THE DEVIL MIGHT WIN “IF YOU SKIP THIS MESSAGE” | God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you

today it’s time to rise up claim your

greatness and stop denying your

magnificence to

yourself you have everything you need to


successful you are smart capable and

talented you are strong you are

capable it’s time to step into your full

potential and create the life you’ve

always dreamed Dre

of stop hiding your light under a

bushel let your light shine bright for

all the world to

see you have so much to

offer the world needs your

gifts stop playing

small stop settling for

mediocrity do not worry about what other

people think or say about

you their opinions are not

important listen to your heart and let

it guide you to your true path in life

you are loved and supported by the

universe everything you need is provided


you the time is now you are unlimited

and anything is possible for you

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