God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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video as it is a message from God’s

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manifestation God said my dear son I

invite you to receive the undeniable

Testament of love you seek this Divine

invitation echo in your soul

transcending the ordinary touching the

supernatural in brief moments allow your

heart to be enveloped in this profound

expression of love my voice seeks you

incessantly bringing light to Your

Darkest Hours amid life’s tumult find

refuge in my welcoming Embrace where

peace surpasses all understanding learn

from me for my heart is gentle and

humble offering Solace to your weary

Soul these words are clear as a light in

the darkest night guiding you with hope

and love know that the the Lord has set

apart his faithful servant for himself

the Lord hears when I call to him Psalm

my voice resonates as a constant

Echo ever presentes to offer words that

never cease bringing Clarity even in the

darkest moments when life resembles a

devastating storm find refuge in my

comforting Embrace where peace

transcends all human understanding in my

humility I offer Sol to your weary soul

for my heart is gentle and compassionate

always ready to welcome you into its

folds my words are like a Shining Light

in the darkness of the night guiding you

safely through life’s winding path

however remember the choice is yours

recreate them according to your will and

need adapting them to your own Journey

May these words inspire you bringing

Comfort wisdom and peace in your life’s

journey for I am always by your side as

a light to illuminate your path every

day my voice unfolds before you seeking

you tirelessly offering words that not

only bring light to Your Darkest Hours

but also embrace you amidst life’s

turbulence In My Embrace lies Refuge

where peace surpasses all human

understanding learn from me for my heart

is tender and humble and in this truth

your weary soul will find solace my

words are as clear as a light in the

dark knight but the choice will always

be yours by responding to my sacred call

you take a step closer to a daily

connection with me witnessing the

blossoming of my strength and presence

within you I know the secrets of your

heart the unspoken thoughts that stir

within you despite your imperfections

and mistakes it is your love and

faithfulness that Captivate and amaze me

my love is a close for your

transgressions My Sacrifice a purifying

River for your iniquities embrace the

power of my resurrection the key to a

profound and Supernatural change in your

life do not hesitate any longer the path

of transformation lies before you

acknowledge your faults seek forgiveness

and trust in my promise to forget your

sins forever what I tell you is true

sealed with my own blood your Absolution

is definitive and eternal you are no

longer bound to the Past embrace the

freedom I offer you and move forward

with confidence for I am with you every

step of the way leave behind regrets and

guilt for my love is stronger than any

mistake lift your head and move forward

for The Best Is Yet To Come and I am

always by your side ready to guide and

support you challenges you face should

not deter you before your enemies for

they will seize your weakness to

undermine your situation this is a

supernatural proof of love you are

seeking and I am granting it to you now

as your eyes read these words prepare

your ears for you will receive love and

experience tenderness like never before

I will alleviate the burden from your

chest and bring relief to your spirit

can you already feel it if so write in

the comments God is my relief continue

listening to this message for I have

already told you about the blessings I

have prepared for you sit in silence and

Grant me some time to hear this message

word by word for the strength you are

receiving is so immense that right where

you are you will feel your burdens being

relieved your body healed from all

ailments your mind freed from anxiety

and your character

transformed your anger and frustration

will dissipate and from this day forth

the tone of your voice will carry the

sweetness bestowed upon you by my Holy

Spirit now with all your heart affirm

that you receive and believe in this

word I lovingly sent to you you amaze me

I instructed you to be strong with

everything you exerted yourself and you

chose to fight with all your might you

did even more than I asked of you you

are an example of loyalty and Fidelity I

Delight in seeing that all the seeds I

planted within you have germinated grown

and borne such beautiful fruits

therefore brighter and new times are

approaching you are about to surpass

your aspirations and dreams reaching a

land where blessings and happiness

abound I understand that sometimes your

perspective may change and feelings of

envy and rejection May creep in

especially from those who claim to care

for you however they tirelessly attempt

to undermine you Revis visiting past

memories with the intent to harm today

as you hear these words make a conscious

choice just as you have shown faith and

resilience in adversity Embrace a

mindset of Victory refuse to let anyone

underestimate your efforts when i gaze

upon you I witness a reflection of my

love and kindness you transcend M Human

Condition You are a manifestation of the

Divine a living example of dedication

and courage that fills my heart with joy

your choices and efforts do not go

unnoticed by me Every Act of dedication

is like a garden flourishing under the

warmth of my love every seed of kindness

and faith I planted in your heart has

sprouted and bloomed spreading Beauty

and hope around you I observe each step

you take with admiration and pride for I

know your dedication and determination

to do good continue nurturing this G G

with your kindness and Faith for it is a

source of light in a world often

shrouded in darkness never doubt the

transformative power of the love that

resides within you for it has the power

to inspire and guide not only your life

but also those who cross your path do

not underestimate your ability to reach

even greater Heights the most promising

moments are at hand and you are about to

surpass all your aspirations and dreams

even in the face of adversity maintain

faith and determination for you will not

cease until you conquer the land where

blessings and happiness flow like a

perennial river believe in your

potential and the strength that resides

within you face challenges with courage

and confidence for each obstacle is an

opportunity to grow and learn remember

that you are capable of achieving

everything you desire as long as you

continue to pursue your goals with dedic

ation and

perseverance I understand that at

certain times life’s journey can become

challenging feelings such as envy and

rejection may arise trying to obscure

your vision and undermine your

confidence however do not let these

Shadows dim your inner light stand firm

in your faith and conviction for you are

stronger than any adversity remember

that each challenge is an opportunity to

grow and strengthen your resilience

ience trust in your ability to overcome

these obstacles with courage and

determination in doing so you will not

only illuminate your own path but also

be a source of inspiration for those who

cross your path showing them that it is

possible to find light even in the


situations trust in me and my promises

for I am always with you guiding you

with love and care remember always that

you are my beloved child and with every

step you take you are enveloped in my

grace and protection with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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