God is addressing you right now dot dot


carefully to loved child remain calm you

won’t be able to appreciate some of

life’s benefits until they materialize s

certain things have to happen in order

for them to happen wait with patience

pray about everything at all times you

are aware of my Superior faith

fulness certain things may be causing

you stress worrying or anxiety you might

also be thinking about the past or the

future which could be interfering with

your ability to focus on what you’re

doing you might also be having trouble

falling asleep and worrying about your

family and

kids but in the middle of all of this

you neglected too remember me you

wouldn’t even have time to worry or feel

stressed out if you had remembered me

right away he just took you a little

moment to recall

me keep in mind that you have a God who

is able to accomplish the seemingly

impossible who is compassionate and

loving toward you who is willing to go

to any lengths to free you from your

sins who can heal you and who is able to


you never forget to have faith in me not

in any one of you or them always and

first have faith in me because I am am

your deity thus don’t be concerned I’m

with you at all times I understand why I

sent you to this planet trust in me

never forget that everything exists for

your benefit and my

glory trust in me never forget that

everything it exists for your benefit

and my

glory like the video if you have faith


God in the Bible verses Ephesians

to always says so that Christ may

also dwell to your hearts through faith

and I pray what you being rooted and set

up in love may have power together with

all the Lord’s holy humans to comprehend

how wide and lengthy and high and deep

is the love of

Christ Lord is telling you right now

everything has its time and there is a

season for everything under Heaven

seeking advice from my face and my Will

May disclose the next step on your path

without disclosing the designated time

for you to take that

step you have to wait until I indicate

the appropriate time for you to go on

rather than charging forward as soon as

you know what comes next

Ean every action everything has a

season this implies that everything must

ultimately give way even the most

satisfying periods in life wow some of

my followers are eager to explore new

ground and go forward others hesitate

even when I expressly tell them too

it may be unsettling to transition from

one comfortable stage of life to a new

one particularly for those who are

resistant to change but I want you to

have enough faith and me to stick with

me and follow me whenever and wherever I

go I control the time you are in

replacing everything this is not at all

all like what occurs in your world of

Decay and

death you have one fewer day left in

your lifetime on this planet for every

day that you live for my followers this

is really extremely wonderful news at

the day end it’s possible to persuade

oneself I’m getting closer to

Heaven There Is Only One way to save the

planet from its abysmal state by

starting again from scratch therefore if

your attempts to make things better

don’t work don’t give up everything is

tarnished by the Fall even your best

attempts even though I urge you to do

your hardest your reality requires much

more than a simple repair or makeover if

you are dependent on

me it must be prepared entirely from

scratch and because my words are

reliable and accurate there is no doubt

that this will occur in the

end type Al in your heart to receive


blessing loved one you have much to

celebrate because I am going to naked

everything fresh and

magnificently Flawless including you the

only thing that really counts as whether

you have me as your savior Lord and

friend don’t allow the fact that you’re

not famous or wealthy to depress you as

I told my disciples the valuable gift of

everlasting life may be liken to the

advantage you get if you obtain the

whole world but lose your own consider

it a complete

success what do you do as a gold Trader

searching for exceptional pearls he sold

everything he had to purchase the one

that was

perfect that’s how my kingdom is it has

a measurable value so dear no matter

what you may lack in this life learn to

be happy that you have me BMN comparing

oneself to others is a common cause of

unhappiness I want you to do your

hardest to stay out of this fatal

trap keep in mind that you are my

special creation Redeemed by my blood

and very valuable to me continue to

communicate joyfully with me the Savior

who is far more more loving than you can

ever know you will become more and more

like the Masterpiece I always knew you

were going to

be quit thinking that you are in charge

of your life when you’re in command

everything is going well it’s easy to

feel like you’re in control of your own

destiny and the more at ease you become

in this position the more difficult it

will be for you you to

fall I want you to be grateful for and

enjoy your moments of calm sailing

however avoid developing an addiction to

this feeling of control over your life I

don’t think it’s

typical there will be storms and

uncertainty in the distance when

problems arise you are prone to crumble

if you are controlling and believe that

you have a right to have things go your


way I am teaching you to always put your

confidence in me because I am your Haven

I release you from the delusion of

control by using hardship look to me

when things are unclear for you now and

in the

future discover the comfort that comes

from knowing me the master who’s in

control of

everything even the storms in your life

sometimes you need assistance even to

ask for assistance you notice that you

are moving more quickly than you attempt

to perform many tasks at once stopping

one two complete

another your anxiety increases much more

if your phone calls at that same moment

stopping everything is the greatest way

to let off steam breathe deeply few

times and Whisper name recognize that

you are in needed of my direction right

