urgent message from god for you today/god’s promises in your life come when you expect it/English!

be yourself and do not judge others God

says when you judge others you shall be

judged and when you help people do not

announce to the world that you helped

anyone help people in secret and your

reward awaits you in

heaven God says I put you in bad

situations not because I need to harm

you because you need to learn a lot

about me when people are in situations

they don’t like they start to have time

for their creator and I’m ready to

accept them and push them to a new

level God’s promise in your life don’t

come when you expect it it comes when

you least expect put your trust in him

and stop thinking the god you serve

Works behind the

scenes God knows and has blueprints for

your greatness and prosperity your

greatness is in his plan and

idea but for you to have access to these

blessings God wants you to be pure in

heart and follow his

words eternal life doesn’t mean life

after death in heaven God gave us

eternal life the moment moment he

created us we were made to be great

happy and joyful use this moment to

thank God for the good things he has

done and will do in your light

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