THIS WILL VANISH”- THE HOLY SPIRIT | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my beloved child this is a whisper of

Heaven A Promise breathed into your

spirit for you a complete

reversal a Divine undoing of Every curse

and limitation that has hindered you the

chains that have bound you are crumbling

to dust the obstacles that have blocked

your path are being scattered like chaff

in the wind for you are entering a new

era you will increase in wisdom and

stature finding favor not not only with

me but with man doors that have been

firmly shut will suddenly swing wide

relationships that have been strained

will inexplicably soften opportunities

that seemed impossible will manifest


you Arise My Child for this is the depth

of protection I have placed upon you no

weapon forged against you will prosper

no scheme devised by the enemy will

succeed you are shielded by the Imp

impenetrable armor of your father

enfolded within the Invincible love of

your savior and now it is time to gather

your belongings to pack up the lessons

and wisdom gained in this season for I

am taking you higher I am birthing you

into a new dimension of Spiritual

Authority and

influence this has been your testing

ground but it is not your

destination the trials you have endured

have purified your faith have fortified

your spirit have prepared you for the

weight of Glory I now

bestow as you step forward Into Your

Divine Purpose Heaven has already

dispatched Angelic assistance to guide

you to escort you out of your past and

into your

future expect the

unexpected for even those who once

opposed you will inexplicably Aid you

and as you cross the threshold into this

new day there is a reward that awaits

you a recompense

for your faithfulness in Affliction

provision is being released from the

storehouses of Heaven Financial

blessings held in reserve for such a

time as this the wealth of the wicked is

being supernaturally transferred into

the hands of the righteous I have seen

the enemy’s Pursuit I have witnessed the

intensity with which he has chased you

hungry to devour your

destiny but I have also seen the gate

swinging open and shut

the portal between one season and the

next and though your adversary presses

close behind you will not be

overtaken for I will grant you divine

strategy I will anoint you with a

supernatural timing to know the exact

moment to make your

Exodus what once required your striving

will now unfold in response to your

surrender watch as I cause the very ones

who resisted your advancement

to now facilitate your

promotion the table is set before you in

the presence of your enemies the cup of

your salvation

overflows goodness and mercy shall

pursue you all the days of your life for

you are the object of Heaven’s Obsession

the target of my unflinching

affection never again will you be

relegated to the sidelines never again

will you be overlooked or

undervalued I am reordering the lines of

your story I am rerouting the trajectory

of your future what was meant for evil

is being transformed for your good and

my glory the setbacks that once seemed a

certainty are giving way to a stunning

reversal a glorious Vindication of who

you are and all you’ve been

through in the days ahead you will

behold the tangible evidence of this

turnaround relationships will be

resurrected From the Ashes of

disappointment dreams long dead will

suddenly pulsate with fresh

Vitality promises that have lingered

will at last leap into

manifestation for I the God who calls

forth life from the barren places who

extracts Beauty from the broken

fragments of your history so let your

expectations rise to meet the immensity

of my faithfulness dare to Hope again

dare to believe for more than you’ve

ever seen before

this is your hour of visitation your

moment of divine Reckoning from this day

forward expect the unexpected anticipate


unimaginable for I am making you a sign

and a Wonder a Living testament to the

unbounded power of my love the path

before you is Laden with promise each

step a stair ascending ever higher into

Realms of glory and grace resist the

temptation to retreat into the comfort

of the known refuse the urge to shrink

back into

mediocrity for you have been marked for

miracles you have been destined for the

extraordinary even now I am releasing a

fresh wind of my favor upon you a gale

force of goodness that propels you into

your next assignment as you set your

sails to catch this Divine current you

will find yourself navigating uncharted

waters with Newfound confidence and

boldness for the god of the Breakthrough

goes before you shattering every

limitation and catapulting you into a

future beyond your

imaginings so rise up my beloved shake

off the dust of yesterday’s

disappointments tune your ear to the

frequency of Heaven’s

whisper I’m making all things new and

that newness starts within you from the

inside out I am reworking your thought

patterns re-calibrating your emotions

and refreshing your perspective

old habits are melting away old mindsets

are bowing to the revelation of who I

have called you to

be the lies that have limited you are

