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God is saying to you

today my child I’ve got something

amazing to share with you today so don’t

skip the video and watch till the

end my child your body is a sacred

Temple a dwelling place for the Holy

Spirit and I trust that you will take

good care of it but let me remind you my

dear not to become overly obsessed with


condition such preoccupation can breathe

anxiety and distract you from my loving

presence instead Embrace each day as a

precious gift from me embrace the joys

and responsibilities that I have placed

on your path and always remember I am

right there beside you holding your hand

with unwavering joy and

Trust whenever sorrow grips your heart

my beloved I want you to hold on to hope

and eagerly anticipate the return of

Joy this perspective will help ease the

pain of your grief for you will realize

that sorrow is merely a passing

Cloud it has a sneaky way of casting a

shadow over your timeline tricking you

into believing that unhappiness will


forever but let me assure you my

faithful follower that this is a lie

the truth is that an infinite Wellspring

of Joy awaits you stretching out into

eternity no one absolutely no one can

ever steal away this precious

inheritance that I have prepared for you

so my dear one Let My Words resonate

within your soul let them ignite a fire

of motivation and inspiration within you

you are not alone in the this

journey I am here guiding you every step

of the way trust in me embrace each day

with gratitude and hold on to the hope

of Eternal Joy your journey through this

world is like a roller coaster ride full

of ups and

downs the low points though tough have a

deeper purpose they shape you and make

you stronger trust in me during during

these trials for they are similar to a

woman enduring

childbirth despite the pain something

incredible emerges new life as you

navigate through the challenges of life

keep your eyes fixed on the ultimate

reward boundless joy in heaven become

more aware of my presence I reside

within you where there is complete

Joy I am your allinone one savior in God

alive within you filling you with

vibrant life and Limitless love my

desire is for my life within you to

overflow and touch others in your

interactions invite me to live and love

through you let’s work together and my

light will shine through your face and

my love will Grace your

words you are whole and complete in me

everything you need for salvation and

spiritual growth is found within let

your journey reflect the transformative

power of trust and the endless joy that

awaits in the presence of your

savior with my divine power you have

everything you need to endure the

eternal life I have given you I also

give you intimate knowledge of who I am

open your heart and share both your

struggles and joys with me me find rest

in the work I completed on the cross and

rejoice in the security you have in me

your name isn’t just written it’s like

engraved into the very core of my

hands imagine it as a forever promise

Unbreakable by

anything no matter what challenges come

your way this special inscription will

always be there never

fading it’s like immune to to any

scratches rust or crazy stuff happening

in the world you’re not just some random

thing to me you’re like a precious gem

that I treasure beyond

words embrace the strength inside you

knowing that you’re a lasting Legacy a

strong symbol of the deep bond we have

your importance is immeasurable and your

journey is destined for

greatness keep shining my precious one

because you are truly

exceptional in the tapestry of time

people often engrave their dreams on

precious metals hoping to make them last

in a world that’s always

changing but let me tell you something

my dear Soul even the most valuable

metals can fade away lost to fate stolen

by Shadows or melted by the Unstoppable

March of time

however my beloved set your eyes on

something far more brilliant than gold


silver beyond the fleeting shine of

material wealth there’s a lasting

Splendor the incredible knowledge of our


Connection in the Grandeur of existence

you are the true gem Priceless and


in the Symphony of life where transient

notes may play their tune you my

precious one are the Timeless Melody

that resonates with the entire

Cosmos your worth goes beyond mortal

possessions because in your very essence

the universe Finds Its most treasure

gem embrace the radiance of your being

for you are The Shining Jewel that

outshines all Earthly Treasures a

testament to the enduring magnificence

of the human spirit your name isn’t just

scribbled in the tapestry of my life

it’s boldly etched in the palms of my

hands it’s a constant reminder of how

special you are to me while some people

jot down reminders casually my hands

bear the indelible Mark of your name

symbolizing your incomparable

value embrace the joy of being hailed as

a Priceless Treasure by The Sovereign of

the universe


you’re not just a passing thought you’re

a cherished gem in the grand Cosmic

scheme show your gratitude by making me

