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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son at this moment I wish

to express to you how special you are to

me since your first breath I have

accompanied every step of your journey

with love and care I know you deeply for

it was I who formed you with all my love

and wisdom you are a masterpiece of my

creation endowed with talents abilities

and unique potentialities waiting to be

explored and manifested to the world

Your Existence is a Divine gift and

every moment of your life has a special

purpose never doubt my love for you for

I am always by your side guiding and

protecting you in every moment your life

is a Divine gift and expression of my

infinite love for you every breath every

heartbeat is a manifestation of my love

and care for you remember the words of


which says I will praise you for

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

marvelous are your works and that my

soul knows very well each moment you

live is precious for it has a unique and

special purpose in your journey since

the moment you came into to the world I

have been present observing every detail

of your existence surrounding you with

my constant love and care do not fear

the challenges that life presents you

for I am here to guide and strengthen

you I know that sometimes the journey

may seem arduous and full of obstacles

but I want you to know that I am by your

side in every moment trust in me and

entrust me with your concerns for I am

ready to take care of you always

remember remember my promise that all

things work together for the good of

those who love me so move forward with

courage and faith knowing that each

challenge brings with it an opportunity

for growth and strengthening You Are Not

Alone on this journey I Am with You

guiding your steps and sustaining you

with my unconditional love value every

relationship that is part of your life

for these connections give meaning and

color to your journey love the people

around you sincerely and dedicatedly

being a loyal friend a compassionate

brother and a faithful companion these

relationships are true Treasures that

enrich Your Existence and endure Beyond

time remember the words of Proverbs

a friend loves at all times and a

brother is born for

adversity this passage reminds us of the

importance of cultivating genuine and

Lasting friendships for they sustain us

in difficult times and fill us with joy

in happy moments remember the words of


I will instruct you and teach you

in the way you should go I will guide

you with my eye just as I promised I am

here to guide you in every step of your

journey do not let comparisons with

others distract you from the path I have

traced exclusively for you also remember

the words of Jeremiah

for I know the thoughts that I

think toward you says the Lord thoughts

of peace and not of evil to give you a

future and a hope trust in my guidance

and the plan I have for you for you are

precious in my eyes move forward with

confidence for I am with you every step

of the way trust in my guidance and the

plan I have traced for your life in it

you will find the fullness and

fulfillment you seek do not fear to

follow the path I have design designated

for you for in it you will find true

happiness and your mission in this world

embrace your relationships with

gratitude and acceptance for in them you

will find the support and love you need

to grow and flourish give thanks for the

blessings you receive daily both great

and small gratitude is a powerful Ally

on life’s journey for it opens your eyes

to the beauty and abundance around you

recognize my presence in every detail of

your life and give thanks for everything

you receive do not let fear or anxiety

prevent you from living fully trust in

me and the plans I have for you remember

that I am always by your side guiding

and protecting you do not fear the

future for I already know it and am

preparing a path of blessings and

accomplishments for you child do not

waste your life with feudal worries and

unfounded fears surrender yourself

completely to my will and trust that I

will take care of you in every moment

accept the challenges that life presents

you as opportunities for growth and

learning always seek wisdom and

knowledge for they will guide you in

moments of decision and uncertainty do

not be afraid to make mistakes or face

new challenges for I am with you every

step of the way live your life with

courage gratitude and love each day

presents an opportunity to embrace these

virtues and make a positive impact on

the world around you let the light of

your heart guide you illuminating your

path with kindness compassion and hope

in moments of Doubt or fear remember

that you possess the strength and

resilience to overcome any challenge

that comes your way gratitude is a

powerful force that can transform your

perspective and bring joy to your life

take time to appreciate the blessings

that surround you the beauty of nature

the love of family and friends the

opportunities for growth and learning

cultivate a spirit of thankfulness

recognizing that even in difficult times

there is always something to be grateful

for love is the greatest gift you can

give and receive share it freely with

those around you offering kindness

compassion and support to others by

nurturing loving relationships and

fostering a sense of community

you can create a ripple effect of

positivity that spreads far and wide as

you journey through life remember that

you are never alone turn to me in prayer

and I will be there to guide you with

wisdom and Grace trust in my plan for

you knowing that it is crafted with love

and purpose even in the face of

uncertainty have faith that everything

will unfold according to my Divine will

know that you are deeply loved and

cherished beyond measure measure my love

for you is unconditional and unwavering

enduring through all the trials and

tribulations of Life find solace in the

knowledge that I am always with you

offering Comfort guidance and strength

whenever you need it Embrace each day as

a precious gift filled with infinite

possibilities and opportunities for

growth live with courage gratitude and

love and you will discover the true

richness and abundance of life

with love God hope this message has been

an inspiration to you if you liked it

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