my beloved

child I Want You to Breathe In my spirit

just as I breathe life into the first

man inhale deeply and exhale all that is

of the flesh so that you can truly

receive my

word Let It Be planted like a seed

within you one that will grow and yield

a Bountiful Harvest seek my kingdom

Above All Else and live righteously and

I will give you everything you need when

I tell you to love me with all your

heart soul and strength I mean it love

me completely and you will find yourself

focused on me and my kingdom your mind

will be fixed on me and your thoughts

will be transformed as you battle

against negativity and bring them into

obedience to me if you put up a fight I

will come to you with my grace and bring

you healing once you have endured some

difficulties I the God of all Grace will

come to strengthen and establish you I

know you have suffered my child

I have heard your groans of pain and

anguish within your soul but remember I

take what the enemy meant for evil and

use it for good for your salvation and

the salvation of many others you have a

purpose a mission to fulfill I have

equipped you with gifts callings and

opportunities to

serve I need you to rise to the occasion

and answer that

call in this season I am silencing your

flesh so that you can truly live in the

spirit when You Face humiliation pain or

anger you must learn to be

still bring those feelings to my throne

room and surrender them to

me I will give you a spiritual

perspective and the humility to rise

above your

circumstances that is the gift of

discernment that I have given you I am

elevating you to see beyond what is in

front of you to gain in insight and

Revelation that you can apply even in

the midst of

pain when you understand the purpose

behind the anguish and torment you can

rise walk and endure more

easily I see the weight of betrayal The

Sting of slander and the looming fear of

loss hovering over many

Souls these are the Shadows that linger

in the corners of every heart unseen yet

deeply felt but I have come today to

give you a word that will set you free

step into the pain the lesson and the

Revelation I am giving you I am calling

you to arise and stand present your body

as a Living Sacrifice holy and pleasing

to me seek me first in my ways of doing

things and I will provide for you in

every way financially relationally and

with healing and

deliverance there is a reason for this


even as I align you and position you to

step into your destiny I am still

shaping and molding you humble yourself

and I will exalt you let the world

around you see what I am doing in and

through you I am giving you peace that

surpasses all understanding to guard

your heart and mind do not conform to

the patterns of this world which are

opposite to my kingdom instead be

transformed by Renewing Your Mind

washing it with my word so that my word

can come to you take root and grow more

easily trust that I am your Shepherd

carrying you on my shoulders I laid down

my life for you leaving the to seek

out the one lost and broken sheep

disregard the lies of the world and the

enemy who tries to convince you that I

will not come through for you or be real

to you I am authentic merciful forgiving

and good I am astounding you in this

season with my goodness as I release

signs wonders and miracles in your life

keep your mind spiritual not

carnal the enemy seeks to entangle you

in the lusts of the flesh the pride of

the eyes and the cares of this world

snatching my word from your

heart but I tell you to stand strong set

your mind on things that are lovely

pleasing pure and

admirable the enemy may tell you that

you can never have peace or healing in

your mind but I say there is a

transformation taking place you are

coming into a peace where your mind is

at ease not cluttered by a multitude of

distractions through my servant I’m

releasing you into peace in your mind no

longer will you be held captive by

skepticism and doubt but you will

receive my blessing I bring blessings


sorrow I am good

and I am good to you and everything that

concerns you I am working behind the

scenes as your comforter Advocate

standby and

deliverer trust in me my beloved child

and watch as I unfold my perfect plan

for your life lean into my love and

allow me to guide you every step of the

way I am with you always and my love for

you knows no bounds my precious child I

want you to listen closely attentively

because I have important things to share

with you

today it’s time for you to really get to

know my Holy Spirit in a deeper

way the holy spirit is always with you

speaking to you constantly through that

quiet gentle voice in your mind and

heart those subtle thoughts and

promptings that come to you that’s the

voice of my spirit guiding you I’m

planting seeds in your life that will

grow into mighty trees providing shelter

strength and

nourishment you’re like a tree planted

by Living Waters when hard times come

you won’t need to be

afraid because your roots go deep and

you will still bear good fruit but you

have a part to play too make sure every

area of your life is in proper order

your giving your relationships your

thought patterns apply my wisdom to how

you live learn to control your reactions

and respond in a Christlike way instead

of being easily

triggered as you do this you’re going to

see me move in power and do things in

your life beyond what you could ask or

imagine so keep your focus on

me wake up each day and

ask what do you want me to do today

Lord how can I please and honor you how

can I fully surrender myself to

you as you sincerely seek me like this I

will give you

assignments and speak to you throughout

each day we will walk together and talk

together in a sweet Fellowship you’re

going to encounter me in brand new ways

I will make his presence known to you

and you will sense me with you this is

all for my glory and praise as I weave

your story into my great Eternal

purposes trust me in this

process many of you have been facing

intense spiritual battles lately

the enemy has been coming against you

relentlessly trying to wear you down and

get you to quit it’s been a long drawn

out War over the promises and Destiny I

have for you but though the battle has

been Fierce it has not crushed you or

drained your strength you’re still

standing today I am dispatching angels

from Heaven to surround you and fight

for you I’m lifting the heavy weight of

Oppression off your shoulders many of

you are my handpicked leaders for this

hour my emerging Apostles prophets

pastors teachers and World

Changers you carry a powerful anointing

to set captives free and break the

chains of

bondage that’s why the attacks against

you have been so

intense the enemy sees who you are and

he’s afraid he’s been assaulting your

mind with lies trying to distract you

and get you to take your eyes off the

Unseen spiritual Realm

he wants you to just look at surface

appearances and give up hope but I am

lifting you up out of the stagnation and

weariness that has pinned you down today

as you hear these words a fresh wind of

my spirit is blowing through your life

the season of oppressive Warfare is over

you are released into New Freedom and

victory some of you have recently had

dramatic encounters with me that

confirmed your identity and calling

right right after that the enemy pounced

attacking you in your thoughts he tried

to make you complacent and

distracted for many this attack came

through unhealthy relationships with

controlling manipulative

people you felt confused burdened and


down but today I am removing those

influences from your life don’t look

back keep moving forward into the

destiny I have for you I have amazing

plans and purposes ahead of you even as

I’m speaking this over you you can sense

it you feel the flutter of excitement in

your spirit your heart is overflowing


gratitude none of this surprises me

because I know you

intimately I crafted every detail of

your being I knew you before you were

born I see your tears and hear your

cries for more of me and I’m answering

those cries I’m flooding your spirit

with bold courageous faith I’m restoring

in your confidence and sense of identity

I’m healing your heart from past wounds

I’m cleansing your mind of wrong thought

patterns I’m pouring out my spirit upon

you in fresh waves of glory and power

you’re stepping into promoted positions

increased favor new doors of influence

I’m bringing Divine connections

Partnerships and resources to help

fulfill my Kingdom Agenda through your

life so arise and shine my child

shake off discouragement brush away the

dust of disappointment strap on your

Spiritual armor wield the sword of m

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