This Is Not AMere Coincidences l God’s Message New l I LOVE JESUS |

I’m not sure who needs this I know you

feel lost and alone right now but God’s

got big plans for you he is going to

help you get through this God can give

you the strength to fight this battle

because you still have a purpose God is

not done with you yet he loves you if

you feel you are inadequate worthless or

are not enough you didn’t get those

ideas from God I believe churches are

great for pray and worshiping God but so

are showers car rides coffee shops

conversations with friends and

everywhere else don’t let a buoy LD iing

G Define your faith we will never change

the world l d by just going to church we

need to be the church dant Tai the rush

what God is tailing time to prepare God

didn’t add another day to your life

because you needed it he asked added it

because someone needed you pray that the

rest of your is filled with

blessings and feeling closer to God God

didn’t say it would be easy but he did

say he would be with you stop worrying

and stressing about the things that God

already has planned out be patient be

still this world would be a better place

if we all would put down our phones and

pick up our Bibles if the devil can’t

defeat you he will try to distract you

be careful with anything that pulls your

attention away from Jesus God sees your

heart he sees the desires he knows you

feel lonely he knows you long for your

person he listens to the cries of your

heart and he cares he loves you so much

he wants you to know that ease working

on them he’s preparing your heart to be

loved the right way sometimes god holds

you back in till the road is safe and

clear too continue be thankful what is

meant for you won’t pass you by

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