God s Grace is bigger than your ALU res

we need to stop trying to be fulfilled

by this world and start realizing it’s

Jesus we have needed the entire time

those who leave everything Betty hands

LL Aventura LL y hands see Gods every T

if it’s from God it comes with peace and

understandings if it’s not from God it

comes with pain and confusion in Mark

Jesus healed a paralyzed man because of

the man’s friend’s Faith this is why

your circle matters isn’t it funny how

the devil is always shouting in God

sometimes speaks to you in just a

whisper it’s because God is always close

dear God thank you for putting me on the

wakeup list today I don’t know what you

have planned for me but I trust you with

it please protect my family and friends

from any battles they are facing even

the ones I don’t know about please help

them know they are loved in jesus’ name

I pray amen God is always with you even

when you feel like giving up keep going

before you judge someone understand that

you don’t know their past their pain and

their struggle the devil attacks all of

us differently throughout our lives so

have a moment of compassion and pray for

them before you condemn them they might

just need some Seuss and love never get

tired of saying thank you to God the

devil is working hard towry to convince

us that sin is normal it isn’t open your

Bible pray constantly let God lead you

away from these distractions and the

confusion they bring I need Jesus very

minute every hour very day I need him

today is a gift Aram God be thankful for

the closed doors roadblocks and detours

in life God protected you from paths and

places that were never meant for you I

am grateful each morning that I am still

on God’s wakeup list if God has blessed

you today comment amen dear Lord thank

you for this do it wasn’t easy but it

was blessed I know life here can end in

the BL link of an eye so and thank FL

that you have given me more time in the

turn I’ll give who my today tomorrow and

forever my TR rvst is in you in Jesus

name amen I know things are tough right

now if you think back you’ve gotten

through tougher times before God always

seems to find a way to help you get past

these types of days so have patience

with yourself and God things will change

doors will open life will get better may

God open doors that you don’t even have

to knock on on days when you feel too

overwhelmed know that God is not

finished yet doso guard your heart don’t

let those emotions win there is a

purpose in what you can’t see I always

thought that love was shaped like a

heart but it’s actually shaped like a

cross Memorial Day prayer heavenly

father on this Memorial Day we pray for

those who courageously laid down their

lives for the cause of Freedom May the

example of their sacrifice Inspire and

is the selfless IO of your son our Lord

Jesus Christ bless the families of our

fallen troops and fill their homes and

their lives with your strength and peace

embolden us to answer the call to work

for peace and Justice and thus seek an

end to violence and conflict around the

globe we pray through Christ Our Lord a

the devil wants you to find your

identity in anything and everything

other than Jesus Christ at some point

today God will protect you from

something you didn’t even no is there to

harm you God DD and remov the Red Sea H

parted it sometimes God doesn’t remove

your problems he makes a way through

them Jesus is still King even though are

World acts iy isn’t this journey of

life will have highs and lows you are

going to experience both loss and love

you will feel alone at times and at

other times wrapped in the arms of God

so stay focused on the destination this

journey will worth it one day when Jesus

welcomes you home I believe in Jesus

living not because my

parents told me to not because my church

told me to but because I have

experienced how awesome he is God tells

us over and over in the Bible to stop

worrying and start trusting him today’s

to do list wait patiently Psalm have

faith Corinthians pray Philippians

think of others Philippians four

trust in the Lord Proverbs give

thanks Psalm

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