my dear child I want you to know that success is within your grasp in all you

set out to do this is not just a wish or a hope but

a solemn promise from me to you I will make it happen there’s no need to be anxious

when my mighty hand is always there to guard comfort and keep you safe don’t be

afraid upset discouraged or lose heart please let me have the first word then

you can open up and share what’s on your heart but first I have wonderful news

when you wake up tomorrow morning begin your day by being thankful for the life you have let me put a bright smile on your

face start your day speaking my words singing worship songs and praying the

Psalms and when night falls as you close your eyes have a thankful heart for all

the good things and even the trials you face that day as you lay L your head on

the pillow that’s been dampened by your tears let Joy Rise Up from within you

the joy that I am placing in your heart let it become a song of Thanksgiving I love you deeply and I

want you to trust and know that my love is far greater than anything you’ve experienced

before sometimes you faltered yet I was there reaching out to tenderly lift you

up you acknowledged your faults and wrongdoings and I forgave you my

forgiveness lasts for forever even if you stumble again I won’t change my mind

I won’t dredge up your past failures through the might of my blood and my rising from the dead the shackles that

once bound you have been shattered no addiction bad habit negative thought

person or thing in this world has the power to enslave you again they aren’t

strong enough to undo what I have done I forgave you broke your chains took your

pain away restored your soul and wrapped you in my faithfulness I raised you up with my love and now your heart is clean

and pure like a child’s once more you have a childlike Spirit even before I

made the world I gazed at you with love your name and destiny were recorded in my book from that moment I eagerly

awaited your arrival to gently lead you on every road you travel it broke my

heart to see how some people mistreated you failing in their responsibilities and letting me down

but here I am unwavering and true I will never abandon or desert you so I

encourage you in those times when you are seeking me come to me with complete

trust ask boldly because I know you won’t ask for foolish things I

understand your heart let me remind you that I know your thoughts before you even think

them so when you enter my presence do so with reverence and zeal

bring that simple trust like a small seed the faith you bring will be swn in

the ground of the miraculous and watered by your tears your dreams will become reality

your desires will be granted and you will personally witness the Miracles you thought could never happen so again I

say don’t be frightened don’t be anxious your troubles are significant but I have

the ability to resolve them I’m not telling you to ignore everything and become careless I’m not

saying you should neglect your duties or forget that I’ve given you important responsibilities I’m simply encouraging

you to stop allowing unreasonable fears to dominate your mind and soul no difficulty or struggle in this

world has the power to permanently shake or overcome you facing challenges is a

normal part of life but know that in every situation you face I will work

even more incredible miracles in your life I understand your shortcomings and

at times you feel undeserving of my blessings make a commitment today tell

me you will trust receive my forgiveness cling tightly to this amazing love and

from this day forward wake up each morning confident of who you are a child

of the allmighty sheltered Beneath My Wings your Defender your God your friend

promise me you will and also ask me right now for all you need with this wonderful and extraordinary faith I love

you listen only to my voice be still as tears of Peace swell up in your eyes at

these plain yet mighty words that echo in your heart hear me tune out the many

distracting sounds that muddle your thoughts and make you worried I get how you feel I see your hardship and for

your anguish I I have a blessing in store today you will rise once more

today you will begin to embrace life with fresh enthusiasm today you will be

reborn today you will grasp the immensity of my unending love and genuine care for you you will understand

how deeply loved you are and that no foe can ever separate you from my presence

release your grip on the past I want your hands unencumbered to accept the blessings that are about to come your

way they will raise you out of sadness and guide you to places where you can Thrive and flourish you are blessed

because your soul has called out and for you I have Reed a crown a spiritual gift

for you to Delight in Treasure give to others and multiply now is the moment

for you to put my word into practice leaving the past in the past set your

sights on the future on your ultimate purpose don’t pursue Happiness by

lingering in the shackles of painful memories or relying on people who want to thwart the plans I have prepared for

you if you put your trust in me completely believe in the powerful Destiny I have in store for you I am

bestowing on you tremendous gifts remarkable talents ideas and aspirations

new abilities and even ones you have yet to discover all of this is real I have

given you the ability to succeed with wisdom get up up knock on doors and they will swing open for you no one can shut

the doors that I open for you I don’t want to find you sitting idly lost in

thoughts of a life filled with unfulfilled dreams those hopes are not in line with my plan I want you to stride forward

