healing Triumph and peace over your life words said by me are final the time has

come to rise and shine keep pushing forward because your long awaited

blessing is right here could you kindly let me in I am bringing about a

significant shift in your life I have listened to your requests you desire

better and I know that because I know your heart more and better is on its way

to you A lot has happened to you people

no longer care about you do being critical of you what I claim you are

however is all that counts maintain your course I didn’t make you with flawless

features your faithfulness is a gift from God like this video if your faith

is determination in the Bible verses Psalm to for

always says he will cow you together with his feathers hand beneath his wings

you’ll discover Safe Haven his faithfulness might be your defend and

Rampart today the Divine Creator says make the proems your life friends even

when everything seems to be going wrong keep in mind that I am in control of

everything and that to the degree that you believe me I can make everything fit

into a pattern for the better you may learn something from every challenge

gradually becoming the Masterwork I intended you to be if you respond with

mistrust and Disobedience the same issue may turn into a slippery slope that you

stumble over it is your decision to trust or disobey me and you will have to make

this decision several times a day thanking me for your difficulties is the

finest approach to make them your friends this little action helps you see

the potential advantages that might arise from your challenges you may even

give chronic issues a nickname which will enable you to approach them

more casually than fearfully the next action is to let them

know who I am so that I may welcome them into my presence I may not take away

your difficulties but my insight will be enough to make one of them better

incredible ability to speak with me that I created as an image Bearer you have

have the ability to choose the focal point you in my imagination with the

micus of our thoughts though many of your ideas are unbidden you have more

power over them than you may think Paul said whatever true whatever

is Noble whatever is right dot dot dot think about such things under the

inspiration of the Holy Spirit if it weren’t feasible for you to think

this way I wouldn’t tell you to think that way you have the freedom to choose

to concentrate on wonderful commendable things or un awful unpleasant things

since the world is full of both good and evil though there are periods throughout

the day when you are free to think on pure beautiful things there are also

times when you must cope with the Brokenness around you when your mind is

empty it often wanders to unpleasant thoughts lamenting the past and Fring

about the future as I wait for you to remember my presence I am with you in the Here and

Now make it a habit to look toward me often this makes even the worst of situ

situations happier and makes you feel more joyous me and look for me when you’re it

is difficult but you will seek assignment to the fullest for those who

know me as their lord and savior spending time in my presence is a

privilege to fully profit from this Priceless experience you must seek me

out but sometimes your mind is disorganized disorganized Mass recruit

my spirit to defend your heart and mind against deceit worrying and other

entanglements this will help you clear your mind and quiet your emotions

allowing you to look for me without interference look with all your heart

for me this is a Joe to see and I want that you seek me out throughout both

your Quiet Moments and your busy days your incredible intellect still manages

to concentrate on me in the midst of your hectic schedule the short prayer Jesus Keep Me

aware of your presence May operate in your head like a constant soothing

background track underneath all other mental Pursuits I keep you perfectly at

peace while you your thoughts are fixed on me God says right why yes if you want

to experience my peace glad for my unfailing adoration I’m grateful for the

good you are blind too it might seem as if things are spiraling out of control

and evil appears to be thriving in the environment around you but don’t worry

I’m not ringing my hands and frustration and wondering what to do

next in the middle of the chaos there is good going un behind the scenes and I

remain in charge thus I implore you to give me thanks for both the benefits you

can see and the ones you cannot words cannot describe the depth

and richness of my understanding and knowledge my decisions are impenetrable

and my roots are incomprehensible that’s why it’s so

important that you always believe me you can’t let perplexing events cause you to

