the devil couldn’t take you out so he’s

trying to wear you out don’t you dare

get tired hold on because the tide is

about to turn in your favor picture this

Jesus looks at the cross and then at you

you’re worth tea he says I’m not sure wh

needs this today walk through the next

door that God has opened for you don’t

be afraid don’t hesitate just follow him

where he is leading you he has something

planned for you seven things Christians

should remind ourselves of every single

day not sure wh needs this but don’t

give up God will give you the strength

to move ahead I know it’s tough and you

can’t see any way out of this situation

but God can trust him with everything

and he will open the next door don’t you

dare give up he loves you live today

like Jesus is coming coming tomorrow

focus on God’s ability not your

inability if you find yourself far from

God remember e i s n t the one wh moved

God has made you on purpose for a

purpose God has already prepared the way

he’s just preparing you you can’t expect

God to be the source of your peace if

the world is the source of your

satisfaction just want mine friends and

family to know Jesus I take that back I

just want everyone to know Jesus the

next time you are feeling d WN and not

worthy of God’s love remember that he

tends to recruit from the pit not the

pedestal if you believe that Jesus is

King comment Amen in case someone hasn’t

told you lately you are created in the

image of God Genesis – he made

you the way you are for a reason you

have purpose you have meaning you have

gifts use them to love others you are a

beautyful creation of God don t ever

forget that dear God be so busy that I

can’t hear you War when life is to much

to stand kneel in prayer life is so hard

down here here’s what OV is coming

though the devil wants total control

that’s why we are tempted constantly

that’s why life is so challenging at

times that’s why there are so many

distractions too pulling is away trauma

are relationship with God don’t give up

don’t give in stay focused on Jesus and

the life he brings Jesus didn’t come to

start a religion he came to show you how

to get home God is our refuge in

strength a very present help in trouble

therefore for we will not fear I think

people have forgotten how we came

together and treated one another on I

pray that God shows us how to come back

together again find someone who brings

you to God not your bedroom to church

not to the bar a relationship takes

three you them and God Don’t Settle read

that again when you finally start

trusting God with your life spending

time with people who live to you up

prioritizing your morning routine with

Jesus reading your Bible before your

phone and focus on growing your

relationship with God you will become

who you were created to be sometimes God

lets you H Rock Bottom so that you will

discover that he is the rock at the

bottom F God’s plan nothing can stop it

one day you will understand why God made

you wait don’t stop praying just because

you don’t see results immediately God is

working on his own timetable it will be

worth the wait I would not be here with

the ease and Grace I’ll have in my heart

without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Saturday reminder if you leave

everything in God’s hands you will

eventually see God’s hands I I and

everything pray wait trust everything

else will work itself out w n I wanted

to give up God told me to get up we need

to stop chasing after this world we

chase after jobs we chase after people

we chase after money we are taught to

pursue our Ambitions and they will make

us happy but none of that can fill up

the space inside you that Jesus is meant

to be in it’s going to be okay God

didn’t leave you the devil just attacked

you God is still right there but you

have to believe it he

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