with Assurance toward guaranteed success of course the path won’t be easy

you will have to battle but don’t be scared for Heavenly angels will encircle you in the fight my word will be your

blade your faith your armor my spirit your banner your zest for life and action the

power that propels you onward don’t hesitate or be fearful for

despite your faults and flaws nothing and no one can separate you from my love if you simply believe stand up and if

you stand then walk and if you walk don’t pause or glance behind you because I am waiting for you at the end of your

path with your blessings in my hands my strong arm is always poised to to assist

you even when you feel far away or disheartened because I understand and

continue to love guard and treasure you pay no attention to negative voices

remember my guidance to remain strong and don’t allow your emotions to dictate your thoughts Behavior or

actions don’t let life’s letdowns weaken your faith because I have always been right beside you even in your most

fragile and distant moments I urge you to hold on to your your faith no matter how small it may

appear my beloved child I want you to know that I am always with you no matter

what challenges or difficulties you face my love for you is unconditional

and everlasting I created you with a unique purpose and Destiny and I have great

plans for your life when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged remember that I am your

strength and your Refuge I will guide you through every storm and lead you to a place of peace and rest you are not

defined by your past mistakes or failures I see you as a new creation

washed clean by my grace and mercy I have forgiven you and called you my own

I have given you gifts and talents that are meant to be used for my glory and the good of others don’t be afraid to

pursue the dreams I have placed in your heart trust that I will provide what you need to

succeed when you face oppos position remember that others opinions don’t Define you you are precious in my sight

I am your provider and protector I will meet all your needs according to my abundant riches I will

fight for you and defend you you can rest in my love and goodness I have called you to be a light

in this dark world as you walk in obedience to my word and will you will shine brightly

and draw others to my love share your faith and testimony

boldly I want you to live a life of abundance and fullness embrace the blessings I have

for you don’t settle for less than my best When Trials Come remember I am with

you in the midst of them I will never allow more than you can bear and I will use difficulties to

strengthen your faith and character you are not alone in life’s

journey I have placed people around you to encourage support and walk beside you

be a blessing to them as well I am the god of the

impossible when You Face seemingly hopeless situations remember nothing is

too hard for me I can do immeasurably more than you can ask or Imagine by my

power at work within you I have given you the power of prayer and authority to

speak my word over your life life when you pray believing I will hear and

answer don’t hesitate to ask for my help and guidance in every

circumstance I am the god of Second Chances and New Beginnings no matter how

often you stumble I’m always ready to lift you up and redirect you my mercies

are new each day my love for you never fails you are not a victim but a Victor

embrace your identity as my child and walk in Freedom and victory live purposefully and meaningfully don’t

waste time on things that don’t align with my will seek first my kingdom and

righteousness let me be your peace when anxious thoughts arise give your worries

to me I will guard your heart and mind with my Transcendent peace your worth is

not determined by possessions or accomplishments your true value comes from being my child don’t get caught up

pursuing worldly success and material gain store up Eternal Treasures

instead I have called you to live with Integrity let your light shine through your good works so That Others May

glorify me don’t compromise your values or faith to fit in or please

people when you lack Wisdom ask me and I will generously provide

it trust my guidance and Direction don’t rely solely on your own understanding

you are no longer a Slave to sin I have freed you and given you a new nature

walk by the power of my Holy Spirit and live in a way that pleases me be compassionate and kind love others as I

have loved you forgive as I have forgiven you listen patiently speak carefully and be slow to anger I am the

god of Hope and comfort when you feel hopeless remember I am with you and have a good plan for you I will comfort you

in troubles and give you hope that doesn’t disappoint You are not alone in your struggles or pain give all your

anxieties to me because I care for you deeply be generous and sacrificial give

freely and joyfully trusting I will supply your needs be willing to lay down

your life for others as I did for you I am the god of restoration and healing

when you feel broken come to me and I will bind up your wounds and mend your heart I will restore what has been

stolen and make all things new you are not defined by appearance or abilities

you are fearfully and wonderfully made in my image embrace your unique identity and use your talents to serve others and

honor me be humble and gracious don’t think too highly of yourself consider

others as better than you extend to others the grace and mercy I have given you I am the god of life and

