(WARNING) GOD SAID: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED! God’s Advice Today This is Urgent! Do not jump

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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world God said my dear son in this

sacred moment allow me to envelop you

with words that flow from the deepest

part of my being permeated with

unconditional and eternal love you are a

unique EXP expression of my creation a

singular piece in the intricate puzzle

of life I do not look at you with

judgment or criticism but with the

compassionate gaze of a loving father

who sees beyond appearances diving into

the essence of your beauty and worth in

the Bible in Jeremiah

it is written for I know the

thoughts that I think toward you says

the Lord thoughts of peace and not not

of evil to give you a future and a hope

this passage reflects the Creator’s

desire for your happiness and prosperity

guiding you with love and purpose

therefore allow yourself to feel this

Transcendent love nurturing and

strengthening you on your journey May

the certainty of this love fill your

being guiding you with confidence and

serenity for you are loved beyond

measure blessed with a destiny of peace

and hope I deeply understand the anguish

of being constantly judged and evaluated

by the world around you it is a painful

experience to face scrutiny based on

appearance intelligence social status or


failures however it is important to

remember that my gaze transcends these


limitations to me you are perfect just

as you are your journey with all its

vicissitudes is part of the greater plan

I have laid out for you each challenge

you face each scar you carry is a

valuable part of your story shaping and

strengthening you for the future I

understand the struggles you face and

the moments of discouragement you

experience I have been by your side

every step of the way holding your hand

even when you didn’t realize it when you

felt judged or rejected I I reminded you

of your perfection in my eyes your

beauty is not only in outward appearance

but in the essence of your soul which is

precious and invaluable to me remember

the words of Psalm

I will praise you for I am

fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous

are your works and that my soul knows

very well you are a masterpiece of my

creation carefully molded in my image

and likeness therefore do not be shaken

by criticisms or the standards imposed

by the world find comfort and strength

in the certainty of my unconditional

love for you as you continue your

journey through life always remember who

you are in my eyes loved accepted and

perfect every morning when you awaken to

a new day I desire for you to feel my

presence by your side may my words of

love and comfort resonate in your mind

and heart calming your fears and

strengthening your

faith Jesus I trust in you let these

words be your Mantra your anchor in the

storm of Life know that I am always with

you guiding your steps and sustaining

you with my unconditional love receive

my goodness and faithfulness as the

essence of my being the foundation upon

which you can build build your life may

the certainty of my constant care bring

you peace and Security in every moment

empowering you to face any challenge

with courage and confidence it is no

coincidence that these words reach you

it is because I love you unconditionally

Beyond any human measure with every

phrase you read every thought you have

you are enveloped by my loving Embrace

comforting your soul and renewing your

strength strength I am here always

present observing every step you take

Every Breath You Take with a love that

transcends time and space no matter

where you are or what you are facing

know that you are never alone my love

for you is constant and eternal a light

that guides your paths and a strength

that sustains your dreams allow yourself

to feel this loving presence in every

moment of your life finding comfort and

security in my words of love I love you

beyond words Beyond circumstances

forever and Beyond I see your struggles

your pains your

anxieties there is no mask you can wear

that hides your true Essence from me and

yet I love you I love you with an

intensity that surpasses human

understanding a compassion that Embraces

all your flaws and weaknesses there

there is nothing you can do to drive me

away from you because my love for you is

eternal and immutable when you feel lost

or discouraged when darkness seems to

envelop your soul remember that I am

here by your side holding your hand

firmly I am the light that dispels the

darkness the guide who leads you through

the storms of life trust in me even when

everything seems uncertain trust in my

plan for you you for it is a plan of

Hope and a future I do not promise a

life free from difficulties or

challenges but I promise to be by your

side every step of the way I do not

promise that there will be no pain or

suffering but I promise that you will

never be alone in your pain I Am The God

Who heals who restores who

transforms let me enter your wounds your

scars and bring healing and renewal you

are loved beyond measure blessed with a

destiny of peace and hope therefore do

not be afraid to face the challenges

that come your way for I Am With You

Always guiding you protecting you and

loving you with an everlasting love let

me wash you with my purifying Grace let

me restore your soul and renew your mind

I love you more than you will ever

comprehend my love for you is like a

river that flows eternally flooding

every part of your being with my

kindness and mercy allow yourself to

dive into this River of Love let it

bathe your soul and renew your strength

you are my beloved child my precious

treasure and nothing in this world can

change that you do not need to wander

from place to place from time to time

from thought to thought I brought you to

where you are for a powerful and super

natural reason if you still do not

understand soon during the night my

spirit will reveal the great things I

will do with you my blessing healing

spiritual growth and abundant provision

are on the way those who have gone away

will return to deliver great fruits in

their arms they will carry beautiful

gifts and with them much happiness will

come but I want to see the quality of

your faith I want you to speak out loud

and ask me so I will show you that this

word is alive you know it was not by

chance that today you needed to hear

feel and enjoy this Divine love that

fills you with beautiful feelings I love

you ask me and I will give you I repeat

once again so that you feel it and every

fiber of your being vibrates I love you

forever amen I am the only holy and

Supernatural remedy for all your

troubles I am your God your healer the

one who opens doors and brightens your

paths I am your provider your protector

in my hands I have life in your future

you and your family are covered by the

cloak of my love I am your God your

healer the one who opens doors and

brightens your paths I am your provider

your protector in my hands I have life

and your future you and your family are

covered by the cloak of my love today

you are feeling my presence in a real

and Powerful way you have been waiting

for me to speak and you have come with

your humble and grateful heart willing

to listen to me so receive these words

and value them let them fill your mind

and eliminate all the worries you

suffered from yesterday walk securely

and with faith although with your

natural eyes you cannot see me you can

feel me you can believe you can firmly

trust in the Miracles and wonders I can

perform in your life and in your

family’s life with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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