear listener have you ever looked at a

large old tree and wondered how long it

has been there the thing to remember

when you see a tree like this is that at

one time it was merely a little seed

just like a Mighty Oak Tree if you want

to grow tall and strong in your faith

you must plant the good seeds of faith

in your thought life through your words

and water them by meditating on them so

that you may reap a great harvest

Farmers may get discouraged sometimes

but they know that if they want good

results they must keep planting and

watering the good seeds day after day

even when nothing is happening at the

surface the farmer keeps taking care of

those seeds because he knows it’s only a

matter of time until the Harvest this is

true of you as well keep planting the

seeds of faith and declaring What God

Says About You in his word and you’ll

see growth and an abundant Harvest a

prayer for today God

you have given me the formula for

success in the Bible I pray today for

the ability to keep planting seeds of

Faith even when I may not see any

results in Jesus’ name amen like if you

believe in


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