my beloved child I come to you today with an Urgent Message of Hope and

encouragement listen closely for I have seen the trials you face the burdens that weigh heavily upon

your soul you feel surrounded on all sides don’t

you the threats Loom large casting Long Shadows over the path ahead enemy forces

gather seeking to intimidate and control through fear Financial lack glares at you

taunting your faith sickness and disease Crouch at the door waiting to consume

vibrant health and strength loneliness ambushes you when you least expect it draining your

confidence that there could ever be loving connections or true friendships I see it all my precious one

I am fully aware of the strategies of Darkness that have been Unleashed against you but do not lose heart this

Onslaught is not meant to destroy you no it serves a greater purpose your faith

is being tested and proven genuine rejoice in this for it signals that

breakthrough is imminent Miracle is on the way blessing is about to

overflow you see there is a pattern an established sequence that unfolds each

time I prepare to demonstrate my power and my glory in your life

first comes the proving your faith will be tested and tried to reveal where you truly

stand if you remain rooted and grounded in me despite the intimidations of the enemy you pass the

test promotion is coming next the victory the open door to long- awaited

promise so recognize these seasons of spiritual warfare for what they are

evidence that I am about to show myself strong on your half the battle is nearly

won stand firm just a little longer keep trusting in what my word declares over

your life not what your circumstances are screaming at you fix your eyes on me

not the approaching giant I will vindicate your faith and confirm my faithfulness when intimidations rise to

taunt you in the very area I have spoken Destiny over do not yield an inch of ground to them bring those fears those

threats directly to me so I can expose them for the lies and distortions they truly are I will show you my perspective

one of authority hope and confidence for the future I have prepared for

you intimidation May howl like a fierce storm but I am the truth that calms the

winds and waves with a single word I am the lens that brings all things into

proper Focus I am the master strategist who bewilders your enemies with surprise

blessings and sudden favors you could never have men manufactured on your own

I take what the enemy means for evil and turn it to good my precious child will you continue

to trust me In the Heat of battle will you choose to believe what your commander-in Chief declares over you

instead of the threats being hurled at you hold fast Victory is coming the

intimidation will not last long your breakthrough will keep your gaze fixed

on me as I lead you to the prepared blessings waiting for you avoid potential snares along the path by

staying sensitive to my leading in each step you take listen for my wisdom to

cloak and strengthen your heart when weariness sets in worship me as your burden Bearer Mighty and Majestic and

Holiness cry out to me and I will answer take hold of my promises and wield them

well against incoming attacks and know this I will never leave or forsake you I

am right here by your side fighting for you you will learn to trample fear under your feet and press

forward into all I have destined as your inheritance In My Kingdom my beloved whom I created and

called to Greatness be renewed in vision and vigor this day shake off Despair and

put on the Garment of Praise instead lift your head high straighten your shoulders back no weapon formed

against you can or will prosper I have for f

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