lose confidence in me the practices of trusting and

thanking me hope to ground you when things seem shaky in your

life never forget that I am on your side I lead you with my counsel and lead you

into Glory thereafter allow the secret treasure your heavenly inheritance to

inspire you to give joyful thankfulness I am your rank the Lord

this reality which you can always access may not always speak of agreement and

optimism even on your best days strong in your eyes dotted is is of course a

Lifeline full of course in times of weakness your lack of

strength might enable you to turn to me and clutch to this safe Lifeline you may

always cry out to me Lord please save me allow my unwavering love to provide you

Solace it’s essential to cling to something you can trust with your life

something that won’t let you die when you feel like you’re drowning in your

troubles not only does my strong presence provide you strength but it

also clings to you and won’t let go I have you firmly in my grasp my

darling there’s no need to worrying about being weak since I’m always here

actually your weakness is where my strength shines the two compliment one

other wonderfully thank me for your shortcomings then and put your faith in

my omnipresent strength type Jesus is the almighty

King affirm I feel rejuvenated and energized it could be the best day of my

life I will accomplish my goals today I will be kind to myself I choose to

attract positive energy today I am grateful for the new opportunity

this morning I will make a positive difference today I am ready to work hard

to create a life I love I will let go of yesterday’s burdens and start over I

will be happy in this moment the possibilities for today are unlimited I

have all I need to make it a wonderful day to confirm right I am thankful

dearest one it is I your caring parent remember always that my heart is open to

you offering restoration healing and bountiful blessings no that within My

Embrace you’ll find the guidance wisdom and Solace needed during challenging

times I assure you I’ll never be absent from your side not even for a fleeting

moment today I want you to hold on to the belief that I am ever present

accompanying you through every phase of life no matter the duration of your

weight or how shadowed the journey appears trust that your actions when

carried out with honesty and Prudence will flourish stand firm in the

knowledge that I am your steadfast supporter infusing you with the

necessary Vigor you’re not navigating this Voyage in isolation maintain your

faith and rely on the assurances I’ve given without a shred of Doubt should

moments of discouragement arise due to the lack of immediate outcomes remain

steadfast at the most unforeseen time s precisely when it’s right your Miracle

will reveal itself until such a Time proceed with

obedience and fellowship with me comforted by the fact that my love and

mercy are your constant companions I invite you to lay your

burdens and anxieties at my feet I’ve noticed the weight that’s been pressing

down on you




I’ve witnessed your struggles and the toll they’ve taken it is for this reason

that I wish to reassure you you’re not solitary in this my presence is a

constant and wavering source of love and safeguarding despite the seeming

insurmountability of your challenges remember that for me nothing is beyond

reach I am capable of mounting even the most daunting

obstacles so I implore you do not succumb to despair put your trust in me

and permit me to shoulder your burdens and concerns do not allow the troubles

that weigh you down to deter you from pursuing your aspirations and

objectives rest assured I am with you ready to extend my support my commitment

to you as unwavering I will not abandon you on this journey Side by say I will

assist you in overcoming any hurdle my affection and mercy ever

present so remember you are my cherished child and to me you hold immense value

there’s no need for hesitation or fear and approaching me with your trouble

no matter their size I stand ready to Aid you in all things offering my

support unconditionally be mindful that I am your stronghold and your foundation in

