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said my dear child may peace and Grace

be with you now and forever upon

encountering the words from the book of


my heart overflows with love for

you and I wish to Express the essence of

our relationship much like those words

reflect the relationship I aspire to

have with my children since the

beginning of time I have looked upon you

with eyes of unconditional love as

expressed in Deuteronomy my desire is

for you to always have in your heart the

disposition to fear me it is not a fear

based on dread but rather on reverence

and respect that a child has for their

father I want you to understand that

this Fe Fe is not to oppress you but to

protect and guide you on paths leading

to true happiness and fulfillment my

will for you is not a heavy burden but a

path of light and wisdom when I mention

obeying all my Commandments it is not to

restrict your freedom but to free you

from chains that can imprison you my

Commandments are like Precious guides

pointing to the best way to the road of

lasting peace and contentment if only

you could grasp the depth of my love for

you you would realize that obedience is

not a cold duty but a warm response to

the care I have for you like any loving

father I desire for you A life that is

full and abundant when you stray from my

Commandments it is not out of a desire

for punishment but because I see the

dangers that can lurk in the shadows of

deviation imagine a world where all my

children choose from the heart to follow

my ways a world where compassion Justice

and love for others form the foundation

of all

relationships this is the world I dream

for you and your descendants obedience

to my Commandments is not a tedious

obligation but the key to unlocking a

life full of blessings and

accomplishments as you read these words

understand that my intention is not to

impose rules but to reveal a path that

leads to Abundant Life when I express

the desire for everything to go well

with with you and your descendants

forever it is a promise of eternal love

I am always by your side ready to guide

you through storms and celebrate with

you in moments of Joy remember my child

that you are a Precious part of my

divine plan there are no mistakes you

can make no distance you can travel that

would distance you from my love even if

you face challenges difficulties or

moments of doubt I remain an unshakable

Rock ready to sustain you just as an

Earthly father rejoices to see his child

walking a path of wisdom so do I rejoice

when you choose truth and goodness my

heart is filled with joy when I see you

love your neighbor as yourself forgive

as you have been forgiven and live in

harmony with

others understand that obedience to my

Commandments is not an isolated act but

a continuous expression of your love for

me loving me involves constantly seeking

the truth cultivating compassion and

serving others with humility when you

choose to act in this way you not only

experience my peace but become a Channel

of blessings to those around you in this

path of faith and obedience you will

encounter challenges but know that your

strength is not solely in yourself I am

the source of your courage the support

in difficult times and the beacon that

illuminates the darkness

by trusting in me and following my

Commandments you will experience a peace

that surpasses all understanding always

remember dear child that you are loved

unconditionally no matter how far you

may have gone I am always ready to

welcome you back into my arms genuine

repentance is the doorway to return and

my grace is like a river that flows

abundantly to cleanse and restore May

these words resonate in your heart and

serve as a constant reminder of my love

for you may your life be a testimony to

the transformative power of divine love

I am with you in every step in every

choice and in every breath trust in me

my beloved child and you will discover

the fullness of the life I have to offer

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