now for the sake of my name I will

tenderly guide you a ways of

righteousness to tond you generally take

the time to ask for my assistance and

your getting ready to undertake anything

difficult however when you’re faced with

daily duties you usually Jump Right In

as if you can manage these things on

your own how much more preferable is it

to face everything with a humble

Reliance on

me ask me to assist you in stopping

whenever you catch yourself Di living

and to show you the path ahead I can

help you find the right route in

life right Jesus’s Supreme

King my dear child I have granted you

immense strength enabling you to

overcome any challenge you might face

within you there’s a radiant light that

can dispel the deepest Darkness guiding

you towards triumphs

and immense

Joy an army of angels is always guarding

you making sure you walk safely even

through the harshest

storms arise for you are anointed and

blessed Invincible against any adversary

because of my presence as your Eternal

protector and source of unending

strength I am am always there cheering

you on to Victory your dreams are not


yours they are also part of my grand

design for you filled with Splendid

opportunities and

experiences life’s trials and the

negativity from others were meant to

weaken you some have tried to belittle

your faith and determination

yet you should not fear no one has the

power to overshadow you for I am your

Shield your healer bringing strength and

mending your hearts every

ache through every trial whether it was

Discord and your family challenges at

work or turmoil at home your steadfast

Spirit remained

unbroken these hardships have tested you


affecting your feelings and thoughts but

here I am ready to eel and restore every

part of your life that feels

broken keep moving forward stand tall

and keep your head up despite the

enemy’s attempts to hinder you you’re

still standing because my grace upholds

you you are never alone in this


I am here to restore rebuild and

rejuvenate what you’ve lost or what’s

been damag have faith stay strong and

walk with confidence knowing I am your

God the world may try to make you forget

the times I’ve come to your aid but

remember I control even the wines and

the storms my love for you is deep and

and failing I’m always ready to support

and rescue you through every

difficulty if you’re convinced enter

this moment is not the end for you

you’re destined to win this battle even

when it feels like you’re alone remember

I Am with You surrounded by a legion of

angels ready to uplift you I’ve listened

to every prayer and I am about to

transform your life and ways beyond your

imagination despite the doubts of many

about my existence and power your faith

in me never wavers my words can heal and

bring life you might feel unworthy but I

desire to enter your heart and home to

bring healing freedom and

joy I speak to you directly longing to

see you happy at teas and assured of a

bright future by spending time with me

you allow me to embrace you showing you

my real presence and

love be attentive to the signs I send

and follow only the paths I guide you on

I see beyond what you can knowing the

hidden dangers and the true intentions

of those around you not everyone who

claims to be a friend is

true your prayers are always heard

sometimes what seems like delays or

obstacles are actually my way of

protecting you from harm and deceit no

that I am always listening and saving

you from these

adversities take a moment to breathe in

peace and Clarity for I am here to make

everything clear and to prepare you for

the amazing plans I have everything

takes time sometimes I need to clear

your path before you can safely move

forward remember I’ve never left your

sigh nor have I broken my promises now

it’s your turn to trust to have faith

and to walk boldly leaving behind all

sadness I’m here to comfort and heal you

reminding you that you’re never

alone never doubt my love for you no

matter how tough things get your

struggles are real but my love for you

is Everlasting and and I will always be

there to guide and protect

you in return I ask for your unwavering

faith in me I am your future your

strength your protector walk in faith

believing in the Miracles that are yet

to be seen your faith even if it seems

small is powerful and enough for me to

bless you


you’ve planted seeds of Faith throughout

your life never doubting my power even

in the hardest times your faith is not

gone unnoticed I’ve seen your resilience

and your trust in me and I’m ready to

bless you and those around you

abundantly typs if you think God is my

savior Christ says so faith comes from

hearing and hearing through the word of

Christ I looked into the definition of

the term hearing and found that it

relates to the report of the Gospel or

the preaching of the word preaching is

the means by which Believers Faith

enters their

hearts as God’s agents preachers are

tasked with ministering and spreading

the gospel so that other others could

come to believe the word of Christ is

used in some manuscripts and

translations in Li of the word of

God this revision emphasizes how the

scriptures which are inspired by God and

focused on Christ provide gospel

preachers the insight and understanding

they need to successfully communicate

the message preachers May base their

sermons on the fundamental information

provided in these sacred

writings it is also crucial to

understand that preaching is an act of

obedience to God’s and Christ’s commands

the authority and commission to preach

the gospel comes from our lord Jesus

preaching as thus say heavenly calling

that der IES from God’s original

intention rather than a personal

goal this passage reminds us of the

connection between hearing preaching and

Faith hearing the gospel message which

is then spread by the determined efforts

of preachers causes Faith to

Blossom The Minister’s ability to

communicate God’s message relies I on

how well they follow Christ’s

instructions and obey God this guy did

