never doubt what God can do with a

broken life when you give him all the

pieces a protect marriage is just to

impr protect peep it I perfect God in

the middle of it God woke you up again

on this beautiful Sunday morning he has

plans for you the devil may think he is

winning right now but my God has other

plans God didn’t give us the Book of

Revelation for us to store up supplies

he gave it to us to invite our neighbors

over for dinner and tell them about

Jesus not once in the Bible does it say

to worry about it stress over it or

figure it out but over and over it

clearly says to trust God growing closer

to God is not the result of trying

harder but of surrendering more what God

has planned for you in the future is so

much better than what you endured in

your past dear Lord sometimes I don’t

know how to put into words the way I

feel I am grateful and hopeful yet

fearful and dismayed but I know you are

in control I pray today for peace and

calmness in my heart I pray for the

strength to give it to you if you have

accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and

savior comment the more you pray the

more you see God move in your life ever

sing time mptg God filled it with C Pets

only God can make a masterpiece out of

this mess the safest place to be at

the end of the day is in the presence of

God pray each night before you go to

sleep good morning Jesus thank you thank

you for waking me up thank you for

protecting me thank you for forgiving me

thank you for saving me maybe if we

chased God as hard as we chased people

God would give us people we don’t have

to chase I don’t care how tough life

gets I’m not losing my faith in God God

wants you to remember one he will make a

way for you two he is fighting your

battles three prayer is the best

medicine four trust in his timing you

have a new morning a new day and a new

week provided by God don’t waste it un

chasing after this world

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