me you can place your absolute trust I will guide you on the correct path and

furnish you with the strength necessary to transcend any obstacle typs if you

think God is my savior understand that my dear child I

urge you to persist in your faith and in the love I have for you in doing so you

will discover Tranquility joy peace and calm for I will be there to Bear your

burdens and alleviate your worries my commitment to you is eternal

I will uplift you each time you falter for my love for you is boundless and

everlasting now is the moment to entrust all your concerns and anxieties to me

allow my hands to uphold you my love to Encompass you providing the peace and

serenity you seek concern yourself not with the mechanisms of my assistance for

I have already orchestrated everything within my design lies your welfare

blessings and prosperity all that is required of you as faith in me hen the

willingness to follow where I lead I will guide you along the

appropriate path ensuring you reach your intended destination all that’s needed

is trust in my love for it is sufficient for your happiness I give you my solemn

vow that you will never be alone I will remain by your sigh ready to carry your

burdens and ease your worries I will not fail you for I am your Creator and your

guardian and my presence will be with you till the end of

time should this message have cast a light upon your path I humbly ask for a

simple act of kindness leave a like share your Reflections and a comment

your small gesture could illuminate someone else’s world proceed in

peace it’s as if you and the vast Universe are beating as one far off the

da breaks spreading of breathtaking display of Golds and pinks across the

canvas of the sky a vivid reminder that every Sunrise brings with it the promise

of new starts and fresh chances just like the morning sun

scatters the nights Shadows you hold the power to light up The Path before you

with the bright spark of your aspirations say alen down below if you

share this belief as you Meander by the water’s edge the fine sand underfoot serves as a

gentle reminder to day rooted in the now remember life is akin to a long track

with every step marking progress towards your goals yet in this very moment

you’re exactly where fate intended you to be inhale deeply taking in the Briny

Aroma of the Ocean Air it’s a subtle nudge that life much like the ocean is a

dance between striving and yielding like the oceans tides that come

and go there’s a Time for Action and a time to let the currents of Life steer

your course have faith that the cosmos has a grand design for you a rich Mosaic

of experiences that come together to craft your distinct

narrative in the quiet laws between the waves crash of you listen carefully you

might catch the faint Whispers of your deepest longings the Ambitions that have

quietly taken root in your soul these aspirations are like seeds

brimming with potential just waiting for your tender care to spring into a

existence believe in yourself and the path you’re on if you have faith in the arcane enter

the scripture always says this scripture describes how God uniquely

chose and set aside a people for himself this Divine Choice demonstrates God’s

omnipotent control over the lives of his chosen ones and is a monument to his

magnificent Grace he has freely selected certain people to be there beneficiaries

of his rescuing Grace and his boundless knowledge this Divine choice is based

only on God’s Sovereign decision not on whatever Merit or deservingness we may

have by claiming the righteous for himself the Lord establishes his hemony

and dominion over all that exists and as the one who calls forth a

particular people to be his own property for forever he shows his magnificent

Essence this heavenly Choice exemplifies his wisdom Holiness and everlasting

intentions this is a sobering and humble realization it brings us down to see

that Gods unmerited generosity alone is the source of our salvation not anything

we did it serves as a reminder that God Alone is deserving of all praise and

that there is no place for arrogance or self-righteousness Believers may get a

tremendous deal of comfort and certainty from this teaching it gives us comfort in knowing

that our Salvation is stable and based on gods and wavering character who

Faithfully keeps the promises made in his Covenant we may take solace in the

fact that as the Lord’s special chosen ones we will never be abandoned and will

be protected until the day of our final Redemption the psalmiste exhorts US even

in the face of buttiful growth not to fix our affections on wealth why is is

this warning so crucial above all we need to keep in mind that our connection

with God rather than worldly possessions is the real source of our

happiness and joy the fundamental Christian doctrine of Christ sufficiency

and Grace should be affirmed he alone should capture our hearts and it is in

his presence that we discover pleasure stability and hope it is easy for wealth

to turn into a tempting Idol that tempts us to put it at the center of our

existence and put our faith in its ability to provide for us type if

you believe but in the end these misguided feelings bring to unhappiness and

certainty and a drifting a from our real source of fulfillment

second focusing our attention just on wealth may cause us to misinterpret

God’s favor and our duty as stewards we must acknowledge that God is

ultimately the rightful owner of all we own even our money it is a confidence

that a kind and giving God has bestowed upon us it is is not

ours therefore rather of acting out of greed or

self-indulgence our reaction to Growing wealth should be one of thankfulness and

obedient stewardship finally focusing just on wealth might make us oblivious to the

needs of others and make it more difficult for us to live as giving and

compassionate followers of Christ when riches captures our hearts

we may become self-centered and maybe forget that we have a responsibility to

love our neighbors as ourselves rather we are expected to

emulate our giving God who offered himself as a sacrifice for us by using

the riches that have been given to us in order to bless and elevate those who are

