THE SIGN YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR | God Message | God’s Message Now

God is saying to you

today my child when you find yourself in

need of a miracle count on me to Stand

By Your Side ready to impart blessings


you your adversaries voices May Echo

attempting to lead you astray into the

realm of fear hoping to obscure the path

to my Guiding Light urging you to

surrender to your anxieties and descend


darkness despite this daily struggle

your faith remains unwavering for my

teachings affirm that you are my

cherished child the bravest of Warriors

destined for

Triumph I shall bring forth Springs from

arid lands satisfying your thirst and

shielding you from the scorching Sun as

you journey through life’s

deserts type yes Heavenly Father if you

believe I am the omnipotent architect of

all existence with nothing hidden From

My Sight beneath the expanse of the

heavens your every concern is dear to me

every beat of your troubled heart Echoes

In My Divine

understanding loneliness weighs heavily

especially when those who professed love

depart leaving you a drift in a sea of

Solitude but rest assured nothing in

your life eludes my

Dominion deep within you resonate the

chords of my love a language familiar to


soul my voice a beacon of Solace has

soothed your pain time and

again unchanging I remain bringing you

Joy and fortitude in this

moment open your ears to my call resist

not the tender pull on your

heartstrings this love ordained for your

upliftment seeks you out in reverence of


name I am your steadfast Guardian your

unwavering protector even in the face of

seemingly insurmountable

odds I orchestrate all things for your

benefit never wavering in my commitment

to your

well-being my presence is constant I

will never abandon nor forsake

you you will never walk

alone type yes God if you

believe every word I speak is imbued

with love they possess the power to

soothe your Sorrows mend your wounds and

transmute the agonizing pains that once

played your

heart I Am Your Divine guide the origin

and culmination of all things

I shall Infuse your spirit with

boundless Elation and with the dawn I

shall emerge as your Liberator your

Advocate your stalwart Defender and your


kin do you recognize my

Essence I stand Here prepared to

converse earnestly with

you attend to my words until their

conclusion set aside a few moments now

forsake your current tasks this time you

allocate to me will be the most

consequential of your day for your

existence and the welfare of your kin

hang in the balance of the truths you

are about to

behold every morning I have Faithfully

stood by your side offering words that

ignite the flame within your

spirit my aim has been clear to fortify

your resolve to embolden your steps as

you step out into the

world without fail I have expressed my

affection for you revealing the depth of

my commitment to you and your loved

ones type yes

if you

believe your recent demeanor has not

escaped my notice your faith has

blossomed and happiness seems to radiate

from within

you yet despite the strength I’ve

imparted there remains an unmet need a

void that yearns to be

filled this journey we Embark upon

together cannot be rushed it requires

patience and inclusivity in compassing

your dear

family I send out a heartfelt prayer to

anyone reading these words hoping you

find peace and blessings from the

Divine as your financial situation

improves I believe your family

relationships and personal connections

will also heal and grow

stronger with the power of the Divine I

know these affirmations will come

true you’re on the verge of experiencing

a wonderful miracle that will bring

happiness recovery and

Rejuvenation type yes God if you

believe remember to take care of your

Health finances and

relationships share this message with

your loved ones and watch as your

overall well-being improves along with

your financial

situation let me help ease your pain and

heal your

wounds I’m here to help you regain what

you’ve lost and provide you with the

resources you need to thrive

financially get ready for an amazing

transformation my

child so trust me and watch as some

awesome stuff starts happening in your

life I’m working hard to bring about

some big changes in

you once you start letting go of your

fears get ready for some serious joy to

fill your

soul I’m here to guide you from tough

times to a place of abundance all while

showering you with love just keep

believing in the Miracles that are

happening right

now you’ve got

this I’m here as your Creator and

guardian dedicated to supporting you on

your journey through

life since the day you were born I’ve

been by your side shaping and guiding

you every step of the

way and I’ll always be here to help

protect and rescue you when you need me

right now you’re on the verge of a major

shift from feeling down and worn out to

experiencing abundance and

fulfillment your life story is about to

take a turn for the better with tons of

exciting opportunities and lucky breaks

comeing your

way up in the heavens I your friendly

Creator am so proud of all you’ve

accomplished don’t be shy about sharing

your hopes and dreams with me I’m here

to make them all come

true get ready for some serious

abundance heading your way

soon believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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