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God is saying to you today my child how

many times have you clicked on a video

and then skipped it after a few

seconds in fact most people only watch

the first % of a video before they


interest but what if I told you that

this video is different that this video

has something

that will change your life for the

better trust me you don’t want to miss

this watch till the end and see for

yourself my child when you feel worried

or scared ask the Divine for help before

you sleep share your worries with the

Divine like talking to a

friend remember I’m always with you no

matter what happen happens when things

are great or tough when you’re super

happy or feeling sad and during good

times and hard

times type yes heavenly father if you

believe my dear child always remember

that no matter what mistakes you make

God’s love for you never

wavers it’s like a warm hand always

ready to help you say goodbye to all the

bad thoughts and welcome good things

into your life like money and

happiness believe me when I say that

amazing happiness is waiting for

you whenever things seem tough I’ll be

here to help I’ll bring blessings to you

and your loved ones and ease Your

Troubles just pray and you’ll find your

way to good friends and great

chances type yes God if you

believe as you shine with your true self

good things will happen in your life get

ready for amazing times ahead with lots

of blessings big smiles and successes

coming your way believe in faith and

positivity if you agree Tye to

and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you Heavenly Father for those who

hold God close to their hearts express

your love with the words I really love

you God and for our Christian Community

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as a sign of your faith and

dedication remember I made everything

around you in just a few days and took a

break on the seventh

day believe in my power to change your


instantly you’re on the edge of a

wonderful time full of

Miracles where victories will come one

after another and breakthroughs will be


always remember you’re special to me

wrapped in My Endless Love The Doors

opening in front of you will lead you to

a place where struggle borrowing and

asking for help will feel

strange God’s love and support are

always with you stick with him and he

can lift you out of tough times and

bring you up in

life when life gets tough remember that

God is always by your side helping you

through hard

times so stay strong and calm and

believe in his

kindness don’t rely only on what you

understand sometimes things seem to hard

but God will give you the strength to

overcome soon good things will happen

and you’ll see Miracles unfold

even when things seem really bad I

promise to support renew and stand up

for you even if others

do let’s pray together saying God I

trust you with everything in my life my

family my health my home my safety my

fears and my feelings when sadness fills

your heart and tears tears roll down

your cheeks remember three important

things God is always with you loves you

very much and cares about what matters

to you Jesus is waiting at the door

ready to help when you ask get ready for

something amazing to happen you’re about

to enter a Time filled with happiness

love and peace I’m getting rid of all

all the bad stuff in your life and

bringing in good things like Freedom

success and plenty I made you and will

always take care of you until the end if

you believe show it with the number

God says it’s time for you to come

back stronger than before get ready for

lots of wonderful things coming your way

trust me my dear child because I’ve been

with you through everything giving you

what you need and keeping you safe my

dear child something truly magical is

happening like a wonderful surprise

waiting to

unfold it’s like doors that have been

closed for a long time are suddenly

opening bringing with them amazing

things called

Miracles I want to help you heal any

hurt or sadness you may have your dreams

are important and I believe they can


true remember to trust in something

bigger than yourself something we can’t

always see or understand keep that

connection strong in everything you do

and you’ll find your way to

happiness when you’re feeling down know

that I’m here to make you smile again

and bring peace to your heart just call

on me and I’ll be there for you you

don’t have to face life’s ups and downs

alone I’ll always be by your side

whether you’re laughing with Joy or


sad and every day my love and blessings

are there to help you so even if today

seems tough know that tomorrow could

bring wonderful New

Opportunities get ready because I’m

about to show you just how much I care

for you I’ve arranged special things for

you like healing freedom and lifting you

up if you agreed just say

Jesus says keep trusting God even

when things are tough when you’re

feeling low and when life gets really

hard your dreams coming true doesn’t

depend on how strong you are but on the

love and kindness of

God instead of telling you to work

harder God wants you to trust him more

your life is going to change a lot with

lots of good things and love waiting for

you trust God because Good Things Are

coming your way making your life

better I’m turning your sadness into

strength and your tough times into

blessings there’s an amazing plan for

you including success getting better and

getting rid of

stress and remember nothing that’s

happened to you has messed up my special

plan for

you even though time might feel long and

and certain sometimes I’m here to guide

you to where you’re meant to be trust in

me and amazing things will happen in

your life when things seem tough and you

feel alone just look to God he’s always

there for you like a best friend who

never leaves your

sigh don’t worry I haven’t stopped

caring about you if you ask for

forgiveness I’ll forgive you and help

you start

fresh even if people make fun of you for

believing stay strong I’ll be there for

you through good times and

bad instead of focusing on problems

focus on God and Jesus Christ they’ll

help you through anything connecting

heaven and

earth when you feel scared or worried

talk to God with honesty and

kindness thank him for all the good

things he gives you this opens up a

special connection to heaven where

Miracles can happen because of God’s

love believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type to under

and if you believe in God’s love TI

I love you Heavenly Father for those who

hold God close to their hearts express

your love with the words I really love


God and for our Christian Community show

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stay motivated and keep shining your


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