in need may we never take our eyes off of Christ understanding that our real value

and purpose are found only in him let us glorify God with our money and resources

as we obediently manage the benefits placed upon us the Bible is like a light

that shines on our road it makes clear the obligations you

have to God and to each other we learn about our sins and the righteousness

that God demands of us VI it we become conscious of our own

shortcomings and understand that in order to appear before God we need a

greater righteousness it gives you as a moral compass to help us make the

correct decisions the gospel kinds brilliantly providing us with knowledge of a kind

and merciful Goden Christ it is a portion of the word of God we gain

knowledge of the characters functions and Grace of Christ it teaches us how to

live a Godly virtuous and sober life the Bible as a whole shines like a

lighthouse in a world gone dark it is comparable to a light that Christians

hold in their hands to help them see more clearly as they make their way

through life’s blemishes it acts as a yard stick for our beliefs and deeds assisting Us in

separating fact from fiction and exposing mistake and

immorality it leads us down the path of Holiness and Truth assisting pass in

avoiding obstacles and perhaps it gives us the necessary light for walking and

working it is crucial to remember that only individuals whose spiritual eyes

have been opened and enlightened by the Holy Spirit are able to understand this

light AAP torch or any other kind of light source would be useless for

someone who is blind type pal and if you have faith in God

the Divine message saying God has previously planned certain times to

appear in your life this is I think one of your moments we are in a season of

taste growth and acceleration right now you’re going to get the self

assurance to take on challenges that you were before unable to your abilities and

capabilities will become more apparent to you God is going to Grant you more

Authority notoriety and a larger stage you will be able to stand out as

his face shines down on you you will be more fully Vindicated by God than by

yourself David said God will prepare a table before you and the presence of

your enemies this implies that those who wronged you those who attempted to stop

you and those who told you you lacked the necessary skills will see your

promotion honor and position of power when God brings you

out God will not defend you behind closed doors rather he will accomplish

it in the opens so that your adversaries will perceive you as successful

fortunate and favored as job was at his lowest point

dejected down sure that nothing would ever work out God spoke to him in job

saying it will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of

Joy what God spoke to job he is speaking to you happiness Innovations recovery

and advancement are on the horizon God is going to make you laugh

uncontrollably you won’t be able to stop laughing because he’s going to do

something so incredible and thankful that it will leave you speechless your

sadness will transform into pleasure and you’re grieving into dancing on

sometimes your adversaries may have more influence on you than your

allies they didn’t know that God was using them to start a fire inside of you

they believed they were trying to scare demoralize and stop you they assisted

you in learning how to announce God’s favor pray with boldness endure maintain

concentration and fight the good Battle of faith God utiliz them for your

benefit even though they intended evil God is able to put you in touch with the

appropriate individuals he is skilled at guiding you toward your goals you can

never know what God has planned for you there are certain surprises that are

waiting for you that would Astound you if you saw them right now

things you’ve been hoping for this year will come together out of nowhere the

appropriate people will show up and possibilities that you weren’t expecting

will present themselves God is going to surprise you with his kindness but it is

coming on occasion the adversary rejoices prematurely you’re not out but

he doesn’t know you’re down though it seems like it’s setting you up

you have a setback he believed that giving up on your

aspirations and being dissatisfied with the results of

disappointment he believed that a poor break would keep you depressed angry and

wallowing in the ashes He was unaware that you could get back up after being struck down he had

no idea that you would start praising instead of complaining though he could be having a

party right now don’t worry your moment will come God is now working things out

to your advantage no one can close doors that God

opens this implies that you may live in peace knowing that even if someone

doesn’t like you and does there hardest to discredit you they can’t shut the

door on you God has previously predetermined certain doors to open on

their own nobody is able to stop them the point is that God and you make up the

majority anything or everyone attempting to stop you will be overpowered by what

he has planned for your life you can overcome everyone who opposes you and

prevents you from reaching your goal type yes to claim this blessing

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