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God is saying to you today

my dear child

I want to remind you that the journey I

have set before you may not always be

smooth and easy

but do not be afraid for I assure you

that you will never have to face it


I am by your side every step of the way

guiding protecting and comforting you in

times of need

hold on to the promises I have made to

you for they are the strong Foundation

upon which your faith is built

have faith in me even when you do not

know what the future holds but trust

that I hold the future in my hands

rest in my boundless love which flows

endlessly like a river refreshing your

weary soul

understand that my plan for your life is

far greater than anything you can


Embrace this truth and let it ignite

your belief

when you find yourself in the darkest of

nights let Faith be the strength that

carries you through

my love is like a warm embrace

enveloping you with comfort and Solace

when you need it most

follow my guidance for I will lead you

on the right path

know that faith is not confined to

religion it is defined by your personal

relationship with me

my love is like a beacon of light

shining through the storms of life

guiding you to safety

trust in my healing power for I can mend

even the deepest wounds

let Faith be the anchor that keeps you

grounded when life becomes rough

seek my love which acts as a shield

protecting you from harm

have unwavering belief in my provision

for I will always provide for your needs

even when you feel like giving up let

Faith be the fuel that propels you


my love is like a gentle whisper

bringing peace and serenity to your

troubled soul

rely on my strengths for I will grant

you the power to overcome any obstacle

let Faith be the compass that directs

you towards your purpose in life

my love is an Ever flowing Fountain

always abundant

know that through me you can find

forgiveness and receive a fresh start

have faith for it is the bridge that

connects you to my miracles

my love is like a flame that banishes

Darkness illuminating your path

trust in my wisdom for I know what is

best for you

if you believe in God type amen

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thank you

build your life upon the foundation of

faith and it will be meaningful and


let my love be a soothing bomb that

brings you peace and tranquility

remember my child that I am always here

for you supporting you with unwavering

love and guidance

trust in me and together we shall

overcome every challenge that comes your


place your trust in me wholeheartedly

and do not rely solely on your own


surrender your doubts and fears and let

me guide your path

remember that with me by your side

nothing is beyond your reach

believe in the Limitless possibilities

that unfold when you place your faith in

my divine presence

type amen if you believe in God and do

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