not offend neither his parents nor his

own sins are the cause of his blindness

not that they had not sinned in the

first place or done any real

wrongdoing Jesus said that his blindness

was not a direct result of sin but he

did not specifically say that he or his

parents were sinless it is important to

consider this remark in light of the

question that was asked of

him it is implied that neither his

parents nor his own wrongdoings can be

the cause of his blindness but that he

could be a living example of God’s Deeds

this situation has arisen in order to

make the great and marvelous

works of God

visible that God’s work ought to be seen

in him that is Christ ought to be able

to heal him and produce a miracle to

prove that he is in fact God the Son of

God and the

Messiah in a similar Vein The Chosen of

God along with others suffer from

spiritual blindness as a result

of the fall of Man demonstrating the

power of divine mercy and leading them

from Darkness into glorious light in

this instance the term works of God

alludes to the man’s miraculous

recovery or it could also refer to the

sequence of events in his life that were

predetermined by Divine Providence first

his blindness was caused by Providence

and then his healing was an act of God’s

power and

kindness type

if you believe

Lord this whole thing has happened by

Design not because of anything that his

parents or he did wrong but rather as an

example of how God meets and overcomes


Jesus statement but whoever drinks of

the water that I will give him will

never be thirsty again is one that I

find to be very fulfilling the water I

give him will turn into a spring inside

him that will give rise to everlasting

life this is so accurate that I like

reading it again and again Jesus

provides us us with very gratifying

water that also Springs up into

everlasting life under all conditions

and everywhere life Serenity and Joy are

all achievable if you have Christ in


heart why did Jesus say it to the lady

from Samaria he did it because he want

to provide that water which is the holy

spirit he even claim to be the Christ

and it seems that the Samaritan lady

accepted this thinking he was the long

awaited savior they had been waiting

for we are all aware that the holy

spirit is the one who wakes our mind and

heart when we accept Jesus Christ as our

personal Lord and Savior and turn from

our sins without the holy spirit’s

activity inside us we are unable to


Christ therefore since we already have

the Holy Spirit it will always be with

us we will always be rescued the phrase

spring of water welling up to eternal

life refers to this this is just for

sincere Believers we are sure that the

spirit of Christ is with us that he owns

us nobody will be able to pull us from

his grasp and never again experience

thirst in him we are reminded to

recognize God’s omnipotent work in our

lives by this passage it’s simple to

fall into the Trap of believing that we

must work for our own Spiritual

Development and

change Paul says that God God operates

within of us God is actively concerned

in transforming us into Christ’s

likeness in addition to working inside

us God gives us the plan land motivation

to carry out his

purposes our natural tendency to act

morally and our desire to please God are

not traits we own rather they are gifts

from him the source of the ability to

Will and act as

God it is the generous and Sovereign

pleasure of God to develop in Christians

the capacity as well as the desire to

submit to his will this reassuring fact

tells us that God will never ask us to

do something for which he is not able to

supply the


God provides us with the means to

accomplish his goals in addition to the

desire he gives us the ability to labor

for his Joy this implies that the

responsibilities assigned to us despite

their seeming difficulty are not

designed for us to do on our own at all

times we can depend on God’s strength


direction we are able to practice our

religion and have a significant

influence on the world around us because

of his strength may we always seek his

Direction and submit to his task let’s

give God the freedom to mold ourselves

into vessels that exalt his

name to feel the happiness and

contentment that come from living in

accordance with his will let’s submit to

him and put our trust in his

strength type I trust the divine plan to

agree dear listeners join me in prayer

dear father in Heaven I carry your

presence with me and I come into this

office in this office I declare your

peace Grace compassion and perfect

order I recognize that you have the last

say over all that is spoken considered

decided and done in these walls Lord I

am grateful for the blessings you have

bestowed upon me I promise to use them

honorably and responsibly give me new

found energy so I can do my

work anoint my endeavors Concepts and

vigor so that you will be glorified by

even my little success Lord please lead

me when I am perplexed please give me

the holy spirit’s light when I am

exhausted May everyone I come into touch

with today be blessed with faith Joe and

a smile as a result of the task I

perform and the manner I do it I

appreciate you being here with me I’ve

been experiencing hardship Jesus please

have some sway over how I

act please soothe and Lead Me Holy

Spirit hold my hand and lead the way

please take the weight off of my

shoulders help me learn how to manage my

feelings and thoughts assist me in

honoring you praying about restoration

and healing

defend me from the onslaught of the

adversary allow your ideas to be mine

permit me to feel and experience the

things you want for me Lord may my

mouth’s words and my heart’s thinking

please you assist me to get over this

hill Lord be my strength I love you

because you deserve it in the name of


please type thank you Lord if you

believe in Christianity and thank you

for watching this movie and letting us

share God’s message with you and if you

like it you can donate to us through



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