Son, you won’t have another chance like this! Don’t waste it!???? God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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world God said my dear son it is I your

merciful god bringing you words of

comfort and hope my love for you is

infinite and I desire for you to

understand that the healing offer is

complete and

comprehensive it is not limited only to

your physical body but also reaches the

deepest wounds of your soul and heart in

the midst of adversity and suffering you

may question the reason behind the pain

but know that I am by your side ready to

lift you up and renew you trust in me

for I have the power to transform your

pain into healing your sorrow into Joy

receive my healing with faith and

gratitude knowing that it is a

manifestation of my unconditional love

for you may you feel my constant

presence enveloping you with my love and

guiding you to the fullness of life I

desire for you my beloved Sons and

Daughters it is I the god of Divine

Healing bringing you words of comfort

hope and renewal my love for each of you

is unfathomable and I wish for you to

understand that healing is a blessing

that I offer with the intention of

bringing complete renewal to every

aspect of your lives Divine Healing is

not limited only to the physical body

but also encompasses the wounds of the

soul and heart as you face adversity and

illness you may question the reason

behind the suffering know that the world

in which you live is a place of Duality

where good and evil

coexist however amid this scenario I am

always present ready to offer you my

loving hand of healing when faced with

diseases injuries or afflictions it is

natural to feel fear and uncertainty but

I invite you to find peace in me through

prayer and deep connection with the

divine within you in the Bible passage

of John verse Jesus says peace I

leave with you my peace I give unto you

not as the world giveth give I unto you

let not your heart be troubled neither

Let It Be Afraid just as Jesus offers

peace to his disciples I also offer you

my peace which surpasses all human

understanding allow my presence to calm

your hearts and strengthen you to face

life’s challenges with Serenity and

Faith you awaken the Inner Strength

necessary to face any challenge

remember that your souls are Eternal and

even in the face of physical illness

Your Divine Essence remains untouched

and Immaculate I understand that

sometimes healing may not occur as you

expected but it is important to remember

that in my plan all things intertwine

for the greater good as written in

Jeremiah for I will restore

Health unto thee and I will heal thee of

th wounds Seth the Lord healing can take

many forms and at times inner

transformation is the key to complete

healing it is an invitation to discover

courage and resilience within you and to

trust in my Divine wisdom that

transcends human understanding Sons and

Daughters seek healing on all levels of

your being taking care of the physical

body by nourishing it with healthy food

exercise excise and adequate rest

cultivating mental peace through

meditation and renewing the mind with

positive thoughts open your hearts to

unconditional love for it is the

powerful bomb that heals the deepest

emotional wounds during the healing

process it is essential to be patient

with yourselves as it may take time and

require patience like planting a seed

that with proper care grows and

flourishes Divine Healing is an ongoing

process often accompanied by valuable

lessons that allow souls to expand in

understanding and wisdom in Desiring to

be healed remember that you are not

alone on this journey invite God to

share your pains in prayer and Trust In

His Infinite love and mercy he is by

your side holding your hands and guiding

you towards the fullness of Life be

receptive to his Whispering voice for it

often brings answers and Direction amid

uncertainties additionally know that

during the healing process you can

become instruments of healing for others

by opening your hearts and allowing

Divine love to flow through you you will

contribute to the well-being and healing

of those who also face similar

challenges remember that by sharing love

and compassion you also re receive

healing and strength in your own healing

process thus creating a cycle of healing

and renewal that benefits all the love

you emanate the words of encouragement

you share and the acts of kindness you

perform can bring relief and hope to

those who suffer be channels of my light

let my love flow through you to bless

everyone on this journey of Divine

Healing strengthen your faith and trust

in me believe in the beauty of life life

and in the transformative power of my

love for I am the god of Divine Healing

inviting you to live in health wholeness


well-being receive my blessing and Let

The Healing begin in your hearts

spreading throughout your entire

existence trust love and be healed I am

with you now and always amen you have

found refuge in my compassionate love

and with unwavering Faith you have

surrendered your fears and worries into

my Divine hands the miracle of healing

is a powerful manifestation of my

unconditional love for you when illness

attempts to weaken your bodies and drain

the Hope from your souls it is the

Divine Light that shines upon you

dispelling the shadows of sickness and

bringing renewal and

restoration my healing actions can take


forms sometimes I operate through

science and the talents of healthc Care

Professionals inspiring them with wisdom

and knowledge to alleviate your pains

and treat your ailments other times my

Divine Touch acts in inexplicable ways

like a miracle that transcends human

understanding trust in my love and know

that I am always by your side guiding

you to the fullness of Life maintain

Faith and Hope for healing is with

Within Reach for those who believe in

the power of divine love the fundamental

essence of all healing lies in the

powerful combination of love and faith

regardless of how this healing manifests

whether through direct divine

intervention or available therapeutic

resources it is the power of love that

permeates the entire process by

surrendering to the Divine will Hearts

open to receive the flowing Grace

bringing with it healing and

well-being faith and trust play a

crucial role allowing recognition that

even amidst adversity there is a greater

purpose at work it is the acknowledgment

that the divine plan is perfect and The

Loving Hands of the Creator are always

present guiding towards the most

suitable path it is within this

understanding that hope and certainty

reside knowing that with love and faith

as guides all situations can be faced

and overcome allowing healing to

manifest in all areas of life the

Gratitude you express for this blessing

is like a hymn of praise that resounds

in the heavens echoing acknowledgment of

my boundless love and tireless care for

you as you celebrate the joy of healing

I invite you not to forget those who

still battle against illness May the

compassion flowing from your Hearts

inspire you to lift your prayers for

your brothers and sisters in need so

they too may experience the touch of my

healing love let this gratitude Propel

you to share the gift of Hope and

healing with those in need extending the

hand of compassion and support on their

path to

Restoration in this journey of gratitude

remember to cherish The Gift of Health

and the preciousness of Life allow

gratitude to lead you to live with

purpose compassion and

generosity every breath every step every

smile now becomes living testimonies of

my grace and kindness may this healing

be a continuous source of inspiration in

your life know that my love for you is

eternal with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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