my beloved

child I am always here for you opening

new doors of opportunity and blessing


day if you seek me

sincerely I will reveal the amazing

things I have in store for you in the


realm things that will bring you Joy

success and

fulfillment you are meant to thrive not

to be defeated or discouraged no matter

what negative words come your

way believe with all your heart

that my love for you is constant and

will never abandon you you will rise up

from where you are now but I need your

attention and devotion seek me daily

with an honest and humble heart admit

that you need my help and please let me

help you I know you are courageous and

have been very

self-reliant but the load you bear gets

heavier each day acknowledge that you

need someone to liberate you for good

rely on me

you can put your trust in me

completely take a moment now to pause

rest and sit with me listen to my

healing words letting them permeate your

soul settle into your heart and wash

away your inner

anxieties you work diligently to make

sure everything goes smoothly taking

care of your

responsibilities but sometimes you

overextend yourself and too much work

can take you off course

working to meet your needs and support

your loved ones is

important however if I am not the

Bedrock of your endeavors all your

efforts and sacrifices will be in vain

release your worries and take time to

unwind allow me to refresh your thoughts

I am sending you words right now to

restore encourage and soothe your weary

Body and

Soul the challenges you face daily and

the opposing forces coming against you

can feel feel overwhelming but don’t let

them overpower you let me help

you you will gain so much from feeling

my love aresh and rekindling your faith


before never be ashamed to put your

faith in me rekindle your Zeal for

pursuing me as you once did you are not

beaten and your dreams are still alive

focus on saturating your mind with my

word and spending more one-on-one time

with me do it now

if you have problems to solve bring them

to me first don’t be

afraid I’m reaching out my hand to you

as a true friend let’s take that first

step together sense my loving arms

around you filling your heart with

gladness in your mind with

peace you don’t have to live from one

hardship or trial to the next feeling

like no one understands or helps you I

realize that the people in your life are

often preoccupied with their own sit

situations and sometimes so burdened

they don’t see what you’re dealing with

trust me many of them care about you

deeply and wonder about your well-being

but they have their own struggles they

don’t show they may hesitate to reach

out for fear of being pushed away that’s

why I’m sending you don’t overlook me

draw on the happiness I provide each day

and put on your brightest smile it has

the power to initiate great healing and

work wonders smile at every one you meet

today and watch how it shifts people’s

attitudes as they see the caring friend

they have in you broken relationships

will mend and you will encounter people

who will be tremendous blessings to

you you and I share an authentic Eternal

connection I have made you new purified

you and placed you on an extraordinary

Heavenly path I will show you the

incredible things about to

unfold use these gifts discerningly and

you will be an immense blessing to those

around you but always make being a

blessing to your own family the

priority keep pressing onward today and

remember what I’ve asked of you when

troubles arise welcome my assistance and

see how you and I together will swiftly

Ascend to the Mountaintop your soul will

be at peace and you will walk through

your day in my presence filled with

Tranquility stand up now with the

wonderful assurance that I will bless

and help you in every situation

my love for you endures in the past

present and future right now I surround

you with my peace my desire is for your

soul to be filled with immense joy to

feel absolute security that will never

leave you and to never question that I

am always with you watching over

everything that happens in your life

with me you have all you need the

message you are receiving imparts

confidence and your mouth overflows with

thankfulness I am arranging the timing


circumstances for you to experience


Blessings understand that your faith and

eagerness to believe in me are what open

the doorway to my

presence put your trust in the promises

I have made in my holy word which give

you strength you are already

experiencing the rewards of your choice

to rekindle your faith and go back to

the reliable Paths of old your renewed

hunger to open the Bible and take in my

guidance and instructions every seed swn

in your heart will increase every phrase

every verse from the Psalms to Proverbs

every word and detail will become firmly

planted in the rich soil of your soul

and you will see growth you will see

positive changes Transformations crucial

decisions and miraculous happenings keep

going forward there is no reason at all

to go backward you are on a narrow road

but it is the right one that leads to

life the peace you now have is exactly

what your home needs and it is bringing

a new Unity to your loved ones my wish

is that all will be ready so that when

success arrives it doesn’t surprise them

and so the enemy won’t have an

opportunity to intaste those in a family

that is also marked by

humility a sincere desire to see others

through kind eyes to offer assistance to

show deep respect and to share what you

have without ulterior motives but those

consumed by greed who want to get rich

quick by hoarding my blessings and not

sharing them will not experience genuine

Prosperity true spiritual riches are not

about full bank accounts or overflowing

bags of gold the blessings I give become

with peace Joy rest and

gentleness they cannot be lost evaporate

get stolen by robbers or disappear like

Vapor my blessings are Everlasting and

go far beyond Earthly things some things

have more worth than the possessions

