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Lord wants to talk to you

today my beloved child the antique has

long passed the new is right here you

are the apple of my eye I’m oading the

entirety collectively for your exact

don’t fear about

something I have not forgotten you keep

your eyes on me always you are just a

few steps far from your breakthrough you

will not be

shaken I need you to don’t forget that

you are sturdy and capable of overcoming

any impediment that comes your way you

have the power inside you to stand any

undertaking with braveness and backbone

you are my child and I am pleased with

you for all which you have finished to


point whenever you sense lost or

uncertain bear in mind to turn to me for

s hearing and help I am continually

right here to concentrate to your

prayers and help you discover the

strength and braveness you want to face

your challenges together we can triumph

over anything that comes our

way I need you to recognize that I love


unconditionally and I will usually be

right here for you irrespective of what

you are my treasured child and I will do

everything in my electricity that will

help you succeed and thrive in

existence if you have faith and Lord

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message in the Bible verses John to

always says te I go away with you my

PE say give you I do no longer provide

you asked sector offers do not let your

hearts troubled and do no longer be

afraid my beloved kids when I give you

no unique steering live where you are

concentrate on doing your everyday

obligations and recognition of my

presence with you the joy of my presence

will shine on you as you do the whole

thing for me thus you invite me into

each component of your life through

participa ING with me in all matters you

allow my life to merge with yours this

is the secret not most effective of

happy dwelling but also of successful

dwelling I designed you to rely upon me

second by using moment encouraging that

other than me you can do nothing be

grateful for quiet days whilst nothing

special to be happening instead of being

bored by way of the the lack of movement

use instances of routine to are seeking

for my

face although this is an invisible

transaction it speaks volumes in

nonsecular Realms moreover you are

richly blessed whilst you walk

trustingly with me via the workouts of

your day every time something your plans

or dreams use that as a reminder to

speak with me this exercise has numerous

benefits the first is a parent talking

with me blesses you and strengthens our

according another Advantage is that

disappointments rather than dragging you

down are transformed into opportunities

for good this transformation eliminates

the stay from tough

circumstances making it viable to be

pleased in the midst of adver University

thwarts began by training this Aran all

the little disappointments of daily life

it is often these minor setbacks that

draw you far away from my presence when

you refrain setbacks as opportunities

you locate that you Advantage a good

deal greater than you have

misplaced it is best after lot’s

education that you can accept primary


in this positive way but it is viable to

attire the attitude of the Apostle Paul

who wrote compared to the surpassing

greatness of knowing Christ Jesus I

recollect the entirety I once treasure

be as insignificant as

rubbish Lord declare tyal man if you

believe in my pure

words try to stay conscious of me as you

go grade by grade through these days my

presence with you is both a promise and

a safety my final announcement simply

before I ascended into heaven was surely

I am with you

continually that promise changed into

for all my fans without exception the

promise of my presence is effective

protection as you journey through your

Lifestyles there are sever pitfalls

alongside the manor many voices clamor

in your attention engaging you to head

their way a few tis far away from your

proper course are tits of self-pity and

depression plateus of Pride and self

will if you take your eyes off me and

comply with some other’s manner you’re

in grave

threat even well-meaning Pals can lead

you astray if you let them usurp my

vicinity in your life the way to live at

the direction of life is to maintain

your awareness on me awareness of my

presence is your high quality

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box here are three things immediately

Jesus desires to recognize this one I

need you to do something for me I want

you to snort just chuckle out loud from

the pit of your belly let everything out

and Snicker forget approximately the

entire tiles forget about about being

shy or something just allow of it out

two don’t neglect that there are

individuals who love you and care

approximately you sometimes we get so

caught up in

Lifestyles that we forget to take a step

lower back and enjoy what is important

you are important don’t ever forget

about it three I do not know what is

going on however you do not need to kill

yourself over it there are such a lot of

human beings that care about you and if

you cease on life you are quitting on

them too you have so much to stay for

affirm with me I know who I am I am

effective I am royalty I am the

authority in my life I am one with the

Divine I am peace I am wealthy I am

worth lamb enough I am a large success

at something I set my thoughts

upon I am tenacious I am Relentless I am

chronic I demand more from life and the

existence hands it over swiftly and

without difficulty l a m love I am

fulfilled I am loose I Rejoice myself

nowadays L ahem grateful to be alive

typs if you trust

Jesus the scripture always says in life

all of us have us and down

there are seasons which might be extra

tough than others seasons of trying out

trials and Temptation wherein our

character is being evolved and our

religion in God is being

bolstered sometimes it is able to sense

like your taking to steps forward and

three steps backward if we’re no longer

careful well start thinking that life is

always going to be this way even within

the sturdy Seasons you may begin seeking

out things to head

wrong God doesn’t need us to be living

life like a roller coaster he wants to

deliver us to a place of balance where

we continue to be robust in him Jesus

stated L am the vine you are the

branches if you abide in me you will

bear a great deal fruit and your fruit

well continue to be the phrase continue

to be approach to be fixed immovable not

tormented by

circumstances if you may just preserve

abiding in him simply keep meditating on

his word he’ll deliver you via he’ll

make you sturdy he’ll hold you stable

and you will preserve shifting ahead

into the existence of blessing he has

organized for you comment God always

protect me for I recognize the plans I

have for you publicizes the Lord plans

for welfare and now not for evil to

provide you a future and a hope Jeremiah

– dear listeners let’s join our

divine prayers together father Lord in

heaven take control of my coronary heart

and my goals let me receive and be

content with all you give me and my own

family let me no longer covet or be

jealous of everybody’s

assets let me use that power to combat

for my personal let be not secretly need

whatever that belongs to all of us give

me patience and let me no longer be in a

hurry to get get rich I do not want to

thief from all and Sury I withstand the

evil goals that need to go into my

coronary heart I reject any shortcuts

that the Satan and also present to me

give me the strength of will to do the

right thing give me the wisdom to see

via any traps and attrations organized

to facilitate my downfall all teach me

to be at peace with who led grateful for

all you provide me let me continue to

lean and rely on you all my days amen

Lord Jesus please cleanse my mind of

anger and worry heck know that worry

isn’t always your will for me please

provide for all my needs as you promise

on your

phrase I deliver to you all my fears

cares and troubles as you have God

advised me to do bring peace and comfort

to my coronary heart and help me too

relaxation and you and feature

peace forgive me of any sins I have

committed these days and fill my heart

with your love thank you Lord and Jesus


amen thank you for watching this video I

hope the message has touched your heart

and we will continue to do more you can

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