a top priority and let your trust in our

connection erase any lingering

fears don’t let the chaotic events of

the world or the disheartening news

reports cast Shadows on your spirit

they’re just fleeting glimpses unaware

of the profound existence of our our

bond stay strong knowing that you’re

securely cradled in the hands of the

Eternal and within that embrace you are

deeply and irrevocably

cherished in the vast array of global

events depicted by the news it’s easy to

feel overlooked amidst the Whirlwind of

information however let’s take a moment

to acknowledge the extraordinary story

that is Uniquely Yours a Nar narrative

Often overshadowed by the media’s


focus amidst life storms and Chaos find

solace in turning towards the beacon of

strength that resides within you just as

David found courage in the face of

adversity through his faith discover

your own Wellspring of resilience by

recognizing the incredible person you

are take a moment to reflect on your

awesomeness Revel in your power and draw

Joy from the boundless well of love that

resides within you remember you’re not

alone on this wild Journey we are in

this adventure together and our ultimate

destination is nothing short of

heavenly in the face of challenges and

the noise of news rest assured that I am

here guiding you through the twists and

turns of

life so let the headlines Fade Into the

background for your path is illuminated

by the unwavering light of your own

strength and the promise of a brighter

tomorrow gaze into my eyes embracing the

profound connection I’m extending to you

in this moment let the grip of Fear

loosen making way for an exhilarating

wave of joy to Cascade through your

being place your unwavering trust in me

my cherished one for I am the Bedrock of

your strength and the enchanting Melody

echoing in your heart consider this

those who plant seeds of Sorrow will in

due time Harvest Melodies of pure

happiness never underestimate the

significance of your tears for each one

holds profound meaning to me despite the

current cloud of sadness enveloping you

eagerly anticipate ate the day when I

shall tenderly erase every tear from


eyes embrace the journey knowing that

every moment of Despair is a stepping

stone toward the Symphony of Joy

awaiting you your tears are not in vain

they are the nourishment for the

blossoming Garden of happiness that will

soon Bloom within your soul trust the

process my beloved for I am here as your

guide your strength

and the architect of your brighter

tomorrows just like water is essential

for seeds to grow into mighty trees your

tears are vital for your transformation

into a resilient and joyous follower of

Christ by experiencing the Sorrows of

this broken world you gain depth and

compassion which in turn expands your

capacity for Joy embrace my presence in

both good good and tough times because

your journey is all about growth

strength and the promise of ultimate

joy every single blessing you have is a

gift straight from me from Every Breath

You Take to all the blessings you tend


overlook breathing in the Miracle of

Life is a constant reminder of my

grace remember it was when I breathed

life into Adam that he became a living


when you find yourself in my peaceful

presence show gratitude with every

breath in and reaffirm your trust with

every breath out with practice this

ritual will deepen your sense of

relaxation spending time with me allows

you to truly appreciate and thank me for

the often unnoticed blessings in your

life the vast Sky Majestic trees radiant

light a vibrant array of colors

cherished Companions and everyday

Comforts the list of Wonders I have

bestowed upon you is endless a true

Testament to the abundance of blessings

in your

life you’ve always had the right to

enjoy joyful songs ever since you

accepted me as your

savior don’t ever forget about this

amazing way to worship that lifts your

spirits even when you’re feeling down

singing praises is a powerful way to

connect with

me when you’re joy in me meets My

Delight in you let yourself dance in the

glow of my

presence that’s what true Joy is all

about the more you look for goodness in

your life the clearer your perspective

becomes save your deepest gratitude for

the gift of eternal life which you

received because of your unwavering

faith in

me this incredible and everlasting gift

fills your heart with more and more joy

in my presence reminding you that your

Birthright is a NeverEnding Melody of

Joy I’m all intertwined in the world

around you in the words I write and in

your heart through my

spirit just ask me to open your eyes to

the wonders of life life because I’m

always there with

you take some time to focus on me

instead of getting caught up in worldly

distractions as the Living Word you’ll

find my vibrant presence in the

scriptures I’ve created this stunning

world to remind you of the one who made


all nothing was made without

me so when you come across something

beautiful take take a moment to say

thanks it makes me happy and brings you


too when you seek my presence you’ll