resurrection power when You Face death or loss remember I Am The Giver of Life

and can raise the dead trust my my love and goodness even in the darkest times

you are not a failure or disappointment to me I love you unconditionally and

nothing can separate you from my love I Delight in you even when you make

mistakes be faithful and obedient trust me completely don’t lean on your own

understanding follow my commands and leading knowing I will never lead you

astray I am the god of Miracles and The Impossible in seemingly hopeless situations

remember I can do immeasurably more than you can imagine believe in my power and goodness

and watch me work wonders You are not alone in your faith journey I have given you my holy spirit

to guide comfort and Empower you to live in a way that honors me be courageous

and bold stand up for what is right and true even when it’s hard be strong and

brave know knowing I am always with you I am the god of love and

forgiveness when you sin don’t run from me in shame come to me with a repentant

heart and I will forgive and cleanse you my love for you is unconditional and

eternal you are not defined by your past or present situation your identity is as

my beloved child redeemed and forgiven embrace your new identity and

live in Freedom and Victory be hopeful and joyful don’t let this world’s troubles Rob your peace and

happiness trust my goodness and faithfulness let your light shine brightly I am the Creator and source of

all wisdom when you seek me wholeheartedly you will find me I will reveal myself and show you the path of

Life trust my wisdom and guidance you will never be led astray You are not

alone in your struggles and doubts I am always with you I will never abandon you

bring me your questions and concerns in prayer be loving and compassionate love your neighbor as yourself serve others

with the same love and grace I have shown you reflect my love to the

world I am the god of comfort and peace when you feel overwhelmed give me

your worries and cares your successes and failures don’t Define you your

identity as my beloved child made in my image defines you

embrace your unique gifts and use them to serve others and glorify me persevere

and endure don’t give up when facing challenges and obstacles trust my

strength and power keep pressing on toward the goal I have set for you I am

the god of Truth when you seek me fully I will reveal myself and show you the

path of righteousness trust my word and Promises they will never lead you

astray you’re not alone alone in your faith journey I have given you the church Community to support encourage

and walk beside you nurture those relationships and be a blessing to

others be generous give freely and cheerfully knowing I will meet your

needs for my abundant riches Steward well the resources I’ve entrusted to you

to bless others and Advance my kingdom I am the god of grace and mercy when you

stumble don’t wallow in guilt and shame come to me with a repentant heart I will

forgive and restore you your weaknesses and limitations don’t Define you your

identity as my beloved child empowered by my spirit to do great things for my

kingdom defines you embrace your god-given potential and step out in

faith knowing I am always with you pray continually bring me your requests and

petitions with Thanksgiving trust my goodness and

faithfulness watch me work in your life and the lives of those around you I am

the god of Hope and joy when you feel discouraged remember I

am with you and have a good plan for you trust my love and goodness let your joy

be complete in me you are not alone I have given you my presence walk

in the power of my Holy Spirit and live in a way that pleases me knowing I Am

With You Always to the very end my child I love you with an everlasting love my

desire is for you to walk in the fullness of all I have for you trust me

lean on me and let me be your strength and guide I will never fail or abandon

you my love for you will never end my beloved child I want you to

understand the depth of my love for you it’s a love that knows no bounds a love

that is unconditional and everlasting I am always with you guiding

your steps and illuminating your path you are not defined by your past mistakes or the challenges you face you

are defined by my love for you and the incredible potential I have placed within you every day you have the

opportunity to rise above your circumstances and embrace the Abundant Life I have for you

you I know the world can be a difficult place you are surrounded by people who

are lost and hurting who have bought into the lie that they are unloved and without hope but you my child have been

set apart you carry my light within you and it is your mission to shine that

light into the darkness the journey will not always be easy there will be obstacles and battles

along the way but I assure you you I am with you in every step my strength is

made perfect in your weakness and my grace is sufficient for you when you

feel overwhelmed or discouraged remember that my spirit dwells within you the

same power that raised me from the grave lives inside of you empowering you to overcome every Challenge and emerge

