beloved child within the next minutes

something God says could un expectedly

alter the tener of your existence it

would be highly detrimental to attempt

to bypass this video therefore I implore

you to view it in its

entirety let the magic of the present

moment be your guide and source of true

happiness in the simplic of the now

discover the key that unlocks the door

to genuine contentment and Inner

Strength life’s dance happens in the

here and now it’s the stage where you

craft your future the present moment is

a precious gift a canvas where your

thoughts actions and feelings find

expression embrace the warmth of the

current moment for it

holds the power to mold your fate the

past serves as a

classroom its lessons inscribed in the

story of your life take its teachings to

heart but remain not in its

Shadows the future with its Pages yet to

be written prompts you to prepare but

not at the cost of today’s happiness my

dear your strength is not tethered to

the regrets of yesterday nor the

uncertainties of Tomorrow rather it

blooms from the decisions you make right

now pay attention to the unfolding of

the present for it is Rich with

potential and blessings while the past

is beyond your control the future is

yours to shape each breath is a reminder

of your existence and the potential to

welcome new

opportunities shed the weight of past

Sorrows set aside future worries and

dive deep into the ocean of the present

iren Li the power to sculpture reality

to weave a life brimming with purpose

love and

joy so my child greet the present with

enthusiasm and and allow its

transformative energy to lead you on a

path of Discovery and

growth this invitation stands to focus

on the now embracing each moment with an

open heart it’s here in the Embrace of

the present for your power to change to

create and to live fully truly

lies welcome the present

not just as a passage of time but as the

vibrant setting of your life story where

each moment is a step on the journey to

fulfillment and

happiness like this message if you

believe omnipotent

God in the Bible verses Titus one to to

always says in the desire of eternal

life which God who does not lie promised

before the beginning of

time God has spoken I am the master of

all things novel in contrast to your

perpetually decaying reality this is

always occurring with each passing day

the number of years you have left on

this planet decreases in fact my fans

will be pleased to hear

this you may remind your yourself every

day that you are one step closer to

heaven the world is in such a terrible

state that the only way out is to start

again from the beginning if your

attempts to make things better don’t

work that’s

okay everything even your best atempts

are stained with the blood of the Fall

your world requires more than just a

repair or replacement even though I want

you to do your hardest s it depends on

me it must be redone from the ground

up because my words are trustworthy and

truthful this will happen at the End of

Time beloved you should be glad because

I will create a brand new wonderfully

Flawless you and everything in it a

taste of paradise may come from living

in close communion with

me it calls for an exceptionally

difficult degree of mental and spiritual

concentration but it is worth it David

Proclaim in the Psalms that he had kept

me before him at all times and he wrote

about this great

lifestyle he was able to spend SP much

time in prayer and meditation because of

his job as a Shepherd he realized how

wonderful it was to spend each day with

me at his sigh you will also learn how

to live this way from

me perseverance and resolve are

necessary for this undertaking but being

with me will not take anything away from

your Pursuits on the contrary it will

give them vitality and life do

everything for me and me with me and


me you may bring the joy of my presence

too even the most mundane of Duties by

doing them with me in the end there is

nothing in all of creation that can

separate you from me thus this wonderful

Journey have you and me may go on

forever I have always known you my

love I knew you before you were even a

fetus from the moment you came into this

world until the end of your days my

understanding of you has been

unbroken like a master Potter taking

pleasure in his work I take great

pleasure in shaping you into the person

I Envision for you knowing that I am

always with you implies that you will

never be really

alone to accept it with belief please



I am teaching you to focus more on

me but I know that you have a finite

attention span like any other person

experiencing pain might make you feel

like you’re alone by yourself

on the other hand I went through the

agony of the Cross by myself so that you

would never have to I keep you close at

all times you are never far from my side

death is your final adversary but I have

destroy it by my crucifixion and

Resurrection therefore put your faith in

me and I will lead you through this life

and into Glory rest easy my uning love

in times of distress a commet m Fort

could be someone or something that helps

alleviate your anxiety or

depression problems are far away because

you live in a fractured world my love is

the one constant in a world full of

uncertainties there are many other

sources of Solace there are other

resources that can assist you on

occasion but my gentle presence is

always there for

you a person not only something that

alleviates your pain is my Flawless

Endless Love I am the one thing that can

ever really satisfy your needs plus my

love and I are

inseparable you may always find solace

in me my beloved disciple you have an

infinite Wellspring of blessing in me

and I want you to pour out your

blessings to others around you with the

Solace you have found in me you may

provide consolation to individuals going

through any kind of

difficulty those who sing my Praises day

and night and Revel in my righteousness

will be blessed all of his qualities are

embodied in this name if you use it

correctly it will bring you nearer to my

loving presence and Glory a lot of

people use my name as a curse

term I find the sound of this verbal

