my dear one perhaps you fantasized about

a time machine that would allow you to

undo all of your errors your life could

have been burdened by such blunders you

may have suffered a significant setback

in your life as a result of such

airs you may have been anxious or

frightened about your life as a result

of those blunders as you are familiar

with with Jonah allow me to tell you

something somewhere along the line he

had messed up however he pleaded to me

in Repentance after realizing his


error I proceeded to forgive him I

transformed him meant is someone who

would bring joy too many worrying about

your life may have contributed to some

of your blunders but I will forgive you

if you are willing to

repent I’d want to remind you do you

know how many mistakes I have forgiven

you without you repenting it to me and

still how many times I have shown you my

grace in your life you can fix all your

faults without having a second shot at


past the opposite is true all you have

to do is admit guilt and turn from your

sin to me after that live your life in

accordance with my will keep in mind

that I am the one who raised you from

childhood my child you are mind you have

no one to turn to for forgiveness if I

do not I want you to be of benefit too

others and I am here to bless you stop

sinning an start living a life life of

obedience to me pray about all

matters watch this video all the way

through to that

finish in Bible verses Hebrews – says

and without faith it’s miles impossible

to Delight God due to the fact anybody

who involves him need to trust that he

exists and that he rewards people people

who earnestly are seeking for

him my kids like passing judgment on one

another and on themselves however I am

the lone cam judge you have been

exonerated by my own blood my

unparalleled sacrifice was required to

ensure your aqu

quiddle for this reason I take great

offense when I hear my kids be belittle

or condemn one another only Kat you will

get guidance and correction from the

Holy Spirit if you dwell nearer to me

and study my word those who are M High

exempt from judgment something new is

being cultivated In You by

me a gushing spring of joy that

overflows into other people’s lives

please don’t attempt to claim name

credit for this joy in any way or

confuse it for your own rather rejoice

as my spirit Works through you to

benefit others and let yourself to be a

storehouse of that fruit of the

spirit Your Role is to be receptive to

all I am doing in you and to live in

close proximity to me do not attempt to

stop my spirit Spirit from flowing


you just remember who I am while we go B

our day together Savor the love joy and

peace that I fill your being with whilst

I am here permit me to point Aid you in

getting by today there are several ways

to go from where you are sleeping down

at night to where you are getting up in


morning remember to be mind ful of my

presence at all times as you navigate

the numerous decision making

opportunities that lie ahead regardless

of how you spend the day you will

overcome it moaning and groaning while

stumbling and shuffling your feet is one

method to receive it type

then send this Divine video to

seven people who believe in

God eventually you will reach your

destination using this however there is

a more effective method you have the

option to accompany me on the road of

Peace depending on me for everything

that you


need even though there will still be

challenges along the road you may boldly

confront them because of my power give

thanks to me for every issue you face

and see how I turn adversity into

opportunity I surround you completely

like a cocoon of light I pledge to be

there for you regardless of whether you

are aware of me although a lot of

factors May prevent this awareness

worrying is the main offender my kids

usually recognize that worrying is an

inevitable part of

life but anxiety is anathema to me it is

a kind of disbelief who is in command of

your existence should that be you

there’s grounds for concern however

because I am in command worrying is both

pointless and

ineffective give the matter to me as

soon as you began to feel nervous about

it take a step back and return your

attention to me I either solve the issue

on my own or provide you advice on how

to do

it you will face difficulties in this

world but you won’t need to look at me

avoid using all of your energy to seek

my face with you I communicate all the

the time you must seek me above

everything things if you are to discover

me and hear my

voice anything that surpasses your

desires for me turns into an idol you

erase me from your mind when you’re

resolve to accomplish what you want

speak with me about it rather than

chasing a goal with all of your

might allow the light light of my

presence to illuminate this endeavor so

that you may see it from my viewpoint if

the objective aligns with my intentions

for you I will assist you in achieving

it your heart’s desire will gradually

shift if it is against my w for you

prioritize seeking me and everything

else in your life will come into place


Comet Lord is stand with

me I want me more and comfort or more

than enough for your requirements

regardless of the situation you are in

as SEC chrisan there is reason and

significance to all you suffer the

consolation you have received from me

may be used to console others by virtue

of your suffering

my press will fortify your moral fiber

and equip you to assist others in need

identify issues in your life and want me

to discuss them openly with you for my

intentions of course you may turn to

hard work for relaxation But be sure to

appreciate all of its benefits as

well when you seek my assistance and

trying times and become closer to me you

develop in knowledge and maturity this

gives you the tools to support others


hardship your compassion for those who

are suffering will permeate their life

you’ll discover that you have the

greatest ability to comfort those going

through difficult times since you have

experienced them yourself

you may develop your Tranquility by

disciplining yourself through adversity

even if it hurts at first eventually it

Bears the quiet fruit of

righteousness everything has its time