being eclipsed by the light of my

truth your experiences have uniquely

equipped you your scars have become your

qualifications what you once viewed as

disqualifications I am redeeming as the

very credentials that will open new

doors of Kingdom influence for my

strength is perfected in your weakness

my grace is sufficient for your every

need so take courage my child take hold

of the promise take possession of your

inheritance You are not alone in this

journey you are never abandoned to fend


yourself I am with you I am for you I am

in you my spirit is the wind in your

sails my presence the anchor of your

soul when the storms of life assail you

I will be your shelter when the fires of

adversity encircle you I will be your

shield no matter how Fierce the battle

or how dark the night I am your

everpresent help your unfailing

guide at times the way forward may seem

unclear the path ahead obscured by fog

and Shadow but I will be the lamp unto

your feet the light illuminating your

steps trust in my leading lean into my

wisdom for I know the way that you take

and when I have tried you you will come

forth as

gold each challenge you face is an

opportunity for me to reveal my

faithfulness each obstacle and

invitation to experience my overcoming

power as you learn to rest in my

sufficiency you will find Supernatural

Grace for every trial unshakable peace

amidst every stor

storm I am weaving my purpose through

your days intertwining my Redemption

into even the most painful chapters of


story nothing you’ve endured will be

wasted no tear shed will be

forgotten I Am The God Who redeems and

restores who takes the fragments of your

Brokenness and fashion them into a

stunning Mosaic of

grace even now I am making your life a

message your testimony a declar ation of


goodness the very areas where you’ve

known the most intense Warfare will

become the platform for your most

powerful witness for my light shines

brightest in the darkest night my glory

is most evident when the odds seem

insurmountable I am calling you out upon

the waters beckoning you into Uncharted

Realms of faith and

wonder do not fear the crashing waves or

the swirling winds for I Am The God Who

Walks upon the sea the one who commands

the storm to be

still as you step out in obedience you

will discover my faithful presence is

the Firm Foundation Beneath Your Feet

the tides are indeed turning in your

favor the current of my spirit is

carrying you into a wide open place of

freedom and

fulfillment lift your sails to catch the

wind of my word set your course by the

compass of my love

for I am taking you places you’ve never

been I am opening doors no man can shut

prepare your heart for the unprecedented

make room for the

uncontainable for I am about to exceed


expectations I am poised to shatter the

limits of what you think

possible as you partner with my purposes

you will see my kingdom come and my will

be done on Earth as it is in

heaven so arise shine for your light has

come my glory Rises upon you like the

dawn of a new day darkness May cover the

Earth but my Radiance will be seen upon

you this is your destiny your Birthright

as my beloved child you are more than a

conqueror you are an overcomer you are

the head and not the tail above and not

beneath I am your proud father your

steadfast Defender your unfailing friend

my love for you knows no bounds my

commitment to your flourishing is

unshakable rest in the certainty of My

Affection abide in the security of my

care for you are mine and I am yours

forever and always in my presence is

fullness of joy at my right hand are

Pleasures forever more this is your

portion your inheritance as a child of

the king embrace your true identity

walk in your god-given

Authority for you are royalty a chosen

generation a holy nation a people for my

own possession called to proclaim the

Praises of him who called you out of

Darkness Into His Marvelous Light so let

your life be a blazing Testament of my

goodness let your story be a revelation

of my

faithfulness shine brightly in this

generation dispel the darkness with the

radiance of my love you a city on a hill

that cannot be

hidden as you walk in the confidence of

who you are in me you will see

atmospheres shift Hearts transform


realign so run with perseverance the

race marked out for you lay aside every

weight and sin that so easily

entangles fix your eyes on me the author

and perfector of your faith the one who

for the joy set before him endured the

cross and is now seated at the right

hand of the Throne of God I am your

exceedingly great reward your shield and

your abundant

compensation in me you live and move and

have your being in my love you are

complete as you abide in my presence you

will bear fruit that remains your life

will overflow with the abundance of my

spirit so come boldly to the throne of

grace receive Mercy for your mistakes

and Grace for your every need I am your

everpresent help in time of trouble your

refuge and your strength trust in me

with all your heart lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will direct your

