today Lord wants to tell you something from Heaven my beloved children I am

aware that you are experiencing great deal of heart take about certain issues

I am aware that you still have faith in me and that I will lift your

burdens even in the middle of it all never forget that what counts most is

your faith in me you could think different things to undermine your faith

in me when you have a strong belief in me it does not follow that an idea

originated with me just because it occurred to you you should force

yourself to remember at that point that I will never offer you a notion that

will mislead discourage or depress you thus consider the thought that arises in

Rel ation to what I said and who I am am and consider if it originates from me or

not recall that I am available to you I see the tears that come from your

eyes I hear the prayers and I am aware of the sorrow that you are bearing in

your heart that’s important for you to know that I shall be devoted to you

forever as well I’ll swap that heavy struggle for a heavy blessing all you need to do is

have faith in me what important thing is your faith in me like this video if you

trust Lord is unwavering Jesus claims you will fulfill

your greatest desires if you seek my face dutiful things abound in my world

and they are intended to serve as markers for me me and reminders of my

ever presentes presence the Earth continues to Proclaim my glory too

everyone with eyes and ears to perceive the Earth continues to Proclaim

my glory to everyone with eyes and ears to perceive before you sincerely sought

me your thinking was clouded in order for you to serve as a lighthouse for

others I decided to pour my light into you this is hardly a position to be

proud of it is your duty to reflect my glory the lord is me try to live in my

love which atones for many sin yours and those of

others cover yourself Head To Toe with my love like a robe of light fear not

for perfect love subdues it View them from my perspective and with love

through your lenses I am pleased with the way you walk in the light I want the

light of my presence to shine brightly throughout my body of

Believers I weep When the Love Light gets progressively dimmer in patches of

Darkness your first love come back to me look at me in the Splendor of Holiness

and you will be enveloped in light I my love once more times are hard as chances

to put your trust in me nothing is to hard for you to manage because you have

my spirit Within You and Me by your side when faced with obstacles on your road

avoid gauging your strength by comparing it to those hurdles that calculation will

undoubtedly make you anxious you couldn’t get over the first obstacle

without me greetings holding my hand closely and maintaining constant

communication with me is the best method to get through challenging

days that calculation will undoubtedly make you anxious you couldn’t get over

the first obstacle without me greetings holding my hand closely and maintaining

constant communication with me me is the best method to get through challenging

days allow gratitude and Trust to permeate your words and thoughts

abundantly share this video with seven individuals who believe in God by typing

Jesus as God in the comment box as long as you remain with me I can maintain you

in perfect peace no matter what trouble you face each day you can’t rush time

spent with me when you’re rushing your thoughts jump around between me and the

things you need to do reject the pressures that are putting pressure on

you surround yourself with safety and a place where you can relax with me I

utilize this moment of concentrated attention which I also

desire to bless you and to strengthen and equip you for the next day time

spent with me is therefore a wise investment give me your valuable time as

a sacrifice this makes the area around you holy and filled with my peace and

presence I am looking after you never hesitate to trust me in every situation

have faith in me give me all of your trust these for words can still be said

when you’re tired and feel like nothing is working out I trust you Jesus you

return to the safety of my Everlasting Arms and give everything back to me when

you do this I’ve planned out your entire day before you even get out of bed and the

morning there are plenty of opportunities every day for you to

become more like me and understand my methods if you have eyes that can truly

see signs of my presence brighten even the dreariest day look seek me like you

would a treasure Trove you will locate me come to me with an open heart and

empty hands prepared to receive receive a profusion of blessings I am aware of

the scope and depth of your dependency your life’s journey has been

challenging and has worn you down come be nurtured by me allow me to engulf you

in my presence which is me and you and you and me most readily my power enters

those who are weak and conscious of their need for me change changing levels

of Reliance or connections my presence not a sign of a lack of faith type I

love dearly you father my dear child today and forever consider me your

steadfast protector a shield against the harsh WIS stirred by those who mean you

harm as you navigate through the complexities of Life understand that

every challenge you face is part of a greater plan these trials are like fire in a

process of alchemy purify gold there meant to strengthen your resilience and

Purity shielding you from the corrupting influences of

negativity I make you a deep promise today one that is infused with the power

of my unconditional love I don’t raise you up to set you above others in

superiority but rather to empower you to reach out to those who are downtrodden

by hardship learn to let go say goodbye to

anger drop the curtain of Pride chase away the ghost of fear clear the mist of

uncertainty and remove the cloak of disbelief do not let the shadows of your

your past darken the brightness of your present moment for this is where the

seeds of immense Joy are planted find comfort and gratitude my dear one

because every single moment big or small is filled with countless reasons to be

thankful follow the path of righteousness holding the values I’ve

taught you closed to your heart remember the value of you and your

loved ones goes far beyond the fleeting Temptations of wealth or public

admiration do not mourn the temporary losses instead focus on the lasting

Treasures that enrich your life dedicate your soul to loving and

seeking me earnestly for I am the keeper of your essence be ready to accept the

Abundant Blessings I have to offer true gifts that open up New Paths and bring

promising opportunities stay alert and attune to the gentle Symphony of change that sets