Victorious I have called you to a life of purpose and Destiny the dreams and

desires I have placed in your heart are not there by accident they are a part of my divine

plan for your life trust in my timing and my provision for I will equip you

with everything you need to fulfill your calling your enemies may try to derail

you but they will not succeed I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing

shall by any means harm you when you feel attacked or persecuted

remember that I am your Defender and your stronghold I am calling you to a life of faith and

courage it takes bravery to step out into the unknown to pursue your

god-given dreams even when the world tells you it’s impossible but I am with you every step

of the way leading and guiding you each morning before you begin your day take a

moment to quiet your soul in my presence seek my face and allow my love to fill

you aresh as you surrender your plans and desires to me me I will direct your

steps and lead you into the good future I have for you I am breaking off the

lies of inadequacy and insecurity that have held you back for so

long I am replacing them with my truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully

made I am releasing you from the anxiety and depression that have stolen your joy

and peace in their place I am pouring out my abundant grace and mercy I am

giving you a Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness your time of weeping

is over and your season of rejoicing has come I am turning your mourning into

dancing and your sorrow into Joy I am restoring the years the locusts have

eaten and making all things new you are not a victim but a Victor you are not

weak you are not forgotten but cherished and deeply loved by the King of Kings

today is a new day and I am doing a new thing in your life I am opening doors that no man can shut

and bringing you into a spacious place I am filling you with my peace that surpasses understanding and my joy that

is unspeakable and full of Glory so rise up my child and take your place as a

beloved son or daughter of the most high God let your light shine before men that

they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven remember I am with you always I will

never leave you nor forsake you my love for you is steadfast and unchanging and

my plans for you are good trust in me with all your heart and watch as I move

mightily on your behalf you are an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony you are

blessed and highly favored and nothing can separate you from my love I am proud

of you my child I see your heart and your desire to please me keep seeking my

face and walking in my ways and I will continue to pour out my blessings upon you remember you are never alone I am

with you in the valley and on the Mountaintop I am your strength when you are weak your comfort when you are

hurting and your joy in times of Sorrow lean on me and I will give you rest cast

your cares upon me for I care for you allow my love to heal your wounds

and my grace to cover your your imperfections you are a new creation the old has gone and the new has come

embrace your identity as a beloved child of God and step into the fullness of all I have for

you I am excited about your future and the plans I have for you trust me in the

process even when you don’t understand I am working all things together for your

good and for my glory so go forth in confidence knowing that I am with you

and for you take bold Steps of Faith and watch as I move mountains on your

behalf you are destined for greatness and I will equip you with everything you

need to fulfill your purpose my love for you is fierce and unrelenting there is nothing you can do

to earn it and nothing you can do to lose it it is a gift freely given and

freely received allow that love to be the foundation of your life

let it anchor you in times of trouble and inspire you in times of Joy let it be the lens through which you see

yourself and others you are precious to me my child your worth is not based on

your performance or your achievements but on the price I paid for you on the cross you are valued you are chosen you

are mine so hold your head high and walk in the confidence of who you are in me

let your life be testimony of my goodness and Grace and watch as I use you to impact the world for my

glory I love you with an everlasting love and that love will never fail you

are mine and I am yours now and forever more my beloved child I want you to always remember the

immensity of my power and the depth of my love for you when life feels overwhelming and

your heart is heavy with worry know that you can find refuge in my my presence I

am here to offer you comfort to listen to your concerns and to help you carry

your burdens give me all your anxieties and fears for my compassion and grace

are abundant my love for you is unconditional and unwavering you have chosen to open your

heart to me to trust me and to love me with all your being and this brings me

great joy as my child you have the privilege of coming before me speaking openly and

honestly without fear of judgment or condemnation as you navigate the

challenges of life remember that I created you chose you and knew you even

before you were born I am intimately aware of your struggles your strengths your

aspirations and your weaknesses when you stumble and make mistakes I do not respond with anger or

disappointment instead I invite you to draw closer to me even in moments of guilt or shame do not run from my

presence for I am the only one who can offer you true understanding acceptance

and abundant love the world may promise you happiness and friendship but it often leads to

betrayal and pain in my presence you will find the genuine Joy understanding

and love that your soul Longs for I am not searching for your faults

or waiting for you to fail so that I can abandon in you on the contrary when you

try to distance yourself from me my spirit reaches out to you guiding you

back to the Well Spring of peace and refreshment that you desire never forget even in your darkest

moments that my love for you is steadfast and true my love and strength

are readily available to you waiting to lift you out of Despair to infuse your

life with meaning and joy and to restore the courage and hope that you you may have lost along the

way trust in me and allow yourself to feel deeply loved and protected for this

has always been true and will remain true for all eternity in the Tranquility of my