assault to be very offensive

nevertheless my faithful continually

praise me and pray to me by

affectionately uttering the word Jesus

throughout the

day you may rejoice in my righteousness

because I am am God your savior and I

will Aid you so that my name may be

glorified the word exalt means to feel

overjoy delighted joyous and euphoric

particularly in response to a victory or

other achievement

the words it is finished came to me just

before my death on the cross I was

proclaiming the most incredible victory

that anybody could hope for to triumph

over sin and death for those who believe

in me my righteousness has been

eternally a tribut to you darling via

this crowning


the Garment of righteousness has been

placed upon you put on the Splendor of

my Redemption garments with gladness

pleasure and

rejoicing right I love you Jesus if you

believe I will judge the Nations and my

truth and the world in Justice this

assurance is brimming with blessings and

motivation it implies that Wicked this

will eventually face punishment and that

Justice will always and completely come


me you are not afraid because you are

one of my followers clad in my

righteousness however there is nothing

to fear for those who reject me as their

savior when time runs out I will unleash

a horrible fury on everyone who

continues to believe in nothing fall on

us and hide us from the face of him who

sits on the throne and from the Wrath of

the Lamb they will even cry out to the

mountains and the

Rocks I will use my truth to evaluate

each person although there is strong

opposition to the idea of ultimate truth

reality still


whether they believe in it or not and

Believers will ultimately run against

this certainty my truth provides a solid

basis for you and all Christians to live

work play and give thanks there is

excellent cause to sing for Joy

here I want you to trust in me your

living God and silence as the prophet

Isaiah stated your power is in your calm

and Assurance occasionally individuals

try to control others by using loud

voices or ridiculous

promises these loud speakers may seem

powerful promising prosperity and health

to those who donate money but in reality

they are nothing more than

parasites they subsist by draining other

others of their valuable resources being

silently confident in me and my promises

is the source of true power celebrate

the fact that I am a living God and not

a dead Idol I am the living one I was

once dead but now I am eternally

alive despite my Limitless power I come

to you with love and gentle ESS spend

time with me beloved and establish a

trusting confident relationship with

me I fortify you while you unwind with

me getting you ready for the obstacles

you’ll face along the way use scripture

to guide you in prayer all you

concentrate on my presence to get closer

to me M I love you oh Lord my

strength if you have confidence in God

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this video to

people the Divine message saying there’s

a very simple way to tell if we are Gods

children or not we can see where our

minds are at and how we live if we are

focused on material things we are not


Believers if the things we love most and

the things we strive for in life are all

physical then we need to look at

ourselves for the same reason if we

think about the things of the spirit we

live by them every day we hunger for

God’s word we know we’re weak which is

why we depend on


we trust the Holy Spirit the hearts of

people are so dishonest we Christians

know this too we don’t believe our heart

but if you always follow your heart and

want to be happy even if it means giving

up Holiness then something is

wrong you always try to make yourself

look better and change God’s word to fit

your needs you still follow the rules of

this world it’s great for you not

following God doesn’t make you

sad do you know why it’s because the

holy spirit is not in you it’s not up to

the Holy Spirit to break your hard every

time you sin you don’t have the Holy

Spirit to make you feel guilty it’s

because you’re not God’s child yet talk

about this with your friends check


out trust in the Lord Jesus and change

your mind but whoever drinks the water

that I will give them will never be

thirsty again this made me feel so good

the water I give him will become a

spring of endless life in

him this is so true that I love to read

it over and over again this water that

Jesus gives us is so good for us and it

also leads to endless life truth peace

and happiness are always possible if you

have Christ in your heart no matter what

or where you

are the woman from Samaria asked Jesus

why he said that he wanted to give that

water which is the Holy Spirit he even

told the woman from Samaria that he was

the Christ and it seems that the woman

believed him saying that he was the one

they had been waiting for so

long we all know that the Holy Spirit

wakes us up if we accept Jesus Christ as

our personal Lord and Savior and turn

away from our sins we can’t receive

Christ without the Holy Spirit working


us this means that the holy spirit will

never leave us once we have it we will

always be saved it says spring of water

welling up to eternal life because of

this type thank you God if you love

Jesus this is for True followers we are

sure that the spirit of Christ is in us

that we are his no one will be able to

take us from his hands we will never be

thirsty again because of

him getting angry is a normal and normal

reaction to worrying but different

people show anger in different ways when

you’re angry you might do something good

or bad there is nothing wrong with being

angry says the Bible but whenever we’re


we need to keep our

cool since our anger won’t help us we

need to learn how to handle it it can

affect both your body and your

mind are you having a hard time keeping

your cool do you show your anger in bad

ways that could hurt other people as

well as yourself anger is a strong

feeling that can cause a lot of trouble

so one we’re mad let’s pray right away

to the Lord and give it to

him he will help us feel better but when

we’re angry if we don’t turn to God it

can make us do bad things be angry and