appreciate the beauty around you as a

reflection of my Creative

Touch even in the face of challenges and

negativity in this broken World keep


me look for me in both extraordinary and

ordinary moments finding hope and the

knowledge that I hold all your days in

My Loving

Hands with me by your side who can stand


you understand this truth I am

unequivocally on your side a promise for

all who follow

me in times of difficulty and betrayal

it may seem like I have abandoned you

but remind yourself of the undeniable

truth I am not only always with you but

also consistently for for

you whether you experience success or

failure kindness or cruelty when you

truly believe that I am on your side

fear Fades away and you confront

challenges with unwavering

composure embrace the certainty that my

unwavering support is your constant

companion knowing that I will never

betray you gives you the strength to

keep going when things get tough

remember my beloved I support and accept

you because you are mine and this will


change no person or situation can ever

come between us and the Limitless love I

have for

you don’t let worry consume you my


one instead replace it with trust and

gratitude have faith in me and praise

everything that I am in everything I


done this combination of adoration and

Trust will chase away anxiety and

darkness bringing us closer

together of course there may still be

valid concerns but I will be there to


you find Peace by seeing challenges in

the light of my presence and seeking my

guidance let the words of scripture

shape your thoughts bringing Clarity to


communication embrace the certainty that

my unwavering love gives you the

strength and confidence to face any

trial that comes your

way take a moment to appreciate all the

blessings in your

life show gratitude through prayers

conversations and even in your own

thoughts it brings me joy when your mind

is filled with thankfulness

you can even thank me for things you

wish were different this Act of Faith

helps you break free from

negativity remember in every situation


thanks it’s what I want for

you I am transforming your mindset

making you brand

new when you live closely with me you

Embrace change and embrace the

new I am constantly working on Renewing

Your Mind and this process will continue

until the day you meet me face to

face unlike lifeless materials used in

buildings you are alive breathing and

thinking you have the incredible ability

to reason and make

choices use this Divine gift to

cooperate with me as I shape you

shedding your old self and embracing the

new this journey of renewal is full of

potential growth and the promise of

becoming the person you were uniquely

designed to

be to make wise and godly choices it is

important to truly know me for who I

am seek me in my word and invite my

spirit to illuminate it revealing its

truths in a vivid and clear

manner by aligning your life with my

will you will start to resemble me more

and experience the joy of my

presence always remember that your true

citizenship lies in

heaven I have the power to transform

your Earthly body into one that reflects

my glorious

form so don’t get too caught up in your

current physical

condition some people hold on tightly to

their Earthly lives Liv but letting go

of that grip will lead them to

experience the ecstatic Joy Of Heaven

surpassing All


imagination embrace the knowledge that

Beyond this Earthly existence there

awaits a perfected and glorified body

along with an eternity of joy in my

presence rest assured my friend I hold

your precious moments in my

hands I have kep carefully orchestrated

every single day of your life and I even

know the exact number of days you have

left discover a profound sense of

satisfaction in your soul by truly

knowing me your loving Savior and


friend don’t worry about the success of

the wicked or their evil

plans in this age of instant

communication we are bombarded with an

overwhelming amount amount of

information and

news exposure to wickedness and

malicious schemes can easily breathe

anxiety and

fear instead focus on the security you

find in

me let the knowledge of our deep

connection bring peace and Assurance to


soul hey

there I want to encourage you to take a

moment and pray about what’s happening

in the world right now

it’s important to seek peace wherever


can one key thing to remember is to

figure out what you can actually change

and what’s out of your

control worrying about stuff that’s

beyond your influence just sucks the

energy out of you and makes you feel

down instead try to focus your thoughts


me I’m always by your side supporting


find happiness in our

connection remember I’m a God of Justice

and I see

everything don’t worry I’ll fix all the

wrongs in due

time just be calm and trust me with all

your heart while you wait for my


amen rest assured that as you

concentrate on the things you can change

and find joy in our relationship your

faith and resilience will shine through

even during tough


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