and everything under the sky has its

season seeking my face and my will

searching advice may enable you to

identify the next step on your path

without disclosing when that move should


taken you have to wait until I show you

when I want you to go forward rather

than moving forward at full speed as

soon as you know what comes

next everything has its season this

implies that everything must ultimately

give way even the most satisfying

periods in life while some of my

followers are eager to explore new

ground and go forward others hesitate

even when I expressly tell them

too it may be unsettling to transition

from one comfortable stage of life to

another particularly for those who are

resistant to changed but I want you too

have enough faith in me to stick with me

and follow me whenever and wherever I go

I control the times you are

in type if you

believe here are six things presently

Lord desires you to recognize this

today one no matter what never give up

on yourself everyone is talented and

capable of great things all you need to

do is keep working hard and discover the

ideal mix anything is achievable if you

put your mind to it two everything that

occurs to us including happiness sorrow

and trials is a part of God’s design in

the long term what feels horrible right

now could be the greatest thing for you

thus put your hope confidence and trust

in God and his purpose for your

life three each of us has both a bright

and a dark side your dark side is the

part of you that makes you do things you

know are bad hurt other people and they

exhibit selfishness and greed that

aspect of you that drives you two act

more L kindly and kind toward others is

known as your light

sigh for God exists both outside and

within of us God’s spirit is one

although it takes in several forms he

sometimes communicates with us fire

Angels or his sacred writings he appears

in our souls at times and in nature at

other times

five occasionally an accomplishment is

only as significant as you perceive it

to be what if you were to lose out on an

opportunity to tour the globe get a

dream job or even fall in love at the

end of the day happiness is the only

thing that counts sound and continuing


live six you can do anything if your

heart can believe it and your intellect

can imagine it recall that enormous

accomplishments by large teams may also

be achieved by lone

individuals God says right yes if you

trust me sweet kids I want to share with

you something truly special a unique

message that the Universe has crafted

just for you Envision the universe as a

vast enchanting realm that Whispers

secrets and truths to those who are

listening People Like

Us Grace yourself for an extraordinary

wave of joy is on the brink of sweeping

into your life promising a Rejuvenation

of Happiness it’s akin to the refreshing

sensation of inhaling deeply on a bright


day reflect on those moments when hope

and joy with your faithful companions

these feelings are on their way back to

you ready to banish any Shadows of

Despair or discouragement the

anticipation of new beginnings is in the

air we often long for improvement for

brighter days and now the universe vers

is aligning to offer you exactly that

the worries and confusions that once

clouded your thoughts are

dissipating giving way to a Tranquility

reminiscent of standing by the Ocean’s

Edge where Serenity Reigns

Supreme Embrace this bounty of goodness

with open arms Envision yourself

affirming this acceptance with a bright


smile saying yes is akin to unlocking

the door to a myriad of

possibilities and wonders pose to enter

your life moreover it Heralds the dawn

of a new chapter and exciting Journey

akin to the first page of an adventure

tale your spirit heart and body are on

the cusp of receiving an infusion of

vitality and joy with every new day you

will find yourself stronger more content

and radiantly

happy picture yourself as an artist not

with a pallet of paints and brushes but

with the power of your thoughts and

emotions by focusing on positive

experiences joyful moments with friends

cherished family times and beloved

activities you’re painting a vibrant

tapestry of your

existence my deepest desire is for you

to bask in happiness and to feel the

warmth of love I am here opening the

gates to a realm filled with abundance

belonging and

fulfillment your dreams and aspirations

have been heard and now the seeds of

those dreams are beginning to sprout

love too is on its journey toward you

enveloping you and a comforting Embrace

true love transcends miror affection it

embodies deep care and

understanding treasure this message

holding it close to your heart and if

you could do one thing to bring me

immense Joy it would be to share this

message with others let them too be

touched by hope and enveloped in love

just as you are

now share this video with the people who

are closest to your heart if you agree

with God’s

words according to this verse we

shouldn’t see the Lord’s chastisement or

judgment as a kind of vengeful Justice

or retribution rather we should see it

as a teaching

opportunity instead we are to see these

difficulties as kind and caring gestures

similar to a father correcting his

children out of concern for their

spiritual wealth the Lord hopes to bring

us to repentance a clear knowledge of

our sins and a determination to live in

line with his will via these

Trias it is stressed that the Lord’s

criticism is meant to Foster our

Spiritual Development and lead to our

ultimate Redemption rather than to

condemnation as God’s children we are

subject to his loving

discipline even while the rest of the

world may suffer judgment and punishment

for their immoral

practices this discipline is designed to

help us retrace our steps and avoid BEC

coming part of the Everlasting

punishment that awaits the in repentant

let us keep in mind that the Lord

punishes us as a loving parent wanting

our atonement and

sanctification throughout times of

Affliction and

pain may his correction be seen as an

exp expression of is love and dedication

to our Spiritual Development guiding us

away from judgment and toward

everlasting life in his

presence rest easy knowing that God’s

rebuke his evidence of his unwavering