this world promises but fails to deliver

cherish your family your health your


life that is how you will find real

success and be unfolded in my unending

love and immense Joy make it your daily

mission to pursue my presence so can my

words and treat others with the same

kindness and respect I show you heed my

guidance and you will watch the

obstacles blocking your blessings

disintegrate I love you which is why I

am urging you to pay close attention to

what I am telling you

now I want the very best for you your

peace health tranquility and for your

life to overflow with everything you

need lacking

nothing but for this to become reality

we must stay closely connected even on

those days when you awaken unmotivated

or arrive home totally exhausted don’t

forget me I am with you the whole day

ready to converse and impart my

wisdom but I see that you are frequently

weighed down with anxiety over many

things my beloved child I know life can

feel overwhelming at times filled with

worries and burdens that weigh heavy on

your heart but I want you to remember

that you are never alone in facing these

challenges I am always right here beside

you ready to wrap you in my love and

help carry the

load when you feel like you can’t handle

what’s in front of you trust that I

won’t allow anything to come your way

that is beyond what you can bear with my

help all you need to do is reach out to

me and in an instant you’ll feel my

comforting presence and the gentle

reassurance of my

words no matter where your path leads I

will guide your

steps talking to me sharing your heart

and asking for my help help is a

Beautiful Exchange that brings profound

peace to your soul don’t miss out on

this incredible gift that is freely

available to you simply open your hands

close your eyes and allow my love to

fill you up as you do I will take away

all your worries and fill your heart

with a Divine sense of peace I long to

see you smiling and hear your grateful

praise my child you are so deeply loved

the very best thing in life isn’t found

in material possession

but in the incredible love I have for

you it is a love that surrounds you and

sustains you in every moment and it is

This Love that ignites the spark of

motivation you feel stirring within you

right now that spark is growing into a

beautiful feeling in your heart giving

you the strength to face each day with

courage and determination even in the

midst of Trials you can have full

confidence knowing that you’re seated

with me in Heavenly places and covered

in my Abundant Blessings

while you may not fully understand or

see those blessings yet trust that I am

real and my promises are true my

presence in your life is more constant

than the air you breathe and more

radiant than the Sun that warms your

face each

day I’ve been with you every step of the

way I’m with you now and I will continue

to be by your side through every moment

morning noon and night I never grow

tired or weary

I am always attentive to every whisper

and plea that comes from your

heart my grace is an eternal gift freely

given out of my great love for

you it isn’t something you have to earn

through achievements or

Perfection when I say you deserve the

very best it’s because I have already

placed within you everything you need

you don’t have to fight battles or

endure endless struggles to receive more

blessings from me

that’s not how my kingdom operates here

victories come through faith and

blessings are received with a thankful

and humble heart the gifts and abilities

I have given you aren’t meant to be used

for selfish gain or seeking the approval

and admiration of

others those who truly know me reflect

this in their sincere and genuine

actions they don’t strive to be leaders

or gain followers they don’t see

themselves as influencers or crave Fame

and recognition

to fully embrace the supernatural life I

have for you keep your heart free from

Pride when you recognize the amazing

gifts and blessings you have received

let it cultivate humility within you

reach out to help those in need with a

sincere desire to make a positive impact

you’ll be amazed at the Miracles that

flow from authentic acts of kindness I

have given you my

authority you can walk through conflicts

and overwhelming problems without being

being harmed stand tall and move forward

in Victory knowing that your success is

already secured Advance with faith and

confidence but be mindful of the words

you speak to keep from displeasing me

remove any attitudes or feelings from

your life that are no longer

beneficial replace old memories and

regrets with fresh dreams and renewed

hope allow my healing forgiveness to

completely envelop you let me transform

your past into a future filled with


I am igniting a flame within you that

not only illuminates your own path but

also brightens the lives of those you

love notice how their faces light up

when you are near the radiance in your

eyes comes from my Holy Spirit which I

have freely given you out of Grace and

love but remember it is your

responsibility to feed your soul with my

words and seek me through

prayer as you Journey deeper into this

spiritual Adventure you will feel an

increasing desire to connect with me

even in your dreams I will reveal my

plans to you handle this precious

Insight with wisdom and care I give you

glimpses of Heaven not so you can boast

but so you can walk humbly among those

around you treat others the way you want

to be treated with respect as true

friends each act of kindness and

gentleness plants a supernatural seed in

your soul that will yield a harvest of

Miracles healing and

strength there is such beauty when your

family friends and Community come

together in unity seeking me as

one however my holy spirit will not

remain in places where it is rejected or

where constant conflict

resides it saddens me when those who

claim to love me engage in speaking

poorly of others often unsure of their

own words they continually spread

