hello God I wanted to say thank you

thank you for my family thank you for my

lessons thank you for my opportunities

thank you for my life I know I’m not

always grateful and I’m sorry help me to

not get so distracted by this world that

I forget how blessed I am amen things

you will never regret praying reading

your Bible forgiving someone saying I

love you washing your hands being kind

trusting God it’s not too late you can

still change you can still accept Jesus

you can still secure your eternity go to

him in prayer today sometimes God closes

doors because it’s time to move forward

he knows you won’t move unless your

circumstances Force you trust the

transition God’s got you God is saying

too today the battle is not yours it’s

mine whenever you feel like giving up

and you can’t seem to pick yourself up

remember that your strength comes from

me don’t you dare give up I have amazing

things in store for you stay in prayer

your answer is closer thank you think

being a Christian isn’t just a Bible

verse in your bio keeping a Daily

Journal or wearing a cross necklace it’s

saying no to the world and yes to Jesus

when everything around you fights

against it Christianity isn’t always

easy but it’s so worth it Sundays are

made for the sun focus on Jesus all day

long today and watch your life transform

I am so thankful that God never gave up

on me don’t worry about the people God

moved from your life he heard

conversations you didn’t he saw things

you couldn’t he made Moves you wouldn’t

God when I feel overwhelmed by what’s

going on around me please help me toky

to you I want you to be my strength for

today and my hope for tomorrow I know

that you Empower me to endure whatever

comes my way in Jesus name amen one day

you’ll look back and be thankful that it

went goddess way and not yours today

choose worship over worry choose faith

over fear choose peace over Panic by

believing in a sovereign God who gives

us all his Saving Grace God is always

working stim you can’t see it sometimes

you can’t feel it stims you can’t grasp

what he is doing but that’s what faith

is it’s believing in the goodness of God

in spite of what you can see when God

gives you a new beginning it starts with

an ending be thankful for closed doors

they often guide you as to the right one

you’ve got another day another blessing

from God God don’t waste it on the

distractions of this world dear God

thank you for waking me up today I am

excited to see what you have planned for

me I am yours to lead all day long

please protect my family and friends

from Pain please ease the hearts of

those who are angry please reassure

those who don’t feel loved be sure to

start every prayer with oh thank you God

we live in a time where Satan doesn’t

even hide anymore and some of us still

don’t see him religion says to do Grace

says it’s done marriage tip marry

someone who thanks God for you not

someone who takes God from you Tuesday

reminder those who leave everything in

God’s hands will eventually see God’s

hands in everything getting baptized in

the Jordan River where Jesus was don’t

forget about God when you get what you

prayed for when you kneel before God you

can stand before anything when you

can’t sleep at night have you ever

thought that maybe maybe it’s God saying

we need to talk and now you have time

churches are great for prayer but so are

cars and offices in back patios and long

walks and bedrooms and kitchen tables

dear God it’s when I seek you that I

find you so today help me to

intentionally draw near to you give me

the courage to shift my attention off of

my circumstances and onto you I want to

rely on you completely by coming to you

first over anything else stop looking

back at the past

that God LED you out of stay focused on

the future he is leading you towards God

put the people in your life there for a

reason I don’t know W this is for God

already knew that you would be going

through what you are going through right

now he built you strong enough to get

through it he also showed you through

the sacrifice that Jesus made that there

is a purpose for your pain don’t worry

my friend God can hear every tear it’s

not a weakness to admit you need Jesus

it’s wisdom

God has taught me that never have to

worry I survived yesterday I am dealing

with today with God’s help I can face

tomorrow and whatever may come God

didn’t remove the Red Sea he parted it

sometimes God doesn’t remove your

problems he makes a way through them one

day God is going to hug you so tight

that all of your broken pieces will it

back together at some point today God

will protect you from something you

didn’t even no is there to harm you dear

God today I am thankful for if you

really want to be like Jesus be the one

that stays when everyone else walks away

read this in silence thank you Lord for

everything you’ve done for me forgive me

of all of my sins create in me a clean

heart and the right Spirit within me I

love you and need you Lord bless and

protect everyone that seeks you and

believes in you amen at the end of the

day what really matters is what Jesus

thinks about you not everyone else being

Christlike means as we pray for those

who do us wrong they know not what they

do don’t be ashamed of how many times

you have fallen down be thankful for all

the times that God has picked you back

up the devil wouldn’t be attacking you

so hard if there wasn’t something holy

inside of you thieves don’t break into

empty homes don t stop praying it’s not

over until God says it is I’m not sure

who needs this I know you feel lost and

alone right now but God’s got big plans

for you he is going to help you get

through this God can give you the

strength to fight this battle because

you still have a purpose God is not done

with you yet he love you our society is

broken Jesus is how W can fix it

sometimes the weight is the lesson from

God if you can’t stop thinking about it

don’t stop praying about it today choose

worship over worry choose Faith over

fear choose peace over Panic by

believing in a sovereign God who gives

us all his Saving Grace

even broken crayons still color God is

still using you even though you Dawn te

feel worthy trust in him and him alone

we need to stop chasing after this world

we chase after jobs we chase after

people we chase after money we are

taught to pursue our Ambitions and they

will make us happy but none of that can

fill up the space inside you that Jesus

is meant to be in don’t stress out about

tomorrow God will take care of all of

our concerns and anxieties

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