presence I fill your heart with peace so that you no longer need to be consumed

by worry or fear or feel like giving up when faced with adversity do not allow anxiety to

dominate your thoughts or be over overwhelmed by fear when your emotions threaten to Cloud your judgment I will

transform every negative circumstance into an opportunity for growth and blessing I will turn your troubles into

triumphs for that is my promise to you answers to your prayers are on the

horizon as you seek me in Earnest I will speak to your heart revealing my will

and providing solutions to the challenges you face when you cry out to me in prayer it

brings me great Delight I want you to seek me to find solace in my words and

to trust in my guidance when Financial pressures Mount and responsibilities seem overwhelming

when Solutions appear Out Of Reach my promise of provision and strength will sustain you you will overcome every

obstacle for that is my will for your life I have the power and authority to

bring about the Miracles you need declare it boldly trusting in me your God is always the

best and only solution to any problem you encounter Proclaim with confidence that you believe and trust in me

refusing to be consumed by fear or doubt persevere with all your might and even

when you feel exhausted humble yourself before me and I will renew your

strength now I ask you from the depths of my heart do you love me Victory and

blessing lie ahead of you for I have a plan for your life that will come to fruition regardless of any opposition

you may face you no longer need to settle for the scraps offered by others

for you have your own blessings and a heavenly father who welcomes you into his loving

Embrace I am the one who heals you lifts you up brings you prosperity and watches

over you always those who have caused you to stumble will face the consequences of

their actions and those who have have belittled you will learn a profound lesson for opposing you I am your

Defender and I will cause your enemies to flee before you I am clearing the

path ahead of you removing obstacles and conflicts that hinder your progress seize this moment and do not

waste your time dwelling on the past or lamenting what could have been you will

no longer crave the insincere affection of those who have rejected or sought to harm you

I hope that your love for me surpasses your love for those who have been ungrateful or

hurtful by my side you will discover a life filled with joy beyond your wildest

dreams I have a powerful purpose for your existence and a path that leads directly to the Fulfillment of your

deepest desires keep your eyes fixed on the future and Trust in my plan for

you no one from your past can love you as deeply or care for your well-being as much as I do my my desire is for you to

feel loved and protected by a God who is greater than any Earthly circumstance

material possessions and worldly Treasures do not impress me what touches my heart is your faith and sincerity if

you genuinely desire change if you long to live life to the fullest cherishing

each moment and using your gifts and resources to bless others beginning with your own family then make that choice

today if you feel called called to share the message of Love forgiveness and salvation with the world to offer hope

and encouragement to those who are struggling know that I am here to support you every step of the way I will

gladly remove any obstacle that stands between you and your Divine Purpose remember that I gave my life on

the cross so that you could be truly free you were not created to live in

emotional bondage or to constantly seek the approval of others I am giving you a

spirit of Love self-control courage and Truth when you must confront people or

situations from your past that once caused you pain do not be afraid for I am with you I will silence those who

oppose you and defeat those who mock you you will walk through adversity unharmed

protected by my loving presence today in my Holy Name you will face these challenges headon and through

the power of my spirit it you will emerge Victorious declare your faith in me and

allow these words to strengthen your resolve and reignite your passion for Success immerse yourself in my word and

cling to the promises I have made to you for they are your shield and sword in the face of

adversity remember who stands with you the most high God Almighty the king of

kings and Lord of lords Majestic in power and authority I am the one who gives you you

the strength to overcome every obstacle and emerge triumphant respond to me now

and feel the Revival of your faith and the renewal of your determination there is no harmful habit

or vice that you cannot conquer through my power the enemy has no true authority

over you and you must believe this with all your heart no form of evil whether

it be sorcery enchantment or curse can harm you when you are under my protection

the forces of Darkness May surround you but their threats are empty designed

only to incite fear fear is the one thing that can hold you back so stand firm my Courageous one

I grant you the authority to rise above the conflicts that have sought to rob you of your joy and

purpose today the chains that have bound you are broken the despair that once

weighed you down the overwhelming emot emotions and the painful memories all come to an end in this

moment return to me each day and listen to my words a new I will provide you

with living water from the Eternal spring of my spirit continually filling you with my all-encompassing love and

Supernatural presence which will never abandon you I say it again because I

know it brings you Joy in peace I love you my precious child amen

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