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said my dear son in this profound moment

saturated with renewed tenderness my

gaze turns towards the very core of your

heart to the sanctity that encapsulates

your essence where the true meaning of

your existence unfolds there is

absolutely no cause for distress when

faced with tasks that intermittently

appear as challenges seemingly

insurmountable as articulated in my

Sacred Scriptures come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will give

you rest Matthew

my purpose extends Beyond mere

vigilance I am here to pacify the storms


heart and to bestow upon you the

Tranquility you earnestly seek I

comprehend that at certain junctures of

your journey the shadows of fear and

doubt May cast a veil obscuring the true

magnitude of the blessings I pour upon

you with boundless love amidst life’s

trials you might inadvertently Overlook

the promises I your creator made to you

my cherished son my precious daughter

today my Ardent desire is to rec Kindle

within you an acute awareness of my

unwavering presence and Perpetual love

just as the Yoke you bear is gentle and

the burden I present is light I implore

you to Fathom throughout your journey

that my companionship accompanies you at

every step Matthew

– take my yoke upon you and learn

from me for I am gentle and humble in

heart and you will find rest for your

souls for my yoke is easy

and my burden is light confronted with

the potential chaos that may pervade

your path I beseech you not to succumb

to fear my cherished son my beloved

daughter I Your Divine Guardian solemnly

pledge to Shield you from the malevolent

forces and to radiate a Beacon of Hope

when those around you falter in faith

recognize that this Proclamation is a

testament to my unyielding love an

eternal vow to never forsake you when

you utter I Love You Lord you are not

only articulating affection but also

reciprocating to a love that transcends

comprehension I am diligently erasing

the scars etched by life alleviating the

burdens your soul has borne every trial

faced every tear shed Bears significance

today you stand adorned with strength

wisdom and maturity empowering you to

safeguard and love those in your embrace

the Epic of your emancipation has

arrived you are a vessel of my love

ordained to illuminate the lives

shrouded in darkness acknowledge the

adversaries endeavoring to disrupt your

peace and piler your Serenity but

remember within me you already stand

triumphant Romans

no in all these things we are more

than conquerors through him who loved us

guard against the infiltration of

negativity and fear into the recesses of

your heart even if you falter and

stumble I stand Resolute to lift you

high my gaze has never strayed from you

and no malevolence shall Prevail against

you you are not merely a creation but my

beloved Son my beloved daughter and my

Mercy knows no bounds May the Resonance

of these truths Echo within you like an

everlasting Melody of Love I impart upon

you an abundance of strength to confront

challenges and adversaries with

unwavering confidence Forge ahead my

cherished son my beloved daughter for my

unwavering presence is your constant

companion cultivate gratitude within

your heart for the Myriad blessings I

bestow upon you my love envelopes you

today and for all eternity amen with

love God I hope this message has been an

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