the rhythm of your environment understand that I have the

power to turn hardships into advantages therefore do not despair when faced with

mysterious challenges Beyond every difficulty awaits a treasure filled with

prosperity prepare to embrace the talents I bestow upon you today but do

so wisely and thoughtfully seek guidance in my words to amplify these blessings

but be wary of the Allure of material things do not be tempted by the sparkle

of Fame nor weigh yourself down with death for shortlived vanities instead focus on

what truly matters elevating your spiritual journey to higher

Plains take good care of your health and address Family Matters promptly as to

laying only leads to disorder be assured that I provide you with the strength and

intelligence needed to overcome future challenges do not fall fall into despair

or Panic at The Last Moment due to ignoring my advice stand up bravely and

Seize the Day your heart is bold and there is no room for

cowardice do not fear loss for in letting go of fear true abundance can be

discovered if you face opposition or criticism from others as you strive to

improve your life leave them to me pray for their well-being but ignore their

misguided advice or complaints for those who choose Darkness cannot be saved by

reason alone stay firm in your commitment to do what is right and do not fear the

outcomes for by aligning your actions with righteousness you walk under Divine

guidance shielded from harm by the grace of my eternal love if you believe that

God will assist you please subscribe to our Channel I am here by your sigh and

unwavering a lie ready to support you in every aspect of your life however I urge

you to put me first above all for in doing so you ensure your path is

true I promise not only to help you but to lead you down the road to success I

will shower you with blessings that are far more valuable than any worldly

riches even when you feel on the break of defeat when exhaustion seems to

consume you completely I commit to rekindling the spirit within you strengthening your

determination and raising you from the depths of despair your life is woven

into the future of many generations and they too will see the

copious blessings I will pour upon you I will enrich your life with new

chances honor you highly clear your path forward and fill your home with a glow

that can’t be ignored trust in my promises for they are unwavering and

true know that I hold you in great esteem watching as you rise each day to

meet new challenges though you may hide your inner struggles behind a mask of Courage

I see the Shadows that linger in your soul the burdens of past hardships that

weigh you down enter if you believe in the

Archangel the pain you bear and the quiet suffering you

and do do not go unnoticed By Me Your Heart Take moves me deeply igniting a

fervet desire to ease your pain and heal the scars that Mar your

spirit understand the depth of my care for you for I am here to relieve your

suffering and help you move toward a brighter future step out from the

shadows of yesterday for today I offer you the fullness of life

itself do not live in the Echo of your past instead seize the promises of today

that I give you freely trust in my steadfast commitment to lead you forward

for the past has no old on your present know my child that I am am here

listening to every plea you make without any judgment the hardship you faced were not

of your doing and if you falter on your journey remember always that my

forgiveness unwavering support fatherly love and Limitless compassion Are

Forever Yours know that I am not here to punish but to be a source of love and renewal I

wish to help you to wrap you in my gentle embrace you do not have to the

heavy chains others have tried to impose on you nor listen to the voices that try

to limit your spirit if you’ve endured storms of Anguish tasted the dness of

solitude or experience the pain of UNR return love let me assure you that those

experiences are now just faint Echoes today you stand and in the glow

of my presence and I am here to fill your life with Tranquility comfort and a

peace that overflows type home if you trust in Lord

many believe that God Harbors resentment they imagine God to be up in heaven

ready to zap them for any wrongdoing here is the true nature of God I am God

and I pardon your transgressions because of who I am I won’t hold your

transgressions against you Isaiah

– God is a forgiving God and he has taken all the required steps to Pardon

your sins via Christ God had already planned to Pardon your sins through

Christ before the world was created he is aware of every mist mistake you will

make he’s not surprised by anything God had a plan in place before you were even

born to Pardon all of your life’s guilt God is able to Proclaim therefore there

is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because of this to

the atonement of Jesus Christ has removed our guilt in every one of our

lives he extends unconditional total consistent Eternal and by Grace

forgiveness how nice it is neither now nor in eternity do you have to bear the

consequences of your crimes Christ paid the price for them if you accept jesus’

gift of Salvation you are forgiven you are strengthened and enable

to forgive others once you realize that you have been forgiven how are you able

to accomplish that accept each other for our shortcomings and extend forgiveness

to those who have wronged you recall that if the Lord pardoned you you also

need to Pardon others if you examine yourself closely you could notice sin

selfishness and ugly traits however what matters most is how God views you

you are his Masterpiece made to last for him and to bring blessings to others

looking closely through God’s eyes reveals the Forgiveness that only he can

bestow you will be able to extend forgiveness too others once you have

accepted his pardon in your life you’ll be more driven to restrain your Wrath

when you consider the consequences of unchecked Fury you understand that anger always

