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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son in this moment as I

address you with words emanating from

the depths of my paternal love I wish

for the peace that surpasses all

understanding to envelop and comfort

your heart I want you to be aware that

my presence is constant manifesting with

every breath With Every Beat Of Your

Heart Like a loving father I

unconditionally extend arms filled with

affection and protection around you

providing a safe refuge and an

unshakable Fortress in every moment of

your journey as expressed in the

Magnificent Psalm I perceive you as

one who dwells in The Hiding Place of

the most high in the sweet shadow of the


thus I encourage you to rest in my

presence where you will find not only

Solace but also a peace that exceeds all

understanding I declare upon you with

words Laden with meaning he is my God my

refuge my Fortress and in him I will

place all my trust in every Challenge

and joy I want you to be aware that you

can fully trust in me if the twists of

Life resemble cunning snares or

pernicious plagues attempt to surround

you fear not for I your father will

deliver you like a father who cares for

the well-being of his child I spread

over you my wings enveloping you with my

feathers under the mantle of my love you

will find not only safety but also

renewing rest my truth will transform

into a shield and buckler protecting you

from every evil that dares to approach

do not allow fear to torment you during

the Dark Nights nor let the arrow of the

unknown cause unrest in broad daylight

always remember that I am the light that

dispels all Darkness the pestilence that

stealthily walks in darkness or the

destruction that emerges at noon will

not reach you even if a thousand fall at

your side and , at your right hand

you my beloved Son will remain untouched

for my presence is with you I reiterate

for you oh Lord are my refuge the most

high is your Dwelling Place in me you

find a secure shelter a place of rest

where you can renew your strength no

harm will befall you and no plague will

come near your dwelling you have the

freedom to place your complete trust in

me for I am your constant Guardian know

that with every step you take I send my

angels to watch over you in all your

ways they will hold you firmly in their


ensuring that you do not stumble on

stones that may appear in your path

faced with the dangers that life may

present my angels are ready to protect

you you walk under the loving vigilance

of Heaven surrounded not only by my love

but also by my infallible Providence

lions and Vipers may cross your path but

my son you will put your feet upon them

tread upon the Young Lion and the

serpent fear not the force es that rise

against you for I grant you authority

over them with your trust in me you will

overcome every obstacle that life

presents fear not for I am with you in

every battle you face due to your

profound love for me I promise that I

will also deliver you just as a father

hastens to Aid his beloved child I will

extend my hand to free you from all

distress that may assail your heart call

upon me my son and I will answer you I

will be by your side in moments of

distress lifting you from adverse

situations for you are exceedingly

precious in my eyes furthermore I

promise to satisfy you with length of

days and reveal to you my salvation in

ways that surpass your

expectations in me you will find not

only the promise of a long life but the

fullness of an abundant and eternal life

do not be anxious about the future for I

I who know all things have plans of

prosperity and not of harm for you trust

in me my son and you will see the reward

of those who place their trust in their

God May these words serve as a bomb a

soothing sell for your soul a constant

reminder of the boundless love I have

for you you walk under the wings of the

most high protected and embraced in The

Refuge of my love Rest in Me trust in me

for I am your God and I will never

forsake you with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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