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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dear child when you encounter

those facing pain and sorrow know that

you are the light I have sent to

brighten their lives remember the words

of my scripture as in Philippians

and that you may may be blameless and

innocent children of God without blemish

in the midst of a crooked and twisted

generation among whom you shine as

lights in the world holding fast to the

word of life so that in the day of

Christ I may be proud that I did not run

in vain I have called you to be an

instrument of comfort and hope capable

of Illuminating the path for those lost

in the darkness of

Affliction I know the struggles and

burdens each person carries for no one

is immune to Life’s difficulty

ulties in Proverbs and I instruct

you trust in the Lord with all your

heart and do not lean on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He will make

straight your paths in these moments

your presence and love can make all the

difference fear not for I am with you as

promised in Isaiah

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

be a loving presence a friendly shoulder

and an attentive

ear simply being present and listening

with empathy can bring immense Comfort

to those who are

suffering remember that your role is not

to solve all problems but to be a

reflection of my love as indicated in


amid others adversities practice

kindness and respect engaging in the

pain of others for I am with you

offering wisdom and

compassion in this role your loving

presence can be a light that brightens

the path for those facing challenges

providing comfort and support in

difficult times to be a bearer of my

light means not only helping those in

pain but also becoming a witness to my

love and transformative power believe

that through you I can perform Miracles

and bring healing to broken hearts in


it is written for I know the plans

I have for you declares the Lord plans

for welfare and not for evil to give you

a future and a hope do not doubt my

power of transformation in your life I

can use even the darkest moments to

bring Beauty and

renewal may your light continue to shine

brightly even in moments when darkness


overwhelming always remember that you

are an expression of my love and grace

in this world as you illuminate the

lives of those in pain you are

fulfilling a Divine Purpose in Ephesians

I tell you for at one time you were

Darkness but now you are light in the

Lord walk as children of light spread

the hope they so desperately need

believe in yourself in your ability to

be a source of inspiration and comfort

to others trust in my power that

operates through you stay firm in faith

for your mission to illuminate people in

times of pain is an essential part of

the plan I have for you may my light

continue to guide you Empower you and

inspire you to be an agent of

transformation may your heart be filled

with compassion and unconditional love

for all who cross your path be

constantly reminded of the power of love

and the positive impact you can have on

the lives of those in pain may my grace

be upon you strengthening and empowering

you to fulfill this Noble Mission You

Are Not Alone on this journey for I am

with you every step of the way in


remember I can do all things

through him who strengthens me May this

message be a constant reminder of your

calling to be a light in a world in

desperate need of comfort and

healing never forget the power of love

in the positive impact you can have on

the lives of those in pain may my light

continue to shine through you my beloved

child if you agree write amen and share

this message with someone who also needs

to hear it remember that the light

shining within you is a manifestation of

my unconditional love when you reach out

to illuminate someone else’s life you

are reflecting my love and

compassion never underestimate the

transformative power of Love In Action

in John remember beloved if God

so loved us we also ought to love one

another May the peace that surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus Philippians for verse

may your light continue to shine my

beloved child guiding those in darkness

toward hope comfort and healing in all

your ways trust in me for I am the way

way the truth and the life John

I bless you with my grace love and

peace amen with love of

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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