my beloved child I am here to guide you

through the challenges and storms that

each day may

bring when you feel lost or overwhelmed

simply close your eyes and say Jesus I

believe in you as you utter these words

know that I am right by your side

filling you with a peace that surpasses

all understanding reflect on the words

of the

psalm the Lord is my shepherd I shall


want make this your daily Mantra and you

will find strength and victory in the

face of any

obstacle before you drift off to sleep

each night take a few moments to connect

with me review your day read from the

scriptures and keep the Bible close to

your heart as you rest I ask only for a

small portion of your time amidst the

busyness of life I am your constant

companion watching over you both in your

waking hours and as you Slumber from the

first light of dawn until the last

Shadows of night I am never absent from

your side you are my most cherished

creation like a thriving tree bearing

abundant fruit I will give you strength

and lift you up today you will see the

truth of my promises I will clear the

path before you removing scarcity and

obstacles from your way in return I ask

that you follow my commands and immerse

yourself in the

scriptures do do not be like those who

hear my word but fail to act upon it

turning to me only in times of trouble

and blaming me for their hardships they

fail to realize that the answer lies

within themselves I am active in the

lives of my children working through

those who embrace my

promises however I cannot help those who

stray from my path and turn away from me

I love my children deeply but I cannot

condone their sins I know that you are

different filled with thoughts of

goodness and not evil steer clear of the

path of the wicked for though they may

Mock and criticize their way leads only

to destruction to live a fulfilling life

you must remain steadfast in your faith

and devoted to my

word this challenging phase of your life

is temporary and Times of abundance and

blessing are on the

horizon a new season is coming one that

will bring about profound changes and

fill your heart with joy you will see

the fruits of your nights spent in

prayer in the early mornings when you

poured out your deepest desires to me

you have believed and I have answered

your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed

and I have lovingly acknowledged each of


actions your name is etched in the book

of life and I have placed a seal upon

your heart marking you as my own no evil

shall touch you for I Am with You always

your strength is renewed and your faith


unshakable Embrace these promises for in

these moments I transform your sorrow

into joy and your tears into

laughter with me nothing is impossible

for those who trust in me I am preparing

you for great things so lift your eyes

to the heavens and believe in the words

I speak to you

today this message comes to you not by

chance but as a declaration of blessings

change and prosperity

declare with all your heart that you

believe in my promises and that you will

follow my words for you are my beloved

child and have found favor in my eyes in

the name of my son Jesus amen get ready

for the time of harvest has arrived and

everything will be revealed to you my

child Rejoice for soon there will come a

day when tears of joy will wash over

your face and your laughter will ReSound

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