negativity but remain silent when it

comes time to say something positive

about someone else nothing good can

flourish in a soul that is parched and

filled only with the dust of

negativity allow me to work wonders in

your life but remember to respond with

faith kindness patience and

humility always believe the best about

others and strive to use your talents to

bless them

abundantly you deserve the very best

because the best has already been given

to you my unconditional love this is the

unchanging truth a love that no one can

ever take away from you when times are

tough and sadness or disturbing thoughts

try to steal your peace come to me

sometimes you may not even understand

the source of these feelings perhaps

your spirit is in need of more

nourishment more time in prayer or maybe

there are burdens weighing you down

whatever the reason come to me today I

have everything you need and it is

freely available without any conditions

regardless of your circumstances my Holy

Spirit welcomes you with open arms

offering Eternal Comfort love and

forgiveness if anyone tells you that I

place conditions or barriers on

receiving my grace do not believe them

through My Sacrifice on the cross I open

the door to my love for you before you

even took your first breath I knew you

intimately and I made a way for you

removing every obstacle so that you

could come to know me

personally the forgiveness and love I

extend to you are matters that are

solely between us I don’t need anyone

else’s permission to forgive you and

pour out my blessings on your life I do

it all out of my immense love for you

having cleansed you with my own blood

yet there will be those who refuse to

acknowledge the incredible work I have

done in you don’t let your faith or

confidence be dependent on their

acceptance embrace the

truth some people may choose to never

forgive you they might cling to their


indefinitely they may refuse to see you

again or even remove you from their

lives completely accept their decision

and keep moving

forward you have done what you could now

keep pressing ahead I have amazing plans

in store for you place your trust in me

and rise up I will provide you with the

strength and courage to face any


headon I will break the chains of

Despair and heal your mind from the grip


depression whenever you feel troubled or

overwhelmed by inexplicable

emotions remember that I am

here come and listen to my

voice even if you feel like you have

nothing to offer me because of past

mistakes bring me your faith your

repentance your heart heart your

commitment and your loyalty my beloved

child in the midst of the busyness and

Chaos of life I see the weariness that

weighs upon your

soul I know the burdens you carry and

the exhaustion that threatens to


you but today I invite you to enter into

a sacred season of

rest a time to pause to breathe and to

allow my love to renew and refresh your

spirit I understand the demands that

pull at you from every direction the

responsibilities that seem to never end

and the challenges that can leave you


overwhelmed but I want you to know that

you were not created to Bear these

burdens alone I am here with you ready

to take your hand and lead you beside

the Still Waters of my

peace after a mighty Victory on Mount

Carmel Elijah found himself exhausted

discouraged enaged and in need of my


Care as he sat under a broom tree

feeling alone and overwhelmed I met him

there in his

weariness I sent an angel to provide for

his physical needs nourishing him with

food and water but more than that I

ministered to his soul reminding him

that he was not alone and that I was

with him every step of the way just as I

cared for Elijah I longed to care for

you my precious child

child I see the weariness in your eyes

and the heaviness in your

heart I know the struggles you face and

the uncertainties that cloud your

mind but I want you to know that I am

here to provide the rest and comfort you

so desperately

need in this season of rest I invite you

to come to me with open hands and a

surrendered heart release your burdens

and cares into my capable hands trusting

that I will sustain you and give you the

strength you need for each new

day allow my word to wash over your soul

bringing healing hope and

restoration take time each day to sit in

my presence to quiet your mind and to

listen for the gentle Whisper of my

voice in the Stillness you will find the

rest and renewal your soul craves you

will experience the peace that surpasses

all understanding guarding your heart

and mind in me as you rest in me I will

fill you with my strength and equip you

for the journey ahead I will guide your

steps and direct your path leading you

in the way

Everlasting trust in my goodness lean

into my grace and allow my love to be

the foundation upon which you

stand remember my child that rest is not

a sign of weakness but an Act of Faith

and obedience it is a declaration that

you trust in my provision and Care

acknowledge in that apart from me you

can do

nothing so give yourself permission to

step away from the demands of life and

prioritize your relationship with

me in this Sacred Space of rest you will

find healing for your weary Soul comfort

for your troubled heart and strength for

the road

ahead you will discover the joy that

comes from abiding in my presence and

the peace that flows from a heart

surrendered to my will so come to me my

beloved allow me to lead you beside the

Still Waters and restore your soul let

my love wash over you renewing your

spirit and filling you with fresh hope

and purpose trust in my faithfulness for

I will never leave you nor forsake you

know that I am with you always holding

you close to my heart and guiding you

with my loving hand find your rest in me

for I am your Refuge your strength and

your everpresent help in times of need

my love for you will never end

believe it live it feel it I will never

abandon you amen

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