Son, I’m giving you the last chance!???????? URGENT! | I LOVE JESUS | GOD MESSAGE TO DAY |

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son May the peace that

surpasses all understanding find a

dwelling place in your heart at this

moment I behold you with a love that

transcends any Earthly measure

for you are the most Sublime product of

my care and the reflection of my eternal

and unconditional love as I read the

lines of your heart an Indescribable Joy

invades my being as I witness how you

have overcome challenges and found true

happiness allowing my guidance to lead

you from the moment I formed you in your

mother’s womb I designed a unique and

special plan for your life every

challenge every Joy and every obstacle

were carefully integrated into this

Divine Design trust in me for my hand

has always been present guiding each of

your steps along the way remember my

words the heart of man plans his way but

the Lord establishes his steps Proverbs

continue to trust in me for I Am by

your side in every moment ready to

strengthen and guide guide you with

infinite love and care reading my word

is like having a beacon shining on the

path of your life a compass always

pointing in the right direction dedicate

time to the contemplation of the

scriptures for in them you will find the

wisdom and guidance necessary for each

step the Bible is not just a book it is

my voice whispering to your heart

showing the way the truth and the life

although Humanity often Strays from

regular reading of my word you are an

example of how your communion with me

has transformed your journey pain at

times has been the megaphone I used to

get your attention and guide you in a

New Direction remember job

he delivers the afflicted by their

Affliction and opens their ear by

adversity let my word be your anchor in

times of storm your light in the

darkness and your source of Eternal hope

cultivate this intimate relationship

with me for on every page of scripture I

reveal myself to you offering counsel

comfort and encouragement when you find

yourself lost or confused turn to my

words for in them you will find the

clarity and peace you seek may your life

be permeated by the presence of my word

guiding and strength in you on every

Journey every tear you shed every

challenge you faced I transformed into a

tool to shape your character and direct

you to my purpose just as a rider uses

Reigns to guide his horse I often use

discomfort to point you in a different

direction pain is not punishment but an

opportunity for growth and

transformation as it is written in


and we we know that for those who

love God all things work together for

good for those who are called according

to his purpose anxiety is a heavy burden

but remember that I am with you for you

and more powerful than anything you may

fear choosing to trust in me even when

circumstances seem challenging is a wise

decision trust in me as the Apostle Paul

did in frightening situations recognize

realing that I am your constant

deliverer let go of worrying about the

future for your anxieties reveal where

you still do not fully trust in me

Romans assures that I am working

for your good in all

circumstances every challenge you face

is an opportunity for growth and

experience of my

faithfulness just as Hezekiah who

recognized his weaknesses humility is


Proverbs and reminds us trust in

the Lord with all your heart and do not

lean on your own understanding in all

your ways acknowledge Him and He will

make straight your paths let this trust

guide you for I am always with you ready

to strengthen and Lead You may these

words inspire you to place your trust in

me even in the most difficult moments

for I Am The God Who who cares for you

at all times may you like Hezekiah

recognize the need to continually seek

my protection and guidance life is full

of Crossroads moments when our choices

shape not only the course of events but

also our spiritual and personal growth

it is through these challenges these

choices that we Define who we are and

where we want to go therefore choose

your battles wisely for therein lies the

essence of your journey trust that I am

by your side every step of the way

guiding you with love and wisdom

remember that difficulties are

inevitable but by facing them with

courage and Faith you will find within

yourself the strength to overcome them

life will never be easy but by choosing

the right challenges you can sculpt your

destiny according to the purpose I have

for you the vibrations are of success

abundance love and happy

relationships they are signs from the

universe hints of the extraordinary that

is yet to come receive these blessings

with gratitude and open yourself to the

opportunities that lie before you I am

preparing a massive positive change in

your journey a transformation that will

Elevate you to new heights of

fulfillment and wholeness stagnation

occurs when we scatter ourselves in many

different directions when we lose focus

on what truly matters therefore choose

your priorities wisely and concentrate

on what truly nourishes your soul

remember the example of Christ who

descended into the depths of Hell

proclaimed his victory over sin and

death and Rose on the third day bringing

Redemption and hope to all who believe

in him may this truth strengthen your

faith and inspire you to face life’s

challenges with courage and confidence

in moments of confusion and

disorientation Grant yourself the Sacred

Space to breathe deeply and immerse

yourself in

contemplation recognize the unwavering

and Limitless love that I have

exclusively for you a love that

transcends all Earthly barriers and

limitations in the midst of pervasive

UNC certainty resist the advancing

clutches of fear acknowledge it as a

precious opportunity to strengthen the

foundations of your faith and nurture

the seeds of hope that flourish within

you each breath becomes more than just a

physical act it becomes a profound

opportunity to consciously acknowledge

and embrace my enduring presence a

constant companion throughout your

intricate Journey learn to Value each

fleeting moment Discerning its singular

Essence as an Irreplaceable facet of

your existence time like a transient

River carries with it the promise of

distinct experiences in every unfolding

instance making it essential to free

yourself from the shackles of the past

in order to fully embrace the present

and envision the unlimited potential of

the future forgiveness is an art a

transformative process that open opens

doors to the boundless Freedom that lies

ahead absorb the invaluable lessons

scattered along your path gracefully Bid

Farewell to what no longer contributes

to your growth and with unwavering

courage step into the Enigma that the

future holds Advance with the certainty

that each of your steps is carefully

Guided by the Invisible Hand of Divine

Providence even amidst the bewildering

twists of life’s narrative remember that

I am a steadfast and constant presence a

companion Always by your side Traverse

this intricate Journey not in solitude

but in the intimate company of me your

Eternal and steadfast companion the

father whose love transcends all

conceivable limits May these Expressions

delicately woven as a tender message

from a father to his beloved child

envelop you in a Grace that surpasses

understanding a Tranquility that has the

power to calm even the most turbulent

storms and a love that transcends all

conceivable barriers in the heart of

challenges and in the shadows of

uncertainties allow the foundation of

your trust to be firmly anchored in me

for I Am unwaveringly by your side in

every conceivable moment with love God I

hope this message has been an in

inspiration to you if you liked it

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