paths for I am the god of the impossible

the one who speaks to dead things and

calls them to life I am the god of the

turnaround the one who makes a way where

there seems to be no way I am the god of

the suddenly the one who in a moment can

change everything expect the suddenly

anticipate the

impossibilities for I am able to do

immeasurably more than you could ask or

imagine according to my power that is at

work within you the same spirit that

raised Christ from the dead lives in you

empowering you to live a resurrected

life the former things have come to pass

and new things I now declare for I am

the Lord your God who teaches you to

profit who leads you by the way you

should should go embrace the journey

enjoy the process for every step is

ordered by me every moment is pregnant

with purpose as you Delight in me I will

give you the desires of your heart as

you commit your way to me I will bring

it to

pass I am the Alpha and the Omega the

first and the last the beginning and the

end I am the god of your past your

present and your future trust me with

your yesterday walk with me me in your

today and look to me for your


tomorrow my beloved child you have

walked through the fires of adversity

your heart heavy with the weight of past

mistakes and Shattered Dreams but I am

here to tell you that those ashes are

not your final destination I am the god

of Resurrection the one who speaks life

into the very depths of your being I

taking those broken pieces and

fashioning them into a mass Masterpiece

a reflection of my glory and

grace the enemy may have pursued you

relentlessly seeking to trap you in a

cage of fear and doubt but I have gone

before you preparing a path of

Deliverance I have shattered the chains

that once bound you and now I invite you

to step into the freedom that is your

Birthright the door to your future is

wide open and I am the one holding it

open for you as as you walk through this

threshold you will discover that I am

reversing the curse that has plagued you

for so long the lies that have echoed in

your mind will be silenced by the truth

of my word the wounds that have scarred

your soul will be healed by the balm of

my presence the very things that once

worked against you will now become the

Catalyst for your greatest victories

your past mistakes those moments that

haunt you in the quiet of the night I am

transforming them into a Testament of my


power what the enemy meant for harm I am

weaving into a story of Hope and

restoration those very mistakes will

become the foundation upon which I build

your purpose a living demonstration of

my mercy and Grace for I see you through

eyes of compassion and Delight I have

called you by name and you are mine the

opinions of others hold no power over

the destiny I have ordained for you as

you step into this new season you will

find that the tides are turning in your

favor where once there was opposition

there will now be open doors where once

there was scarcity there will now be

abundance I am aligning the stars in

your favor orchestrating Divine

connections and opportunities that will

leave you in awe of my goodness you will

walk into rooms and find that hearts are

receptive to your presence you will

speak and your words will carry the

weight of my anointing you will dream

and those dreams will become realities

through the power of my

spirit but amidst the excitement of this

new chapter I urge you to leave the past

behind do not allow the shadows of

yesterday to dim the radiance of today’s

miracles for I am doing a new thing and

it is springing forth with unstoppable

momentum can you not perceive it can can

you not feel the wind of my spirit

propelling you forward I am making a way

in the wilderness of your circumstances

carving out streams of refreshing in the

wastelands of your

soul where once there was barrenness

there will now be

fruitfulness where once there was

despair there will now be joy

unspeakable for I am the god who

specializes in the

impossible the one who breathes life

into the very bones of your dream

your past does not define you and your

mistakes do not disqualify you from the

Abundant Life I have in store I am the

god of Second Chances the one who sees

beyond your failures and into the very

core of your potential I am not finished

with you yet in fact I’m just getting

started so let go of the burdens that

have weighed you down lay aside the

shame and regret that have haunted your

steps embrace the newness that I am bir

birthing within you for you are not just

a Survivor you are a conqueror you are

not just a victim you are a Victor you

are not defined by your past but by the

Limitless possibilities of your future


me as you walk forward know that I am

with you every step of the

way I am the god who never Slumbers nor

sleeps the one who watches over you with

a Fierce and tender love I Am The God

Who turns mourning into dancing who

exchanges ashes for beauty who

transforms sorrow into

Joy so lift your eyes to the horizons of

Hope for they are painted with the

colors of my

promises trust in the goodness of my

plans for they are plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you a

future and a hope lean into the Embrace

of my love for it is a love that knows

no bounds and no conditions so walk

boldly into this new day knowing that I

am the god who is fighting for you the

one who is making all things new let my

peace be the anchor for your soul and my

joy be the strength that propels you

forward for The Best Is Yet To Come and

I am the author of your

story remember my child that yesterday’s

troubles are but a fleeting shadow in

the light of today’s miracles

for I am the god of the impossible the

one who specializes in turning Graves

into Gardens and ashes into altars of

Praise I Am The God Who redeems restores


renews so let your heart be filled with

expectation for I am about to do

exceedingly abundantly above all that

you could ask or

think I am the god of the Breakthrough

the one who shatters the barriers that

have held you back I am the god God who

opens doors that no man can shut and

closes doors that no man can

open as you step into this new season

know that I am aligning every detail of

your life according to my perfect plan I

am orchestrating Divine appointments and

setting up Divine

connections I am bringing the right

people into your life at the right time

people who will speak life and Destiny

over you lean into the power of Godly

relationships for iron sharpens iron and

together you will rise to new heights in

me I am also releasing a fresh anointing

upon your life an anointing that will

break every yoke and Destroy every

burden you will walk in a greater

measure of my power and authority and

you will see my hand move mightily on


behalf do not be afraid of the

challenges that lie ahead for I have

equipped you with everything you need to

overcome my strength is made perfect in

your weak weakness and my grace is

sufficient for every

trial I am the god who goes before you

preparing the way and making crooked


straight As you trust in me you will

see my favor surround you like a shield

you will walk in a level of protection

and provision that will Astound you you

will experience the abundance of my

blessings pressed down shaken together

and running over so let your heart heart

be filled with gratitude for I am the

god who is good all the time let your

mouth be filled with praise for I am

worthy of all honor and Glory let your

life be a living testimony of my

faithfulness a Beacon of Hope to a world

in need remember my child that you are

not defined by your past but by the

destiny I have called you to you are not

limited by your mistakes but by the

Limitless Grace that flows from my

Throne you are not bound by the opinions

of others but by the truth of who I say

you are so Rise Up and Shine for your

light has come and the glory of the Lord

has risen upon you walk in the

confidence of knowing that you are loved

Chosen and destined for

greatness embrace the adventure of faith

for The Best Is Yet To Come and I am

with you

always my beloved child let your heart

be anchored in the unshakable truth of

my love for you for I have called you by

name and you are

mine yesterday’s troubles are but a

fading whisper so step forward with

boldness knowing that I am the god who

goes before you the one who fights for

you the one who will never leave you nor

forsake you you are my masterpiece

created for a purpose that will echo


eternity embrace the beauty of your

uniqueness for you are fearfully and

wonderfully made

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