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said my dear son it is with love that I

call you to be with me in this special

moment sit with me for a while for there

is a message I wish to engrave deeply

upon your heart my plans for you are

grand for I yearn for your prosperity

and a future filled with hope the

blessings I have prepared for you

transcend any imagination or dream you

may have they are wonders so

extraordinary that no eye has seen no

ear has heard nor has the human mind

conceived it is a manifestation of my

love for you a demonstration of my care

and my desire to see you flourish in all

areas of life however it is important

for you to understand that these

promises are not for all

indiscriminately they are reserved for

my faithful ones for those who have

remained true to me in the face of

adversity as it is written in

Corinthians what no I has Seen Nor Ear

heard nor the heart of man imagined what

God has prepared for those who love him


therefore it is necessary for you to

maintain your faithfulness to me even

when times are tough and temptations

arise may your faith remain unshaken for

it is through it that you will attain

the great purposes I have outlined for

you may you stand firm in my truth

confident that I am always by your side

guiding you toward the Fulfillment of my

purposes may this certainty bring you

peace and strengthen your determination

to move forward for in my presence there

is fullness of joy and eternal pleasure

so listen carefully now for this message

is to resonate in your spirit pay

attention for I am confirming something

I have already whispered to your heart

do you acknowledge that I have called

you to be a Channel of my financial

blessings anointed to pour out resources

into my kingdom however

understand that this is not about

accumulating Treasures for yourself nor

simply reclaiming territory from the

enemy the financial blessings will be

released through willing vessels like

yourself who will Steward wealth

appropriately pouring it back into the

work of ministry have you noticed how I

have blessed you perhaps you have not

seen but my Supernatural favor rests

upon you I have increased your gift

expanded your abilities and the divinely

inspired ideas I have granted you are

already beginning to bear fruit step by

step you follow my plan obeying my

Specific Instructions for your life for

you sought me first it is not Earthly

riches that you pursue but by seeking me

all these other things shall be added

unto you and even more declare your

Readiness to receive them in the

comments writing I receive Lord surely

you have noticed those around you

observing the obvious blessings in your

life even those who do not know me are

amazed by what I am doing they can

clearly see that my hand is upon you and

my glory is being revealed through you

my dear child I want you to know that I

am a god of infinite and unconditional

love from the moment I formed you in

your mother’s womb I had have been by

your side accompanying every step of

your journey my love for you transcends

all human barriers and limits it is a

love that never fails never gives up and

never Fades away even in the darkest

moments of your life I am there holding

your hand and enveloping you with my

grace and mercy Every Beat of your heart

resonates with the pulse of my love for

you are my beloved child and my Joy is

to be near you know that you are not

alone in this world even before you were

born I had already mapped out a perfect

plan for your life every Talent every

gift you possess was given by me for a

unique and special purpose I have called

you to a noble and Grand Mission a

mission that only you can fulfill you

are a masterpiece of my creation and

every detail of your life has been

carefully planned by me there is nothing

that happens in your life that escapes

my knowledge or control I am always

present guiding you with love and wisdom

shaping your destiny according to my

eternal purposes furthermore I want you

to know that I am a god of forgiveness


restoration no matter how far you may

have strayed from my path my love for

you never

diminishes I am always ready to extend

my hand of forgiveness and lift you up

when you fall my heart overflows with

compassion for you and my desire is to

see you grow and flourish in the

fullness of my grace there is no mistake

too great that can separate you from my

redeeming love you are my beloved child

and nothing can change that come to me

with sincerity and repentance and I will

give you rest for your soul let me wipe

away your tears heal your wounds and

restore your joy trust in me my child

and I will lead you through life’s paths

with love Grace and Supernatural power

may you feel my constant presence in

your life guiding protecting and

strengthening you in all your Journeys

may you find comfort and security in

knowing that I am your heavenly father

always present and always loving May the

truth of my love for you penetrate

deeply into your heart filling it with

peace and hope for you are my precious

treasure and my love for you is eternal

trust in me my child and I will lead you

to the high places of my glory where you

will find Abundant Life and endless Joy

my beloved child allow me to express the

love I have for you in a way that

transcends all known words from the

moment I sketched the outlines of your

existence I traced a plan of love and

purpose that would unfold throughout the

days of your life you are more than a

mere creation you are the Masterpiece of

my deepest dreams at every step of the

way I have been present guiding your

steps with Grace and tenderness even

when you did not perceive my presence my

love for you is like a constant stream

flowing uninterrupted enveloping you in

an eternal Embrace of love love and

kindness I want you to understand the

magnitude of the purpose I have created

for you even before you were born I

placed in you talents gifts and unique

abilities destined to be used to glorify

my name and bless the world around you

you are a change agent an ambassador of

my love and grace fear not therefore in

the face of challenges and adversities

for I am always by yourself side

empowering and strengthening you to face

every battle trust in my plan for your

life for it is a plan of Hope prosperity

and fulfillment furthermore I want you

to know that I am a god of abundance and

generosity the blessings I pour out upon

you are not measured in small amounts

but in a torrent of grace and favor that


extravagantly it is no coincidence that

I have chosen you you to be the

recipient of these Abundant Blessings

through your life I desire to

demonstrate to the world the magnitude

of my goodness and power you are like a

beacon shining in the darkness

attracting the lost and desperate to the

light of my presence as you walk in

obedience and trust you will witness the

Fulfillment of my promises in your life

do not be surprised by the impact you

will have on the world around you your

willingness to serve me and trust in me

will attract many to my kingdom bringing

salvation Liberation and

transformation always remember that the

rewards awaiting you in eternity are

incomparable to The Riches of this world

remain steadfast in integrity and

humility recognizing that everything you

have comes from me and is for my glory

as we move into this new season of

blessings and expandion

I ask that you remain steadfast in my

truth and my will be a good Steward of

the resources I entrust to you using

them wisely and generously be attentive

to the opportunities that arise before

you Discerning my voice amidst the many

voices of this world and when Financial

blessing comes in abundance always

remember that it is a gift from my

loving hand intended to be used for the

advance vement of my kingdom and the

well-being of those around you my son my

daughter may you receive these words

with an open and grateful heart for what

I have reserved for you goes beyond what

you can imagine prepare yourself to

witness the supernatural unfold before

your eyes and to be used by me in ways

you never dreamed possible trust in me

trust in my love for you and know that I

am always by your side God in and

sustaining you in all things may my

peace and my presence be with you today

and always amen with love God I hope

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