has a cost you’ll be less likely to become Furious the fool who incites his

family to anger and resentment will finally have nothing worthwhile left

according to Proverbs when you lose your cool you always

come out on top you must might lose your job assail your family’s affection your

reputation and other people’s respect even your health could be lost it was

not meant for your body to hold anger it is not God’s intention for you to carry

it within you as a result you become ill many of the patients in the hospital

today had be discharged if they didn’t Harbor feelings of hatred bitterness or

guilt anger has always costs associated with it we frequently use fury as a tool

to persuade others to act why since it is effective for the time being parents

in particular rapidly discover that using anger to intimidate children into

doing something as a really effective tactic but they they have terrible

long-term repercussions uncontrolled Fury always

has three long-term costs increased rage apathy and isolation that is the case

for many of our children especially the teenagers they believe that El can’t

please my parents they’re always angry so they start to lose

interest and if you can consistently lose your cool they’ll quickly turn

hostile in order to defend themselves comment lord always protect

me then the partnership is dissolved anger that is out of control or

manipulative ruins relationships more quickly than anything else you can

choose to continue being enrage with someone or not think on the price before

making a decision is it worthwhile God’s operation inside you the work of the

holy spirit is to develop in you the likeness of Christ jesus’ character is

impossible to emulate on your own willpower good intentions and New Year’s

resolutions are insufficient the only one with the

ability to bring about the change changes God desires in our lives is the

holy spirit as stated in Philippians to

NLT the Bible states that God is working in you giving you the desire to obey him

and the power to do what pleases him when you mention the power of the

Holy Spirit a lot of people picture powerful emotions and miraculous signs

however the majority of the time the Holy Spirit works in your life in subtle

unseen ways that you aren’t even conscious of or sensitive

to Christ likeness is created via inhabitation rather than imitation

Christ is able to live through us how does something like this occur via the

decisions we make when we make the decision to act morally we put our faith

trust strength and wisdom in the hands of God the

spirit God’s spirit is within every one of us thus these things are always open

for the taking without Grace a partnership cannot sustain itself you

must make Cuts because Sinners all of us are in the event that you are married

both you and your partner are sinners a Flawless marriage can never be

form by two imperfect spouses the same

holds true for friendships since nobody is Flawless no friendship is Flawless

there can never be a Flawless partnership between two imperfect

people Romans and the Bible St hates not even one person always does

what is right no one to dance it takes two to argue to that’s the reason the

Bible gives people a pass things must be let go of the Bible States love accepts

everything with patience this literally translates as

covered with a roof in the original Greek a house without a roof would you

purchase it naturally no there would be no defense against the rain and wind

your home is covered and shielded by its roof biblical love does the same thing

covering a connection at overlooking some issues people are not held

responsible for whatever small error they commit people break quite easy

easily Therefore your relationship needs a roof and we need the kind of love that

provides Grace what makes Grace so important in

relationships % of the time gets it right there is never a single individual

to blame everybody makes mistakes and both parties are always accountable as

they say it takes two to tango we need to learn how to show each other

Grace the act of forgiving takes to parties we are unable to accept what we

refuse to provide to others building good connections comes from treating

others the same manner that God treats you accept each other just as Christ has

accepted you reach Romans – giving a weird gry family member

space or listening to them without passing judgment are two examples of

accepting others thth extending or race when you accept people for who they are and

choose to love them despite their flaws if you have faith in God right

Amon attention listener join this prayer with me and say it with me oh oh God we

suffer together how we are gathered here in prayer according to the Bible when

one part of the body hurts we all suffer the Bible exhorts us to oppose

the devil hold on to our beliefs and remember that our Brethren are going

through similar hardships all around the world we should be reminded to pray for

others by our hardships all of us are

interconnected each of us has unique gifts purposes and positions in the body

of Christ we are all part of you and each other our pain should serve as a

reminder that Darkness and Light are at War right now everywhere in the

world may we be reminded to pray for others who are are going through similar

hardships health problems der evenements and losses while we are praying for our

own needs throughout the day all of us are acutely aware of the injustices in

the world though we are unable to make up for every wrong done or even assist

every person we come across in need we can unite as a community and support one

another as Brothers and Sisters in Christ we offer prayers for those who

are unwell and mourning feeling hopeless homeless impoverished abused persecuted

and suffering we ask for Resurgence we ask that your Holy Spirit perform a

powerful deed we pray that everyone sense your presence and recognize their

need for you we ask that hope shine out through the darkness like a beacon for

those who do not know you we pray we only need to be obedient and pray the

rest will be taken care of by you we don’t need to see how you will operate

May our struggles serve as a reminder of your necessity to us may they serve as a

constant reminder of your presence and your assurance that you won’t abandon us

you did not come this far to leave us behind you gave everything you had so

that we may survive you will answer everyone who calls on you honestly you’ll obediently

keep us going and Supply our needs we appreciate all you will do in advance

these are the things we ask in jesus’ name name indeed thank you for watching our videos

it is required that you subscribe to our Channel please support us our goal is to

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