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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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world God said my dear son my cherished

daughter I want you to know that no

matter how challenging the path may seem

and no matter how engulfed your soul

Feels by the darkness of uncertainty I I

am always here for you I stand beside

you guiding your way with my light and

upholding your spirit with my strength

within you resides a Divine flame a

spark of hope that can endure and

flourish even amidst the harshest of

Trials this hope serves as an anchor

tethering your soul to my presence

ensuring that you can navigate life

storms with unwavering courage and

resilience it’s crucial to understand

understand that hope is more than just a

Wishful longing for a swift resolution

to your troubles it’s a profound trust a

deep-seated confidence that transcends


circumstances it’s the assurance that

regardless of what challenges you may

face you are fundamentally secure in my

love and protection even in the darkest

moments when the world seems to conspire

against you remember that hope is your

steadfast companion it’s the belief that

every obstacle you encounter is an

opportunity for growth every setback a

stepping stone toward greater strength

and wisdom so my dear child hold on to

Hope tightly for it is the beacon that

will guide you through the darkest

nights and lead you to brighter days

trust in my presence for I am always

with you lighting your way and filling

your heart with the courage to face what

whatever lies ahead in my eternal love

and in my Providence lies the certainty

that I am constantly working in your

favor even when the paths seem obscured

and the challenges appear as

insurmountable mountains this conviction

is the anchor that sustains your journey

even in moments of doubt and

discouragement it is natural that doubts

and questions about the purpose and

meaning of your journey arise amidst


however I urge you to keep your eyes

fixed on me instead of getting lost in

the labyrinths of the mind while you see

only a small part of the picture I

behold the totality trust that every

experience no matter how challenging

serves a purpose and I am working all

things for your greater good to keep

hope alive it is essential to cultivate

unwavering faith in my promise of love

and care for you you remember the

stories of Faith from the Ancients who

in the face of seemingly insurmountable

adversities maintain their trust in me

and witnessed Miracles

unfold these examples are powerful

testimonies of how faith can move

mountains and transform lives in

addition to Faith Hope is also sustained

by gratitude even in the darkest moments

there is always something to be grateful

for or it could be the love of a loved

one the beauty of a sunset or even the

simple ability to breathe and be alive

by focusing on gratitude you shift your

perspective and allow light to penetrate

the Shadows illuminating your soul and

renewing your hope another crucial

aspect is seeking support and connection

with other loving Souls around you you

are not alone on your journey there is a

community of souls ready to offer

support understanding and unconditional

love share your concerns fears and hopes

with those who love and understand you

and allow the wisdom and love of these

connections to nourish your soul and

strengthen your hope furthermore it is

fundamental to take care of yourself on

all levels Body Mind and Spirit seek

ways to nurture your whole being whether

through self-care practices prayer or

activities that bring joy and peace by

taking care of yourself you strengthen

your resilience and ability to face

challenges with Grace and

determination it is also important to

accept and honor your feelings whether

they be sadness fear or anguish there is

no shame in feeling these emotions the

important thing is not to be defined by

them them allow yourself to feel but do

not dwell in them instead use them as an

opportunity to turn to me seeking

Comfort guidance and healing finally I

want to remind you that every breath is

a new opportunity to start a new renew

your hope and reconnect with me no

matter how dark the current scenario may

seem there is always the possibility of

a new dawn a new beginning a new chance

to find the healing peace and joy you

seek know that I am always here guiding

your steps sustaining your heart and

enveloping you in my eternal love even

in the most difficult moments I am never

far away I am always present holding

your hand and Whispering words of love

hope and comfort in your ear keep hope

alive my beloved Son my dear daughter

and know that with me by your side all

things are possible trust in my

unwavering love and in the promise that

I am always working for your greater

good even when sight dims and

understanding seems to elude claim it my

beloved Son my cherished daughter life’s

journey often leads us through Paths of

challenges and trials leaving physical

and emotional

scars yet know that I am everpresent

offering the healing and comfort you

seek healing is not merely the

restoration of the physical body but

also the renewal of the Soul and Spirit

requiring courage faith and

determination acknowledge your

vulnerability and allow the love and

grace I offer to permeate your heart

guiding you through the healing process

trust in me to restore not only your

body but also Your Soul and Spirit it

and you will find the peace you yearn

for amid the storms of life many feel

lost and

helpless however I want you to know that

I am always by your side holding your

hand and guiding your steps healing is

an individual and unique process and

each of you has your own Journey

therefore do not compare your path with

others nor be discouraged in the face of

adversity each challenge faced is an

opportunity to learn grow and strengthen

yourself remember that resilience and

hope are essential to overcome obstacles

and find inner peace furthermore healing

does not only occur in the physical body

but also in the Mind and Spirit mental

and emotional health is as important as

physical health and it is essential to

take care of all aspects of your being

practice self passion be kind to

yourself and seek activities that

nourish your soul and elevate your

vibration Faith plays a crucial role in

the healing process by trusting in me

and my promises you will find the

strength to face challenges and believe

that better days are ahead believe that

I am working in your favor even when you

do not perceive it and that each

experience has a greater purpose in your

spiritual growth growth healing also

involves forgiveness both of yourself

and others free yourself from the bonds

of resentment and bitterness allowing

unconditional love to flow freely in

Your Heart by forgiving you not only

release the burden of the past but also

make room for new possibilities and

blessings in your life additionally seek

support and understanding in the

community around you share your

experiences fears and hopes with those

who love and support you human

connection is a powerful source of

healing and strengthens the sense of

community that unites us as children of

a single father lastly remember that

healing is a continuous process and not

a final

destination each day is an opportunity

to advance in your journey of

transformation learning to trust me more

deeply and live with purpose and meaning

I want you to know that I am always here

listening to your prayers wiping your

tears and guiding your steps trust in me

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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