don’t sin says the Bible don’t let your

anger go to sleep and don’t give the

devil a

chance the devil doesn’t belong in our

hearts and we shouldn’t let him rule us

people who are wise or known to be quiet

and wait their turn they pick to be kind

instead of

mean even if it hurts them they will

understand it’s clear that James is

talking about Godly knowledge when we

live our lives and treat other people it

will show how smart we are this should

be our goal even if we fail sometimes to


it the Bible tells us that’s why we need

to train to be good every day we have to

study God’s word and our faith grows

stronger as we hear God’s word more

often we mean that we know Jesus better

when we say that our faith

grows we fear God but more the more we

know about him why do we have to read

the Bible because all the right things

to do are written in

there tells us what to do and what not

to do with the help of the Holy Spirit

God’s word makes us smart so if we want

to be smart let’s study the Bible more

since it’s the truth and what we we’ve

learn it will show up in the way we

live comment lord always with

me my Offspring I want you to know that

doing the right thing is always the

correct thing to do regardless of what

you have done no decision is incorrect

enough no chain is powerful enough and

no amount of time has elapsed enough to

prevent you from put putting things

right in my

opinion even if there may be others who

won’t let you try to put things right I

am the one who will have forgive you yes

the poor decisions you made will have

and impact but I am the god who restores

what is

destroyed recall that while you cannot

undo the past you can create a fresh

beginning one decision at a time it’s a

new day today every morning I get fresh

mercies we will resolve this as a father

and daughter so pray now and ask me to

teach you how to put things right my

dear princess I want you to focus only

on me however I still want more from

you I want the best for you

therefore I ask that you keep an eye on

everything you read watch and listen to

by compiling an aware list allow me to

demonstrate the things that have the

power to divert you from your purpose

and undermine your commitment to

me the methods of the world to even

imprison your ideas I wish to keep you

safe but I will never compel you to

follow my spirit or focus on anything

other than what is good pure and genuine

you have the option my darling you have


options you either follow the path of

the world or live a life of Plenty

blessings and influence when you allow

me your God to be the center of your

attention you will find the type of life

you have always desired one that you may


forever when you come to me and

acknowledge your sin I adore it I am

your refuge and your deliverer nothing

you say to me will be too loud for me to

hear you already have me covered my

darling so why even spend time

attempting to keep anything from me

together let’s put things

right give it to me if there is anything

preventing you from making a complete

turnaround come to me openly and

truthfully I am your Soul’s lover if you

come to me and acknowledge your

transgressions I will happily cleanse

your body mind and

soul you won’t ever have to experience

humiliation again

since I gave my life to protect you my

dear princess I am aware that sometimes

you may feel like a veil is covering


sight you won’t comprehend a lot of this

trip but eventually I will remove the

curtain and reveal that everything you

have experienced in this life has had a

Divine Purpose and a plan I promise to

wipe away the Last Tear You Will Ever

shed when I touch your face one

day when you meet me in person one day

Heaven and Earth won’t be able to

separate us for the time beinging my

darling I give you my spirit to lead you

each day and I give my angels orders to

keep watch over you until the day of my

return typ yes if you trust

God where the whole armor of God in

order to effectively defend yourself

against the devil’s plans our war is not

against physical beings but rather

against those in positions of authority

such as kings authorities and the forces

of evil and the celestial Realms


dear listeners join me in prayer oh

mighty one I express my gratitude for

Endy me with your protective shield

enabling me to resist the tactics used

by the adversary he exists and he is

dissatisfied with the fact that my

happiness is fully realized in

you he is not interested in my

possessions but rather in my happiness

than I am expressing to him that he is

enable to possess it I affirm that the

pleasure of the Lord is my source of

strength and the adversary is incapable

of stealing

it I express my gratitude for

rejuvenating and empowering me by your

word which provides me with

sustenance I Express gratitude for the

moments when I find solace in your

presence and permit you to bestow upon

me your affection in the early hours and

throughout the whole of my

day assist me in maintaining

concentration and refraining from

succumbing to the deceptive tactics used

by adversaries who want to induce

anxiety and anguish your Pres will

enlighten me to the truth and I will

attentively listen to your speech and

heed your

warning Lord I have often succumbed to

the world’s overwhelming influence and

the cacophony that engulfed me pardon me

for my failure to uphold truth in my

life and forgiving the adversary a

stronghold over

me please remind me of instances when I

succumb to laziness or excessive effort

so enabling him to establish a footing

instruct me in the art of

tranquilizing my thoughts and allocating

time for repose enabling you to bestow

upon me your

tranquility and

affection today I present you with the

burden that way heavily on my heart I

Surrender them to you Lord and I find

solace in your benevolence and

compassion while I attend to the needs

of people I hold dear and the

responsibilities you have given

me I exalt your name I command you for

your enduring affection and benevolence

today I would want to demonstrate to the

world that true essence of loving Jesus

by fully surrendering to your desires in

the name of Jesus

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