love for us his children knowing that

our Spiritual Development regeneration

and salvation are his ultimate goals let

us accept his criticism with humility


thankfulness the Apostle Paul warns

against comparing oneself to others

based on flimsy standards of achievement

or selfworth In this passage he warns

against the propensity to put oneself

above other people particularly when

doing so via the application of

self-imposed stand standards of

judgment Paul exhorts us to use wisdom

and judgment in evaluating our own

qualities and skills rather than

comparing one’s value to others who

exalt themselves or seeking affirmation


self-praise Paul uses the example of a

dwarf measuring himself not with any

form of scale or another human but with

himself to highlight the Ridiculousness

of self-centered

comparison instead of measuring against

a real Benchmark he just measures

himself his imensions and his fantasy of

becoming a

giant in the same way that a dwarf May

mistakenly believe that he is a giant by

comparing himself to himself those who

gauge themselves only by their own

narrow standards run the danger of

inflating and becoming

arrogant Paul emphasizes the need of

humility and discernment and realizing

our own worth and the abilities and

potential of

others true knowledge is found in the

humble acceptance of our limits and the

importance of learning from and

respecting the many talents and skills

of people around us not in self

arrestment or

self-praise when it states to wait for

the Lord it indicates to put your faith

and confidence in him particularly

during trying or challenging times this

also pertains to everyone who decides to

put their confidence in the Lord while

feeling helpless guilty or in need of of

assistance for humans This Promise is

still valid today two wait on the Lord

is to put your confidence in him depend

on him for assistance and make use of

the resources he has made

available it doesn’t imply passivity

rather it means putting our faith and

trust in him and contributing by making

the most of the tools and chances he has


us God says that people who wait on the

Lord and this manner will be

strengthened equipped to meet spiritual

obstacles overcome personal

shortcomings and carry out their duties

throughout history Christians have seen

the Fulfillment of This

Promise they shall run and not be weary

this verse implies that people will be

strong and full of Vitality if they have

faith in God it was first composed to

uplift the faith of the Jewish prisoners

in Babylon tore got dot dot however

everyone May relate to it

now many have seen firstand how leaning

on God strengthens their hearts

validates their faith and and reduces

their passion for material

possessions God grants them the

fortitude to face challenges head on to

complete challenging tasks without

giving up to live long restful lives and

to find Serenity even in the face of

death Lord says comment yes if you

accept my

grace this verse describes how God

always has a Remnant a set of

individuals set aside by his favor even

in the midst of rejection and disbelief

a true follower of him who heeds his

teachings God is still at work in the

lives of individuals he has chosen just

as he did when he set aside a Remnant up

Believers during Elijah’s time and when

the gospel was spread to the

Gentiles this Reserve is entirely

dependent on God’s grace and his

Sovereign will not turn our virtue Deeds

or free well the verse also highlights

the conflict between works and Grace in

terms of

Salvation we cannot be saved by our own

efforts if salvation is by Grace God

freely gives Grace it would cease to be

Grace if it were dependent on Good Deeds

similarly salvation would not be Grace

if it depended on Good

Deeds thus let us never forget that God

gave us salvation as a gift based only

on his unfailing love and kindness it is

not something we can get by working for

it may is Grace humble us and make it

our constant practice to depend on his

compassion and

kindness the Apostle shows in these

passages the distinction between a

person who believes in God’s grace for

justification and one who depends on

their efforts for

righteousness the worker in question is

someone who believes in their own

goodness Works to achieve salvation and

strives to Live Forever by abiding by

the rules even if someone were to

accomplish perfection in their labor

they would not be rewarded on the basis

of Meritor

entitlement conversely righteousness is

obtained by trust in Jesus for the one

who places their Reliance in God’s

justifying Grace rather than in their

own Deeds similar to Abraham this

individual acknowledges their own

ungodliness and unworthiness yet has

faith in God’s promise of

Salvation through their unshakable trust

righteousness is imputed to them not as

a debt owing to them but rather as a

freely given gift of Grace from

God one of the best examples of

justification by faith rather than by

works as Abraham is confidence in God’s

righteousness and faith in his

promises typ has to claim this

blessing yet he did now not waver

through unbelief regarding the promise

of God however was bolstered in his

religion and gave glory to God being

absolutely persuaded that God had the

electricity to do what he had promised

Romans for

dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together every morning is

created by you the god you offer Meek

Grace and forgiveness every day and you

make fresh Beginnings with them as the

sun rises you provide me fresh hope I am

grateful for your faithful love which I

can rely on Lord please show me the

proper path too take today give me eyes

to recognize the duty inside the moments

of the day and guide me when I am

Insurgent please keep me safe and

Deliver Me from harm today Father please

grant me the strength to obey your will

even if it means lying to please you you

alone can save me from whatever

difficulties I may encounter today

because you are a righteous god father I

have faith in you as your faithful

servant I am I can face every

circumstance with courage because of

your immense love which makes me strong

in you I ask in the name of Jesus

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